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Roxas couldn't beleive what he was doing. He honestly thought in the back of his mind that this was all apart of some weird wet dream he was having, and that he would wake up in the safety of his own bed, surrounded by his assorted pillows and blankets, just how he liked it. Yet, despite any attempt to convince himself that he was truly not awake, he could feel shame rising within himself. Where was Roxas, exactly? He was behind the wheel of his light gray 1999 Toyota Avalon on a warm Friday night, finding himself driving straight ahead on the last four way intersection instead of taking a left that lead to his home, nervous fingers tapping the steering wheel as he almost mechanically made his way to The Playhouse.

A week ago, Roxas' best friend Riku had convinced him to come to The Playhouse, which was the local gay bar, in an attempt to help confirm Roxas' thought that he might be attracted to men. Roxas was very reluctant when he had first walked in the door, trying his hardest not to meet anyone's gaze as he sulked his way to the bar, hoping he could just spend that Saturday night drinking the night away.

He didn't plan on a redheaded bartender to shoot a big hole into his plans, using debt to entice the young male into his dressing room and proceed to give him the best mindblowing sex he had ever had in his entire life. The whole experience was almost surreal, he found it hard to beleive the first couple of days after that it had even taken place. But then he remembered how he had given the stripper his number, though he was very doubtful that he would get any sort of response, but in he back of his mind, he was secretly hoping he would hear from Axel again. But by the time Wendsday had rolled around, Roxas had given up hope entirely.

As Roxas punched the clock to leave his job at the local Mellow Mushroom for the evening not even an hour ago,he felt his silver Voyager vibrate in his pocket. Suspecting it to be Riku wanting to go to some sort of party, he pulled it out and flipped it open, only to be greeted with an unfamiliar number instead of a name. Curious, he opened the text message.

Good evening, gorgeous. I thought I would just drop a line to let you know that I'm working tonight, and it would make my night so much more enjoyable if you were here. And trust me, you already know I can give you a night to remember... ;) Hope to see you there.

Roxas didn't even have to question who the sender was. He felt a lump form in his throat as he thought about Axel's prediction that he had made for Roxas' future.

"Ah ah," Axel cooed, his brow perking a bit. "This is going to be a learning experience for you, my little Roxy, and I intend to make this as slow and sexy as possible. But I assure you, it won't be long before I blow your mind, and I'll have you coming back every week for me."

He could see the neon sign now, on the righthand side of the road, and felt himself let out a shaky breath as he pulled into the parking lot. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He couldn't completely comprehend why he was here in the first place. But as the memory of Axel's hypnotic emerald gaze filled his mind, he found it difficult to keep from drooling as his train of thought traveled a bit more into the Southern region. Roxas shook his head, composing himself, slightly appaled that he was thinking such nasty thoughts before he had even stepped foot into the bar. He wasn't even sure if Axel was looking for a round two; maybe he just wanted to talk, or maybe he was just screwing with his head. Whatever it was, the thought of seeing the sexy stripper again was making him feel flustered.

He parked his car and turned off the engine, his hands then falling to his lap, staring at his palms. What was he going to do now? He was already here at The Playhouse...it would be just a waste of gas coming out this far and then just leaving to go home at this point. Was he going to just waltz in and go right up to Axel, or was he just going to chill at the bar until Axel noticed him? Surely, when it comes to someone with such sex appeal and charisma like Axel, Roxas wasn't his only admirer? For all Roxas knew, he could be just a fling to the stripper, nothing more or less.

Taking a deep breath, Roxas opened the door to his car and stepped out into the warm evening. Whatever was going to happen tonight was going to happen, wether Roxas liked it or not.

"For the last time," Axel hissed, his arms crossed at his bare chest, dressed in ragged blue jeans, glaring menacingly at the DJ that stood before his dressing room door, wide eyed and a bit startled, his hands put up protectively in front of his face in the event that the redhead was going to hit him. "I am NOT preforming to some sort of Britney Spears track."

"But I can't find the mix you gave me yesterday!" Demyx whined in reply.

"Well," Axel narrowed his eyes as he leaned forward in an intimidating gesture. "I think you know me well enough to find something else that I will preform to. You know how much I despise dancing to music that is more suiting to Marluxia."

