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Hi, Axel, how's it going?

Hey, what's up?

I just wanted you to know you're the sexiest piece of ass-

No, no no! Roxas yelled at himself mentally, shaking his head as to get a grip on where his thought process was going. He was walking- very very slowly- over towards the "Employees Only" door that separated him from the stripper that was making it very difficult for him to think straight- and very difficult to be comfortable in his jeans at the moment. Roxas was approaching the door as if it had some sort of monster behind it, his hands crossed tightly at his chest as he tried to think of what to say to Axel once he saw him face to face. However, Roxas couldn't settle on something to say...he had honestly never been in this sort of situation before. Usually it was the females who approached him first. This was the first time Roxas was going to take the lead. And it was scaring him shitless.

What if he thinks I'm some sort of pervert, Roxas thought to himself as he tried to mentally prepare himself. Well...he did say he wanted me to come here, so if anything, he's the pervert in this situation...what if he thinks I'm desperate or something? Try not to overthink this, you're just going to end up gawking like some sort of schoolgirl if you keep this up.

His train of thought was interrupted by a familiar dent in the floor, which he promptly tripped over and almost faceplanted into the floor. Frustrated, the blonde looked down and saw a familiar set of bright yellow chords that led up towards the DJ booth. Roxas felt like a complete idiot. He had tripped over these last week, and here he was doing it again. Roxas was expecting to see Demyx in the booth, but the mullet head was no where to be seen. Roxas heaved a small, relieved sigh. He was sure if Demyx had seen what had happened, he'd be laughing his ass off. After pushing that thought aside, Roxas looked back at the door before him, feeling extremely nervous about the entire situation. He couldn't quite tell if he was more nervous now than he was last week, but he tried not to think about it that much. He reached up a shaky hand to knock on the door, hesitating before touching the door, considering just leaving and waiting for Axel to come out. Surely Axel would come out to talk to him...?

A loud click made Roxas jump with a start, and he found himself face to face with a dark green colored torso. Roxas blinked, praying in his head that it was Axel at the door, and not some other stripper. Oh god, especially not that pink haired one...Marluxia?

"Whoa," Roxas heard the familiar chuckle, and he looked up to see Axel standing at the door, dressed in a bit more casual looking clothes such as the small dark green shirt and dark blue jeans that were ripped at the knees, his feet clad in familiar looking black boots. Axel smiled, one arm propped against the door frame as the other ran long fingers through his thick red mane. "I wasn't expecting you to be so eager to see me, little Roxy." This would have been the best time for sound to come out of Roxas open mouth, but he couldn't think of anything to say, his mind drawing to a complete, utter blank. Axel's hand that had ran through his hair reached down to ruffle through Roxas' golden locks. "Look at you, gawking like a little school girl. I'm guessing you liked my preformance, hm?"

Little school girl? Oh great...now I've done it. "Yeah...I did." Roxas managed to mumble, giving Axel a sheepish smile. Axel's hand fell from Roxas' hand to one of his shoulders and gave it a light squeeze.

"Well that's good to hear," Axel's grin widened as he leaned over to meet Roxas' eye level, leaning past his face to whisper into his ear softly, his breath grazing his ear and making Roxas shutter. "Because I was doing it all for you, you know." He had expected the smaller male to completely melt into a pile of gooey lust at his statement, but Roxas surpisingly pulled away from Axel's grip, causing the redhead to blink a bit in surprise.

"If you were doing it for me," Roxas finally spoke through his flustered expression as he rubbed his cheek lightly, hoping that the motion would make it fade somehow as he recalled something from Axel's preformance. "Then why were you all over that other guy?" Axel had seemed pretty content with himself while he teased the other guy who was up at the stage. Roxas couldn't help but question Axel's sincerity and motives. What if he had decided not to show up tonight? Would Axel have just shrugged it off and seduce that stranger instead? Roxas knew in the back of his mind that in terms of knowing Axel personally, he was no better than the other guy. But Axel had been Roxas' first, and he had given him his number...

Axel's brow furrowed, not completely sure of what Roxas was talking about. His routine (which he had made up on the spot due to the fact that his very absent minded ex boyfriend had lost his original CD mix) played over in his head until he came upon the male in question, and proceeded to laugh, much to Roxas' dismay.

"Oh, so you decide to claim me so quickly?" Axel teased, coming to stand upright as he folded his arms to his chest, leaning into the door frame beside him as an amused grin curled on his lips. "Normally when two people become an item, it's a collective decision."

