Full summary: While out shopping Alice's eyes gaze upon a set of rings and despite the warnings she gets, she only buys one. However, now that she has the ring on she's been experiencing some major mood swings complete with memory loss and other unexplainable occurrences. One minute she's lovey dovey with the first male she sees, the next she just wants to do work in the quiet confines of her office, and another, she craves to see someone die while drinking tea! Whatever's going on, both Alice and the role holders sure hope it isn't permanent. Alice/Everyone

I was also suggested to call this Personality Mood Switch by a friend lol because abbreviated you get PMS which Alice will be doing a lot of XD lolz

Edit 11/13/13:

Yeah, this really sucks because you know, written three years ago etc, etc, I've changed my ways etc, etc… Anyways, when I start bumping out newer chapters hopefully those will be better than the first few. Though on a personal level, this story is an all time fave because Alice as Ace is my spirit animal. That is all.


Chapter 1: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Frenemy

Alice propped her head on the table silently with her elbow as she watched Julius fix another clock.


That was the only word she could use to describe his hand movements. Precise and agile, they moved so quickly and perfectly to always ensure whatever was broken, would become fixed and anew once again.

The Clock Master felt the girl's penetrating stare on him as always. He had gotten used to it, but for now her presence was distracting and he was feeling rather drained.

He cleared his throat, breaking the silence that had been held between the two. Alice raised her head from the table and looked him curiously, "Something wrong?" She questioned.

"No, but would you mind making me a cup of coffee?" He asked her. She bobbed her head up and down, "Sure! Coming right up." Rising to her feet she walked out the office and made her way to the kitchen. It was nice to feel that she was helping him. Despite the fact the job she had was petty and could easily be done by the workers, she was doing it, so she was still being helpful.

The foreigner frowned after she opened the cabinet for the beans. Empty. Tippy toeing she opened the next cabinet. Nothing. "Julius! I'm going to the store to get groceries!" Alice shouted out loudly as she closed the refrigerator. Sighing she walked out the Tower and towards the town.


Alice walked down the aisle of the store with her hand clutching a basket that was practically full to the brim. Despite the fact she had so many things in hand, she hadn't been able to see the coffee beans. She was used to coming to this store, but now she felt so lost walking around aimlessly not knowing where the coffee was.

"Excuse me ma'am, can I help you with anything?" The attendant asked her. Alice looked at her with a smile, "Um… Yes please, can you show me where the coffee beans are? I can't seem to find them…" Alice blushed lightly.

"Oh! Follow me this way!"

Alice followed the faceless woman until she came to a stop. "We recently moved our stocks around. I apologize for the inconvenience." She bowed as Alice shook her head, "No need. I got what I needed."

The attendant nodded at her before walking back to the front of the store.

Alice hummed as she put the coffee beans container in her bag.

She couldn't help but wonder what else they'd need seeing as she knew she still had enough money in her pockets to spare a couple more things.

Grabbing a few more things she deemed as essentials, Alice made her way to the register and after buying everything she walked out with a hand filled with items. "At least I have a bit of money left." She smiled to herself as she walked down the street.

Suddenly, a white flash went off at the side of her eye just as she was preparing to leave the shopping district and enter the forest. Stopping, she turned to her left and saw a jewelry store. The store was just as the others that surrounded it… However, Alice couldn't help but feel something pulling her to it. Scowling at the thought of being held back, she gave a small breath and obeyed her instincts nonetheless and made her way inside.

"Welcome to our shop!" She was greeted the very second she walked in.

The brunette gave the woman a soft smile before she continued in. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other gems were all that surrounded her. Slowly, she felt those gleams from the jewels pull her in further to the back of the store.

Her eyes trailed to the set of rings that was trapped under glass on display. Leaning down to get a better look at it, she saw her reflection come right back at her as she looked into the smaller one. A 12 sided clear diamond. The ends held the shape of a red heart, blue spade, green clover, and yellow diamond.

"See anything you like?" Alice nearly jumped out of her skin as the cheery helper's voice came into her ear.

Alice composed herself taking her gaze of the jewelry, before she could respond the woman smiled widely at her, "Oh, I know! A pretty girl like you must have a boyfriend, right!?"