"Geez, what's got your panties in a wad?" Demyx scowled a bit, pushing the stripper away from him. "So I misplaced your CD, that's no reason to bite my head off and act like some sort of prima donna. Besides," Demyx couldn't help but grin a bit in an attempt to relieve the tension. "you and I both know Marluxia's got enough of the 'prima donna' attitude for the rest of us"

"I guess so." Axel heaved a sigh, backing off from the DJ. Normally, he wouldn't be so upset over something like this, but tonight was different than any other night. There was a possibility that Roxas was going to be back tonight, and he didn't want that delectable little blond to see him stripping to a song that gave him the mental image of a drag queen. "Look, sorry Dem." Axel apologized, rubbing the back of his neck a bit. "I just got a certian someone coming tonight-"

"Roxas?" Demyx said in a teasing tone, his brow perking as he sneered. He knew all too well about Axel's little sexcapade with the blonde. In fact, it seemed to be the prime topic that Axel talked about all week.


"Well why didn't you say so in the first place?!" Demyx exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air and then giving Axel a nudge in this chest. "Don't worry about it then, I can hook you up, just like last time."

"That reminds me." Axel grinned, and then proceeded to give the DJ a very big, and very tight hug. "I never did glomp you like I was planning to for that. Did I mention that you are the coolest best friend ever?"

"Only about....27 times," Demyx heaved, trying to catch his breath, the oversized headphones hanging around his neck suddenly becoming almost like a noose. For being so skinny, Axel sure was strong. Oh geez, don't even go there, Demyx shook his head a bit. "Now...do you mind letting me down...I can't breathe..."

Axel chuckled and consented, releasing his grip on the blonde. As Demyx tried to smooth out his already wrinkled up band tee, Axel started to retreat back into his dressing room.

"I know you can come up with something, Demyx." Axel said. "Don't let me down tonight."

The first thing that rushed to Roxas' senses as he opened the doors to the Playhouse was the sound of Ke$ha's Tik Tok and the strong stench of alcohol. Roxas took a step inside, letting his eyes adjust to the dim lighting as he snaked his way through the crowd over to the bar. He silently hoped that he would see that familiar spikey hair that haunted his dreams over the course of the week, but he felt his heart sank as he saw that the bartender was not Axel. Instead, it was some much older looking man with short, blonde hair with a matching moustache and beard, scrubbing away at a glass as he spoke to someone at the bar.

What do I do now, Roxas thought to himself sadly as he sauntered over to the bar, bringing himself to sit on one of the bar stools. He looked down at the black marble counter beneath his hands, watching the reflection of colorful strobe lights as he contemplated his next move. Okay, so Axel wasn't tending the bar. Then where exactly was he...? Was he even here at all? What if Roxas was just making an utter fool out of himself?

"You look like someone killed your kitten, mate." An unfamiliar British voice spoke before him, making Roxas look up to see the old bartender standing before him, a brow cocked an a slight frown on his lips.

"Meh..." Roxas shook his head as he reached into his back pocket and plucked a five from his wallet. "Just get me a Budweiser, please?"

"Gotcha." The Brit replied with a nod of his head, taking his money and dissapearing down the bar. Roxas swiveled around in his chair to look out towards the stage, but there was no one to be found on the stage at the moment. Roxas scowled, having hoped that he could have had something to watch while he waited for his drink, still trying to mull over in his head how exactly he was going to approach Axel, if he found him at all. Good thing he wouldn't have to wait long for a sign.

"Well well, if it isn't the famous Roxas?" Someone spoke beside him, causing Roxas to jump a bit.

"What's with you?" Roxas said sharply, a bit embarassed that he had not seen someone coming up to him. It took Roxas a moment to figure out who it was, but after his blue eyes caught sight of the newcomer's dirty blonde mullet, he remembered that it was the DJ.

"Oh, did I startle you?" Demyx grinned as he sat down on the barstool next to Roxas and chuckled. "Sorry, I have a tendancy to sneak up on people."

"Your out of date hairstyle alone is enough to startle anyone." Roxas replied slyly, feeling a small smile perk in the corner of his lip. Demyx's sea green eyes grew wide as he pouted.

"Hey, I'm not the one who looks like he has a permanent cowlick." Demyx retorted, crossing his arms at his chest. He took great pride in his hair, spending a long time styling it to his liking, and he wasn't going to take criticism from someone whose hair looked like he just rolled out of bed with a bad case of bed head.

"You're Demyx, right?" Roxas chuckled at the DJ's frustration.

"The one and only." Demyx leaned back against the bar, looking out at the stage as Roxas had been only moments ago. "Eh...the stage seems so dead, huh?"