"That's not what I meant." Roxas frowned, grumbling to himself as he averted his gaze, this time in embarassment. Thinking back on what he had just said, he had sounded like some kind of disgruntled girl- er....boyfriend. Can he really blame me, though? Roxas asked himself. I've never really had a one night stand before, I'm typically in a relationship for a while before sex happens. But somehow I just managed to skip an awkward first date all the way to third base and beyond without even knowing so much as his last name!

Axel sighed and shook his head. "Relax, I was just joking."

"Then why such sarcasm?"

"Roxas, I strip off my clothing for strangers for a living." Axel's brow perked a bit. "You don't know how many times I've heard a question or accusation like that from whoever I'm dating at the time. If you don't believe me, go ask Demyx. He's experienced it himself, and it was one of the reasons why we split." Though being a stripper at the Playhouse had it's perks, it did have it's drawbacks as well. One of the worst ones being that, even if you are really faithful to whomever you're dating, there will always be a shadow of doubt due to what being a stripper calls for on some occasions. Axel had lost several very good relationships because of it. He could never truly blame his exs, though; he had once tried imagining Demyx in his situation, and Axel wasn't too keen on the idea of Demyx stripping of his clothes and sometimes grinding on random strangers for cash. At least a month ago he did, now he couldn't care less, though the image was much funnier now.

"But anyway," Axel continued, trying to ease the bit of tension that had developed on the topic, his tone becoming a bit more calm and sincere as he looked down at the moping blonde before him. "To answer your question, I honestly didn't know if you were out in the crowd or not, thanks to that damned spotlight, and I do have to make money somehow." Being an engineer doesn't just happen overnight, you know.

Roxas' frown had faded, stuffing his hands idly into his pockets as he felt a bit bad of inadvertently calling Axel a manwhore. But he nodded a bit in response to Axel's explanation, understanding the point he was trying to make.

"But I figured," Axel suddenly continued, his sincere demeanor fading as quickly as it had appeared, his trademark smirk curling on his thin lips. "That since I'm the one that took your virginity, if I showed out for some other guy, you would get jealous and try to nab my attention. And judging by how you practically threw yourself on the stage and by how you were pretty much waiting here at the door for me, it seems to me I judged correctly." Roxas felt his face grow red once more, Axel having nailed Roxas' emotions right on the head.

"You....ugh, that's so unfair." Roxas scowled, unable to come up with any other witty comeback, turning his back to the stripper as he crossed his arms tightly to his chest. Roxas did have a tendancy to act childish when he lost an arguement. (As if Axel didn't already know that from their first encounter.) Axel could sense the very defiance in Roxas that he had found so irresistable the first time they met in him right now. It made Axel want to just tear him to pieces, in a mostly non-violent, sexually pleasing sort of way, and hear the blonde break down and beg for fufillment as he teased him mercilessly. The very thought of it made excitement bubble in the pit of his stomach.

"Aw," Axel mocked a pout as he poked out his lower lip. "Are you gonna pout about it now?" Teasing Roxas was definately something Axel would put on his 'favorite things to do' list.

"You don't know me." Roxas growled softly, holding his ground, refusing to give in to Axel's jesting. But his little tantrum wasn't going to last very long, as he felt Axel grip his shoulder, pulling him backwards until Roxas felt himself collide with Axel's chest. Axel leaned down to blow gently on the back of Roxas' neck, making the blonde shutter before him, his train of thought coming to a grinding halt at the teasing touch. Grinning, Axel nuzzled into the side of Roxas' face lightly.

"Well then, we have plenty of time to get to get to know each other right now." Axel whispered softly, yet suggestively into his ear as he placed a soft, delicate kiss upon the younger male's jawline right under his earlobe. Roxas could feel himself start to swoon, but he caught himself, trying his best not to let the redhead suck him into another one of his 'games' so easily as he had done before.

"If you want to get to know me," Roxas muttered, trying to maintain his composure as he turned his head to look at Axel behind him. "We can just go over to the bar and share a few drinks and talk there." Axel chuckled at Roxas' suggestion, coiling his free left hand about the blonde's waist to keep him planted in his spot, the right hand he had used to grip Roxas' quickly joining at the waist as well.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Axel clicked his tongue dissaprovingly as he leaned in closer, letting his nose barely brush up against Roxas', ever so faintly, smiling wickedly. "But what's the fun in that? I can think of something a little more...enjoyable...for the both of us."

