1: The experiment.

In the late summer of 1897, a man will come across the Greatest discovery of all time. That man's name is Griffin. That man is me. Now I will tell you the origins of my story.

I was walking furiously towards my home. My last experiment was a failure. I had attempted to bring a dead creature back to a state of conciousness. The test subject was a dog. My theory was that if a surge of electricity was sent through an undead creature, it would come back to life. I was wrong. I had performed my experiment in a public area. It attracted a lot of attention. Little did I know, some of those people knew me. What was worst of all was the mere fact that the woman of my dreams was watching.

As I approached my house, several people were following me. I could hear laughter as they taunted me about my love for science. As I entered my house, a thought sprouted in my mind. If I wanted the taunting to stop, I would have to impress the taunters. another experiment would make me even more of an outcast, so I was stumped. I could not think of anything. I looked through one of my windows and marveled at my garden. I could see the sunlight passing through. Straight through the window. Then it hit me. Invisibilty. I could become invisible! What wonders invisibilty would bring to the world! police could stop criminals dead in their tracks, The military could just walk straight into an enemy base without anyone knowing! But that's not the only thing it could be used for. It could be used to kill people, or satisfy someone's greedy needs. I could use it to stop the taunting forever. I will reign terror on every living soul for despising me so! I had to get to work right away.

My house was messy. It had bottles scattered everywhere. Some were filled with nothing and others were filled with something. I was pouring a red liquid into a blue liquid, therefore creating a strange, irridescent purple liquid that began to bubble. I poured the liquid into an air tight jar. I put that into a metal box attached to a strange machine. I pulled the lever and then I could hear the crackle of static electricity on the inside of the metal box. Once it stopped, I pulled the lever again and pulled out my concoction. I put the glowing purple liquid into a syringe and shook it a little. I was about to inject the liquid into my arm. It was the moment of truth. Then there was a knock on my door. "Hang on one second!" I shouted as I hid my syringe in a dresser.