"Yeah..." Roxas looked back out at the stage at the center poll, remembering the way Axel's arm had coiled about the cool metal and spun about, seducing Roxas with tantalizing sways of his hips and other impressive dance moves. The whole scene played out in his head, like it had been all week, over and over again. He wished that Axel was up there now, twirling about the pole as he showed off his sexy swaggar, all the while looking at Roxas with those narrowed green eyes flickering with mischeif and lust against the lights of the stage...his vision of Axel on the stage was disrupted by a flailing hand in front of his face.

"You're starting to drool." Demyx chuckled as he watched Roxas snap out of his daze, reaching up to wipe the corner of his mouth. "Thinking about Axel, I'm guessing?"

"Do you know where he is?" Roxas asked, his tone almost too eager as he looked over at the DJ, his big blue eyes gimmering with hope. Demyx blinked a bit before grinning in response.

"I figured that's what you were here for." The sound of sliding glass interrupted the conversation as the bartender, Luxord, slid Roxas his ordered Budweiser. Demyx gripped the beer and handed it to the blond before tossing his head back to look at the bartender. "Hey, Lux, you mind getting me some gin and tonic? I've been dyin' for a drink all night."

"You're on the clock, Demyx." Luxord said flatly, his thick brow furrowing.

"So?" Demyx shrugged as he gave Luxord a catty smile, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a couple of dollar bills. "I'll pay for it, if you're gonna be a sourpuss over it." Luxord heaved a sigh and plucked the cash from Demyx's hand, stuffing it into his pocket and dissapearing down the bar again. "Anyway," Demyx turned his attention back to the younger male beside him. "Yes, I do know where he is. And he's been looking forward to seeing you again."

"Really?" Roxas asked, still not realizing how eager he was sounding. Demyx couldn't help but chuckle a little at Roxas' enthusiasm. It kind of reminded him of how he felt when he found out that Axel was eyeing him for the first time.

"Mmmhm." Demyx replied, tearing away his gaze and clearing his throat a bit as he tried to clear his head of past memories. "In fact, he's preforming next, in about 5 minutes. I figured I'd do you both a solid." As the familiar sound of glass sliding across the bar hit Demyx's ear, he took the gin and tonic that had been prepared for him and took a swig. "He's popular around here, so if you want to get close enough to the stage to watch up close, I suggest you get your little butt up there now."

"Oh...thanks." Roxas gave Demyx a nod and a small smile as he stood up from the stool, though leaving his beer unfinished, it was worth the loss of five dollars to see Axel dance again. "I guess I'll see you around?"

"Sure." Demyx shrugged, then his eyes lit up in the middle of another sip of his drink. "Oh wait," he reached clumisly into his pants pocket and withdrew a tattered black wallet, withdrawing a few dollar bills and handed it over to the anxious blonde. "Here, you're gonna need this." Roxas looked down at the money, taking it gingerly.

"What's this for?" Roxas questioned, recieving a half choked guffaw from the DJ.

"Have you ever been to a gay bar before this one?" Demyx snickered behind his glass. Roxas shook his head as he stood to his feet as well, needing to get back to the DJ booth to set up for Axel's preformance. "Well...you'll see for yourself. Now go on up there before you get blocked out!"

"Right!" Roxas stuffed the currency into his pocket, pushing his questioning of it aside as he approached the stage, his blue eyes scanning the already huge crowd standing before it, looking for some sort of opening for him to squeeze though to get as close as he could. He was always one to call himself vertically challenged, and if he didn't find a good spot now, he could kiss his chances of seeing Axel again goodbye.

Kissing Axel...now there's a nice little image...

There! Roxas spotted an opening between two men close to the stage, and made a beeline to the open space, snaking his way in between the two males to find himself right in front of the stage, a bit off to the right, almost center stage. Roxas placed his hands on the edge of the stage, his eyes taking in the surroundings eagerly. The stage was almost like a catwalk, going out several yards with a pole halfway between the back of the stage and the stage's apron. The lights were dim at the moment, but his ears were buzzing from the loud music and voices from the crowd behind him. It was a huge crowd, much bigger than the one that had been there last week when the pink haired stripper preformed. Then again, Demyx had said that Axel was a favorite...

Suddenly, the Tik Tok track scratched, coming to a halt. Roxas felt excitement start to bubble in his stomach as he saw the lights on the stage flicker momentarily. They flickered a cool blue, before shifting into a sensual red.

"How's everybody doin' tonight?" Roxas heard Demyx's voice drawl over the loud speaker, resulting in waves of hoots and hollers, Roxas being one of them. "Now that's what a DJ likes to hear! I hope you guys are ready, because things are about to get red hot." Another wave of anxious hoots and whistles rattled the club, making Roxas' ears buzz even more. "All right then, give it up for A Playhouse favorite, Axel!"