Roxas' breath caught in his throat as he caught a glimpse of the greedy look in Axel's entrancing green eyes, those same eyes that seemed to look into the very depths of his soul and see that, ultimately, that was the very reason that Roxas had come here in the first place. To watch Axel seduce him with his stripping routine. To feel Axel's skilled yet soft touch on his bare, trembling skin. To have the best sex he had ever experienced in his life. Axel decided to use this moment of weakness on Roxas' part to his advantage, and closed the gap of air between the two with a gentle kiss. Roxas' eyes widened, still trying to recover from the intense look in Axel's eyes that it took him a few moments before it registered that Axel was kissing him. Excitement hit him like lightening as he returned the kiss, finally feeling the softness of Axel's lips upon his after a full week of anticipating, dreaming, of this moment.

The kisses remained soft and sweet for a few moments, both Axel and Roxas both just wanting to savor the feeling of this seemingly forbidden contact. Yet, as the kiss slowly became deeper and Axel's tongue slipped between parted lips to brush against Roxas' lower lip, Roxas felt lust surge through his form as he obediantly parted his lips to allow the entrance. Yet, instead of tasting Axel's sweet tongue on his own, he felt the stripper pull away from him, causing Roxas to grunt softly in dissaproval as he opened his eyes partially, wanting an explanation for the interrupted tongue war.

"I hope you know it's rude to stare, Demyx." Axel chided at an apparent intruder, to which Roxas looked forward and saw the DJ, who looked poised to open the door that lead to his booth, but had his head turned in their direction, his brow perked and a slightly surprised expression on his face. Roxas' face immediately turned red. How long had he been watching?

"Well, it's kind of hard not to when you're both snogging in front of my booth." Demyx shot back in a teasing tone, smirking a bit as he made a "keep going" motion with his hands. "But hey, I'm not complaining, by all means, carry on."

"You're a sick little fuck." Axel snorted, tugging at Roxas' waist to draw him over the door's threshold. As much as he'd like to just keep going, he wasn't too keen on the idea of Demyx watching them.

"What can I say, you used to like it." Demyx replied with a shrug of his shoulders, rolling his eyes a bit as he opened the door that lead into his DJ booth. Roxas frowned a bit, not really all that happy with Demyx's untimely entrance, either. And the fact that they were both doing that weird flirting between exs that was just awkward for anyone and everyone present.

"Just shut up and give me some mood setting music like a good little DJ." Axel retorted. Demyx grinned and gave the pair a two fingered salute.

"Aye aye, captian!" Demyx exclaimed, continuing his way up the small staircase and dissappeared behind the door to attend to his disk jockey duties. Axel grinned devilishly as he took a few steps back into the familiar dim hallway behind the stage, taking a flustered Roxas with him, quickly reaching out to grab the door and close it shut. Axel was a bit too anxious to make the journey down the hallway to his dressing room, so he resorted to pushing the blonde into the nearest open door, which lead to an unused dressing room adjacent to the "Employees Only" door. This dressing room served a purpose of being a break room, but Axel never spent that much time in it, because he had Demyx to hang out with at the DJ booth. The room was a tad bit bigger than his dressing room, having a make up dresser similar to the one in Axel's dressing room, but without the lightbulbs surroung the mirror's edges, and a small clothes rack with several different colorful outfits, a futon in the very back of the room that sat behind a small coffeetable, and a couple of chairs against the walls. The single ceiling light above gave off a 'romantic' glow, but despite the drab-ness, Axel concluded that this break room would do for the current situation.

"He so just killed the mood." Roxas whined as he tried to pull away from the redhead's grasp, no longer feeling quite in the mood to finish what they had started. Axel, who would have none of that sort of talk, caught the hem of Roxas' shirt and pushed him up against the wall beside the door, pinning him there with his left hand gripping the blonde's shoulder while his right was propped up against the wall above him.

"Don't tell me you still underestimate my skills of seduction, Roxy." Axel said in a pouting-like tone as he tilted his head to the side. Roxas' gaze shifted down the remainder of the hallway, then back to the door uneasily.

"But what if we get interrupted again...?" Roxas asked sheepishly as he looked back at Axel, who was eyeing him like a starving wolf eyed a plump, juicy sheep.