Now the foreigner cringed. A boyfriend in this place? Her mind first flashed to her ex and this caused a bit of pain to enter her heart, but she quickly recovered and shook her head honestly, "Uh, no, I have no special guy like that in my life…"

The woman blushed a bit in embarrassment, "Ah! I'm sorry! But, Miss, I'm sure that if you have someone you want to be special in your life, all you have to do is wear one of these rings and give him the other! Everything will work out perfectly once you do!" She chirped excitedly.

Alice nodded slowly looking at the price tags both rings held.

She didn't really want it for the boyfriend purpose… She actually wanted it because the rings looked pretty enough to wear as an accessory.

"I'm sorry, but I only got enough money for one… Is it okay if I just get one of them?" Alice questioned the woman that now put a finger to her lips as though in thought before she spoke, "Hm… I'm not sure if you'd like that."

Alice cocked her head to the side, "I can't?"

"No, it's perfectly okay! Are you sure though?" She asked as she opened the glass container and took out the ring Alice had been eyeing.

The foreigner nodded in certainty while giving her the money and in response, the woman tossed her the ring effortlessly.

As she began walking to the exit after thanking the woman, she found herself stopping when she heard the lady give a giggle, "I hope she doesn't have many admirers!"

Disregarding the statement, Alice continued her walk to Clover Tower. Very soon, she made it right in front the entrance, however before she opened the door; she gazed down at the ring she just slipped onto her finger. Her eyes widened as she looked at the once clear jewel, the insides now swirled with what looked to be yellow, red, green, and blue liquid.

A bit panicked at how the design seemed to change, the foreigner's other hand moved to take it off frantically.

However the very second she attempted to slip it off, the diamond filled up with a light red liquid and the ring flashed a soft red hue that caused Alice to close her eyes in surprise with a small shriek.

When she opened her eyes again, her head was throbbing slightly. With a moan she dropped the grocery bags on the floor and stomped inside the tower.

Things were a bit groggy and she was attempting to find her purpose.

Why was she here again? Oh yeah, Julius… She had gone shopping for Julius… But now, thinking of the Clock Maker was making her heart beat fast and a blush crept its way on her face.

That wasn't strange. She loved Julius after all.

The thoughts reassured her being while she wobbled up the stairs.

Her mind, though it was still dazed and disoriented, it came to that conclusion solidly so much that she had to giggle while she continued her ascent up the stairs.

Yes. She was in love with Julius. She always had been since she first saw him.

Now, she was running up the stairs faster.

Julius was also in love with her. She knew this. Why else would he let her stay and live with him? Just like her, he viewed everyone else as a nuisance. In Alice's opinion at the moment, everyone could just die. They were all germs anyway.

"Julius!" Alice squealed bursting inside his office with a wide smile. She expected him to be working on clock and she also expected him to drop whatever he was doing to hug her the moment she stepped in the room considering how they were both so in love with one another… But now, her eyes gazed at Ace talking and getting cozy with her Julius near his desk.

"Oh hey, Alice! I was wondering when you'd be back!" Ace grinned at her as she stood at the door still speechless.

Julius nodded, apparently not at all showing discomfort by Ace's close proximity, "I take it the shopping trip went well—"

Before he could finish his words, the sound of gunshots filled the air within the room.

Immediately, his eyes widened as he prepared to get his own gun out. His first thoughts were that the assassins had come once again and he prepared to go rushing to Alice's side in order to protect her, but to his complete and total shock, his eyes came to the sight of Alice being the one behind the gun's trigger.


"Get away from my Julius!" Alice huffed out, her eyes glaring harshly at Ace who held his sword out to block the trail of bullets the girl had fired from the gun within her hands. Even the Knight of Hearts had to look at her as though she had gone completely mental. "You're too close to him!" She finished before lowering the gun in her grip.

Julius and Ace continued staring at her in complete silence, neither able to find words and still trying to make sense of what was happening before them Alice's gun now turned into the bow she had previously set on top of her head.

Adjusting it carefully, Alice now looked over at Julius with eyes filled with nothing short but love and adoration and a cute pout was now on her face. "Julius! I could have sworn you only loved me!"


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