Roxas nearly died on the inside out of excitement, his hands gripping the stage for his dear life as a bright spotlight focused upon a familiar looking sillouette behind a thin red curtian. Catcalls and wolf whistles were sounding off before it had even started, and only grew louder as Love Addict by Family Force 5 began to thump the sound system.

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it!

As the base and screaming guitars began to play, a thin arm reached through the curtian, Axel making his highly anticipated entrance with his trademark smirk upon his lips. The smirk only grew wider as he drank up the audience's reaction as he started to strut his stuff down the small catwalk, not yet aware that Roxas' was present, with his eyes as huge as saucers as he took in every inch of Axel's appearance. The redhead was wearing a fishnet-like 'shirt' that showed off every defined crevice of his thin but toned upper torso, with a small black vest-jacket that was much to small to even button in the front, but it wasn't like Roxas, or anyone in the audience for that matter, was complaining. He also wore black leather pants that glistened in the bright spotlight, and surprisingly, he was barefooted. His hair was it's spiky self, and his eyes were adorned with heavy eyeliner. Just exactly as Roxas remembered. He saw Axel look his way, making the blonde weak in the knees, but he watched as his sharp emerald gaze made no contact with his. He probably couldn't see Roxas in such harsh light, but Roxas was silently hoping that he would get noticed eventually.

Axel's hand caught the pole as he passed by and he gave himself a good twirl around it, stopping short and slowly going down on it's length, poking his ass out a bit as he stood back up straight, giving his audience a tantalizing wink. Oh how he loved to drink up their reactions to his every little move, though he seemed to be concentrating on pleasing them, he was actually doing his best to impress a certian blonde that he was hoping was in the audience somewhere. His eyes darted back and forth, looking to others like he was eyeing them all teasingly, when he was trying to find those deep blue eyes that he just couldn't get out of his mind, but his vision was extremely impaired due to the bright spotlight on him. It was a bit frustrating, but Axel tried not to overthink it, or his visad would be broken and he'd lose his appeal.

As the chorus began to play, he pumped his chest a few times, and with a skilled roll of his shoulders, the vest jacket fell to the floor, causing the audience to shout out in reply, with various catcalls reaching his ears, but none of them sounded like Roxas. Eh, well, he still had a ways to go.

Meanwhile, Roxas was watching this all with his jaw almost hitting the floor. He watched as Axel started to rock his hips to the beat, his arms raising up to rest behind his head lightly as he closed his eyes and seemed to gasp suggestively, making Roxas start to shiver. He could already feel his breath hitch, and Axel hadn't been on stage for more than 30 seconds. He didn't understand what it was about Axel that hypnotized him so, making the younger male watch his every move, hang on his every word.

One of Axel's hands slowly slipped from behind his head and slowly slipped down his chest, his grin slowly returning as he hooked his thumb in the fishnet top, stripping it away with ease and throwing it off into the audience somewhere. He didn't care if he got it back or not, he only wore it tonight for one reason. As the second verse began, he turned his attention back to the pole, one arm curling around it as he started to grind against the pole, the other starting to tug on one of his belt loops as he bit down on his lip in mock want. He could hear them cheering him on, all of them anticipating the removal of his tight leather pants.

"Take it off! Take it off!" the people around Roxas chanted, and Roxas soon found himself uttering those words as well, unable to make sound come out, but his lips were mouthing the words as he watched Axel's crotch grind up against the pole. He felt the excitement boil in his stomach, giving away to a familiar heat coming from this pelvic area. Just before the chorus played a second time, Axel abruptly turned on his heel and leaned up against the pole, tossing his head back as he unsnapped the single button on his leather pants, and with a few rocks of his hips, the pants slid to the floor. The crowd went wild as he stepped out of the pants and gave them a wicked grin, threading his thumbs through the strings of his thong-like underwear as he approached the front of the stage, his bare butt in plain view for those on the sides of the catwalk. Roxas' heart skipped a beat as Axel came closer. Holy shit, here he comes...!

Here came the part that Axel loved the most. This was the part when he would watch as people in the very front row of the stage compete for his attention with different amounts of cash. He loved to see their embarassed or excited expressions as he essentially waved his junk in their faces. He was damn proud of it, and he'd do it without underwear if he could. His gaze settled on what looked like a girl with shoulder length brown hair, who was looking rather embarassed as her friends pushed her up close to the stage, one of them holding out her hands that was gripping what looked like a 20 dollar bill.