"Oh, believe me..." Axel purred softly as he leaned in to lick the nervous blonde's lips, no longer willing to wait for his prize any longer, momentarily releasing his grip on the younger male's shoulder to flip the lock on the door beside them. "No one will interfere. I was the last preformer of the night, Roxy. It's only you and me back here..." He then sank his teeth into Roxas' lower lip, causing him to cry out a bit as he growled lustfully, "Now shut up and let me take you."

The sudden dominant talk from Axel made Roxas' knees turn into jelly, and without thinking, the smaller male reached up to frame Axel's face in his hands and kiss him deeply and passionately, putting up no fight as Axel's tongue forced it's way past his eager lips, coiling and wrestling with his own. Roxas groaned in anticipation as he shivered from the fast-paced contact, wanting desperately to feel Axel all over his body, inside his body, like he had done before. Axel's hands began to wander Roxas' form, sliding down his chest to come to his sides before quickly sliding beneath his white Mellow Mushroom T-shirt to touch the younger male's irresistable soft skin, his fingers memorizing every inch of the slightly heated ivory flesh. Roxas shuttered very noticably at the tender touch, making Axel aware of how eager the blonde really was about the entire situation. It was when Usher's "Little Freak" passed through his ears that he got an idea to turn this into his favor.

Axel pulled away from the intense kiss, making Roxas whine a bit as the warmth of Axel's lips left him. Axel chuckled and brought a hand to cup his chin.

"How about you and I play a little game?" Axel asked softly as he started to kiss along Roxas' jawline slowly, awaiting his response.

"What kind of game...?" Roxas replied breathlessly, his eyes drawing to a close as he let a small murmur escape his lips at Axel's slow kisses that made their way down the side of his neck, to which he shuttered when Axel's tongue dragged across the quivering flesh up to his earlobe.

"Oh, just a little game I like to play..." Axel ginned against his skin as he pulled away from Roxas' neck, taking Roxas away from the wall and grabbing one of the wooden chairs from along the wall to bring it out in the middle of the room, where he then pushed Roxas down to sit in it, the blonde making a small huff as he sat in the chair. Axel slowly ran his fingers through Roxas hair as he leaned down to plant another kiss on his lips.

"It's called Hands Off." Axel said after breaking the kiss, bringing the hand in Roxas' hair to cup his chin again to make Roxas' slightly clouded blue eyes look up at him. "The only rule is that you can't touch me, no matter how badly you might want to, unless I put it there..." He grinned devilishly as his thumb brushed over Roxas' lower lip. "But I can touch you as much as I want to. If you break the rules, it's game over and you'll have to leave."

"That doesn't sound very fair..." Roxas said as his brow furrowed, not liking the sound of these rules at all. But he knew against Axel that he had no chance in getting him to change his mind. Roxas huffed as he adjusted in his seat so that he sat on his hands, just to be sure. He didn't want to lose this game and be sent home with an outrageous hard-on. And he was pretty sure that Axel was riding on the same hopes that he wouldn't break the rules, either.

"I never said it would be fair." Axel chuckled softly, his tone a bit lustful as he pulled away from Roxas and took a step back and turned his back to him.. Roxas watched as the chrous of the song began to play as Axel started to do what he did best. Axel spread his legs a bit and started to let his hips roll in small circles, which immediately caught the small blonde's attention, his eyes focusing on Axel's feminine, skilled hips, his memory recalling the sight of Axel's bare ass, and internally wished that he were wearing those torn up pants right now. Axel kept his back upright as he slowly started to move downward as his hips continued to roll, placing his hands on his thighs and going down as far as he could, before slowly coming back up to stand upright, letting his left hand slowly stroke up his thigh and over his ass, looking over his shoulder to Roxas with his eyes half lidded with lust. Roxas tried to gulp down a huge lump in his throat, but found it very difficult to do so with his attention separated between Axel's rubbing of his butt and the needy look in his entrancing green eyes. Apparently, Axel was just as skilled dancing without a pole as he was with one.

Axel turned around with a skilled roll of his hips, and tilted his head back as he let his hands slowly run down his chest, leading down to his thighs, and slowly coming back up to pause at his pelvic area, letting his fingertips brush slowly over the slight arousal between his legs, letting a dramatic gasp roll off his tongue and bit down on his lip for good measure. Roxas watched Axel's hands massage himself with undivided attention, already feeling his own fingers twitching beneath his thighs to reach out and make Axel come closer instead of making Roxas watch him play with himself. But Axel wasn't going to give him that luxury until he felt like doing so. Once he felt like he was ready to continue with his teasing little dance, Axel slowly slinked over to Roxas, moving so that he was standing above Roxas with the blonde's knees between his legs. Due to Roxas' height, by the way Axel was standing, Roxas' head came right in front of Axel's crotch area. Roxas felt his breath start to become heavy as he watched Axel's hips roll right in front of his face, and he could see Axel's pants swelling due to his hardened member, and he wanted so badly to touch it, but he knew if he tried that it would all be over.

"You're such a freaking tease..." Roxas breathed, trying to make it into a growl but failed to do so, not pulling his gaze away from Axel's crotch. Axel only smirked in reply as he tugged at Roxas' arms, freeing them from beneath his legs, and slowly brought his hands to place them on his rocking hips as he continued the motion. He could feel Roxas' fingers clench his hips tightly, wanting to move in closer to in between his legs, but Roxas seemed to also be determined not to lose the game so quickly. Axel wondered how much it would take to break him.

Axel moved one of Roxas' hand so it hovered in front of his crotch, making Roxas' fingers twitch in anticipation. He felt his smirk grow wider as he leaned in to start grinding into Roxas' hand, making both of them groan. Roxas could feel Axel through his pants, and it took almost all of what little mental strength he had at the moment to keep from grabbing the package and tearing Axel's pants off. This teasing was turning out to be unbearable for him, his own arousal pulsating and pressing uncomfortably against the little amount of room in his pants. Axel found it difficult to cease his grinding against the younger male's hand, he wanting to make this go faster as much as Roxas did. But he just loved being a tease, and he wanted to hear Roxas beg for it.

He manuvered Roxas' hands to rest in his respective lap, the blonde's hands balling into fists rightly to keep from acting out his will. Axel slowly moved downward to straddle Roxas' slightly opened legs, and leaned in to grab the collar of Roxas' white Mellow Mushroom T-shirt with his teeth, sliding his long fingers under the shirt's lower hem, letting them slide over Roxas' heated ivory skin. Roxas took this as a gesture to remove his shirt, so he quickly replied by taking his shirt off for Axel. Axel figured that this was acceptable, because afterwards the blonde adjusted so that he was sitting on his hands again to prevent any other action. The removal of the shirt proved to be more in Axel's favor, so he leaned in to slowly lick along Roxas' collarbone as his thumbs gently rolled over his nipples very lightly, making Roxas' gasp and clench his eyes shut. Axel rolled his thumbs slowly, milking more gasps and moans out of Roxas with each completed motion, one, two, three...

"Axel...I-I can't..."

"I'm not finished with you yet," Axel purred, letting his tongue drag up Roxas' neck, flicking his earlobe and nibbling on it lightly. "Don't you dare give in yet."

Ugh...why does he have to be so damn sexy, Roxas wanted to whine, but only a loud whimper escaped his lips instead, that being the last coherant thought to cross his mind as Axel bucked into him. Axel did it once more, and then pulled himself away from Roxas to rise back to his feet, and reached down to spread Roxas' legs even farther, and turn around and sink into Roxas' lap, using the younger male's knees for support. He grinded his ass slowly into Roxas, looking over his shoulder to Roxas and moaning suggestively. Roxas' vision blurred as his back arched against his chair, moaning loudly at Axel's motions. Axel gripped Roxas' knees and his hips started to move back and forth, as if he had Roxas inside of him. Roxas started to visibly shiver as he tilted his head back at the sound of Axel breathlessly moaning his name.

"Axel, please...I cant..." Roxas managed to whine with his eyes shut tightly, feeling his hand starting to try to wriggle from beneath him to break the one and only rule in this little game of theirs. He couldn't stand this torture anymore. He needed Axel right now. He never thought it was humanly possible to be this horny. He heard Axel chuckle a little, and he opened one eye to see Axel looking at him, the redhead pushing his ass into Roxas' screaming arousal and making the blonde writhe.

"I'll stop under one condition." Axel said huskily, letting his hands stroke Roxas' inner thighs. "You give me a little something in return for this little lap dance I gave you."

"I...don't have m-money..." Roxas replied softly, but Axel shook his head.