Eh, nice try, sweetheart, Axel chuckled in his head, looking past her at the amounts in other suitor's hands to find one more suitable to his taste, which were more up in the $40 and higher department. He had to give a 100 dollar show if he wanted to get 100 dollars, and thats what he tried to strive for every time.

Roxas noticed this pattern of greedy lechers reaching past him and flailing their arms about with cash in their hands, and Roxas realized why Demyx had given him some money. He clumsily reached into his pocket to withdraw about four dollars, but judging from the amounts that he saw in other people's hands, he had the feeling that just a measly four dollars wasn't going to get him a single lick of attention from Axel. Roxas watched as the sexy redhead accepted one offer on the opposite side of the stage, watching as some black haired guy slip him some cash in the side string of his underwear. Roxas felt jealousy swell in his being, a frown forming on his face as he stuck his hand out with the money, trying his best to lean over the stage so he would be noticed.

"Hey!" Roxas tried to shout above the crowd to get his attention, but with about 30 or more people shouting above him, he doubted that Axel heard him at all.

But he did. Axel's ear perked a the faint sound of a familiar voice, his head snapping around his shoulder to verify the source. He could have busted out laughing at what he saw. There he was, that sweet looking blonde, practically throwing himself onto the stage in order to be seen. Axel gripped the guy's hand that was currently threaded through the side of his underwear and flicked it away, sending away 60 bucks in the process and making the guy gasp in surprise. But Axel didn't care about the lost cash. He saw his prize, and he didn't care if Roxas had one dollar or a thousand; he was going to give his current obsession a proper "welcome."

Roxas gaped as Axel's eyes flashed with mischeif as he rose to his feet and approached him, his hips swaying to the bridge of the song. Roxas felt his body freeze up, his arms stills extended on the stage, but he couldn't find the strength to move them away as Axel crouched down in front of him, his grin growing wide to reveal his pearly white teeth. The sounds of the crowd seemed to die away from Roxas' hearing, his entire attention on the redhead crouched in front of him, watching as Axel grasped Roxas' hand that held his money and brought it up to his face, giving his wrist a gentle kiss, his piercing gaze never leaving Roxas' as he gave the flesh a soft nip, then nipped the cash in Roxas' hand, tugging it away from his grasp. Roxas felt an all too familiar lump form in his throat at the touch, his form shuttering as Axel removed the currency from his mouth and lean in closer to Roxas, still holding his arm firmly as his hot breath trailed across Roxas' jawline, making a small whimper escape from the blonde's lips. The audience found this contact very hot, and was making so much noise it was almost deafening.

"I told you so." Axel chuckled as he gave Roxas' chin a little nip, then recluctantly pulled away as he heard the last loop of music play, knowing he had to bring this to a close pretty quick. Luckily, he still had about a minute and a half left, thanks to Demyx's skills at manipulating music to last longer. He gave Roxas a wink as he released his grip on the younger male's arm. Roxas could only nod mechanically, though Axel didn't see it because he had gotten to his feet and was finishing up his routine with a few small tricks up on the pole, the small blonde feeling like he had just won the lottery. But the very minimal amount of contact he recieved from Axel made him want more. His fingers were twitching anxiously as his eyes explored Axel's nearly bare body as he danced in the red light, feeling his lips starting to grow dry. It was like that Saturday night all over again...except there were witnesses this time.

The song came to it's end, and the crowd, including Roxas, erupted in a roaring cheer, causing a satisfied grin to form on the redheaded stripper's face. With almost fluid-like grace, he picked up his leather pants and started to retreat to the back of the stage, looking back over his shoulder at all of his 'fans' and giving them a tantalizing wink as he brought his index and middle finger to his lips, blowing them a kiss as he dissapeared through the red curtian. The red lights began to grow dim, as if the life of the stage had come to an end at Axel's exit, and the crowd began to disperse. But Roxas stayed where he was, contemplating his next move. What should he do now? Axel knew he was here, and was apparently just as anxious to see him as much as Roxas was, which was beyond Roxas' comprehension. Why would someone with so much charisma and talent be so interested in someone as bland as...Roxas? Roxas hardly had any skill or talent to call his own, at least by his standards, but Roxas was always one who had high expectations.

Roxas' gaze slowly shifted to his left, eying the direction that would take him to that special door with the "Employees Only" sign that would lead him to his object of complete adoration.

But did he have the guts to approach Axel so boldly?

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