"Not money, I already have some from earlier. Just be creative." Axel gave him a little wink, and Roxas had a vague idea of what he was talking about. Roxas felt a little fear, because he had never given a blowjob before. He was pretty sure that Axel knew that, though, and silently hoped that he would help him out.

Roxas finally freed his hands out from under his legs and pushed Axel off of him, rising to his feet and making Axel take his place in the wooden chair. Axel blinked a bit in slight surprise, but he quickly pushed the feeling aside as he watched Roxas sink to his knees before him, and he felt a grin perk in the corner of his legs as he spread his legs for Roxas, as if presenting to him some sort of prize that he had won. Roxas hesitated, unsure of what to do at first, but came ot the conlusion that the first thing to do would probably be to take Axel's pants off. Clumsy fingers quivering in anticipation as he took off Axel's shoes, then fiddled with Axel's zipper, pulling it down and unsnapping the button, pushing down the dark blue jeans down to his knees to reveal that black thong-like underwear that Roxas had seen him wear on stage, big and lumpy due to the stripper's hard on, pulling them down as well. Axel's member fell before him, and Roxas' eyes widened as he saw Axel's size. He didn't get good look the first time they had done this, so to see it now only made Roxas aware of the reason why it had hurt so much at first.

He heard Axel clear his throat uncertianly, breaking through Roxas' train of thought.

"Don't just stare, do something..." Axel said, his brow furrowing a bit.

"But I've never done this before..." Roxas said sheepishly, looking up at Axel with a slight blush on his cheeks. Axel reached down to take Roxas' hand and place it on his shaft, making Axel shutter anxiously. Axel slowly guided Roxas' hand up and down his member, Axel's breath quickly becoming heavy as he let his eyes drift to a close.

"Just do whatever comes to you." Axel sighed, letting himself slouch a bit against the chair and pull his hand away from Roxas', allowing him to do what he wanted. Judging by Axel's previous reaction, Roxas continued pumping Axel's shaft, making the redhead loll his head to the side and heave another breathy sigh. Roxas thought back to when Axel had done this to him, and using it as his guide, he leaned down to let his tongue flick over the sensitive head lightly, the motion making Axel jerk, letting a small shaky moan loose. Satisfied with the reaction, Roxas leaned down to take the head into his mouth, letting his tongue massage the head gently. The heat from Roxas' mouth on the head along with the gentle licking made Axel moan once more, reaching to embed his fingers in Roxas' golden locks and tug lightly to urge him farther.

"Mnnnn....just like that, Roxas..." Axel breathed, licking his now dry lips. It had been a very long time since Axel had recieved a blowjob; he was always giving one. But he liked to be on the recieving end every once in a while. Axel started tugging on Roxas' hair again, this time up and down, and Roxas' complied, letting his head start to bob up and down to take a little more of Axel's shaft into his mouth at a time, his tongue massaging against the underside on the sensitive flesh. Axel let out a long moan when Roxas groaned a bit with Axel in his mouth, the vibrations going down his shaft and rocketing up his spine. Roxas saliva coated the quivering member, mingling with the precum that soon began to form. As soon as the salty compound hit Roxas' taste buds, he was fairly certian that this wasn't going to last too long, because Axel was probably going to stop him and take this even farther. He sort of hoped that he wouldn't though, because Roxas wanted to taste more.

Roxas' guess proved to be correct, because not too long after Roxas tasted Axel's delicious precum, Axel focefuly pushed Roxas away from him and grabbed him by the arm after wiggling his legs free of his pants, bringing Roxas to his feet and then leaning down to grab his pants, then leading him over to one of the futons in the back of the room. Axel pushed Roxas onto the bed, pausing for a breif moment to pull the dark green shirt he still had on over his head, and then pouncing on the blonde to attack his lips with his own, shoving his tongue through Roxas' eager lips to massage their tongues together, gripping the blonde's shoulders firmly as he started to dry hump against him, making Roxas jerk away from Axel's lips to moan loudly.

"What do you want, Roxas?" Axel asked in a lustfully menacing tone, then leaned down to sink his teeth into the side of Roxas' neck, making him cry out.

"You, Axel...! I want you, please...!" Roxas cried, no longer able to stand Axel's torture. He wanted to feel Axel against his prostate again and bring him the intense pleasure he had been waiting for since the moment he left the Playhouse last Saturday. Axel was almost too eager to pull away from Roxas' form to take off Roxas' shoes and start tearing off his pants, slipping them and his blue boxers past his knees and tossing them carelessly onto the floor, then reaching down to grasp his own pants to pry a travel sized bottle of lube out from one of the pockets, then grabbed Roxas' calves and hook them over his shoulders. Axel quickly prepped both Roxas' puckered entrance and his own throbbing shaft, throwing away the bottle to join the clothing on the floor.

"You ready...?" Axel asked quietly, his hands grabbing Roxas' hips as he positioned himself right over his entrance, grinding the head into the waiting hole teasingly and making Roxas' back arch a bit. Roxas was too blinded in lust to give a worded response, only bucking his hips and groaning at the teasing touch. He couldn't speak anymore, he didn't want to. God dammit, he wanted Axel to stop procrastinating and take him already!

Without another word, Axel thrusted himself deeply into Roxas, making him cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Axel filled him. Axel bit his lower lip harshly as the walls of Roxas' hole clamped down tightly on his shaft, making him groan with utmost pleasure. It was almost like the first time again, so tight and untouched by any other but him. And for some reason, Axel liked theidea of being the only one that has ever explored the entirity of Roxas' body, both inside and out. Axel was too impatient at this point to start off slow, so he started thrust in and out of Roxas at a medium speed. The pain from such pace lingered for a few moments, making Roxas whimper, but as Axel took one hand away to start pumping Roxas' rock hard member in time with his thrusts, the pain quickly vanished, his whimpers being replaced with loud moans of ecstacy.

"Shit...I love the sound of your moans..." Axel groaned as the blonde's noises urged him to go faster, starting to quicken his pace. The sounds in Axel's ears were the most stimulating thing to him, especially when his own name escaped from the other male's lips. Roxas clenched his eyes shut, his breathing shallow as he felt Axel drawing so close to that desired sweet spot, but he didn't seem to be going far enough to touch it. Roxas' body writhed in anticipation as he urged Axel on.

"A-Axel...!!! Deeper...!" Roxas begged through his cries, his calves tightening against Axel's shoulders to stress his urgency, and Axel consented, adjusting his postion a bit so Roxas was angled up a bit more, and started roughly pounding into him mercilessly. Oh how Axel had been waiting to be so rough with Roxas like this, the intoxicating friction of his walls clamping down on him driving him crazy as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. The hand on Roxas' hip tightened so much that red marks were starting to form, but neither of them seemed to care that much. Once Axel had hit Roxas' prostate like a bullseye, it was all downhill from there. Roxas literally screamed in complete pleasure as the head thrashed wildly against that bundle of nerves over and over again. Axel felt Roxas' member grow wet with lots of precum, and he began to shake as his own climax steadily approached.

"Y-yes-sss....!" Roxas cried out as his toes curled tightly, his back arching against the futon as his orgasm hit him like an eighteen wheeler, his own seed covering their stomachs and Axel's hand in a thick, slimy layer. Axel immediately drew his hand away from his spent partner and began to lick away the cum on his hand greedily, indulging in it's taste. After a few licks, he had to stop to grip Roxas' hips with both hands as he let out one final shaky moan as he came, releasing deeply inside of Roxas.

The two of them shared these few moments of complete bliss before neither of them could continue, Roxas growing limp and his head falling back onto the sheets, completely spent. Axel slowly pulled out of Roxas, setting his legs back down onto the futon and laid down atop the younger male, craning his head downward to gently clean Roxas' stomach of the remaining traces of his own cum staining his sweaty, rosy colored skin. Roxas' eyes fluttered to a close as he just let Axel do so, allowng himself a little while to try to catch his breath.

After Axel had finished with his task, he rolled over to lay at Roxas' side, tugging at his waist to draw him closer to have Roxas' head laying on his chest, the two of them remaining silent. Axel stared up at the wall above them with an arm behind his head, the other coiled around his little boy toy, while Roxas lay with one arm around Axel's small waist and his head on his chest, trying to think of something to say. Both of them had the same thought on their minds, and they were both hesitant to say anything about it.

Was this just a fling? Or was it something more?

Both of them were silently hoping for the latter as they drifted off into a heavy sleep. For Roxas, he was hoping that Axel would be his first and last...it just would just seem too awkward if he did this with another guy. As for Axel...he was hoping that Roxas would be the one that would not give up on him just because of the actions needed for his temporary occupation.

But it's much harder to say something like that aloud than it is to think about it.

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