Major things I need to say for this.

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Other than that, I apologize for any inconsistencies that may be encountered! It's been three years and I'm too embarrassed to reread my old junk bwahaha.


Chapter 7: To the Window! To the Wall!

When Peter came to a stop on the other side of the hedge, he found his eyes frantically looking around in search of the foreigner that had disappeared behind them only a few moments ago.

His red eyes came upon Alice on her knees with her head doubled over onto her lap while she apparently clutched her stomach.

Worried, he ran to her side and knelt down before he placed a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, "Alice, what happened!? Are you alright!?"

Slowly, Alice brought her head up and as she did so, the White Rabbit found his eyes widening in shock as his eyes looked at the top of her hair.

A tiara?

Blinking, the Prime Minister gawked at the shining headpiece that sparkled beneath the light of the Sun as Alice gave a groggy moan.

He didn't remember her having that on her head when he saw her.

"Peter…?" She mumbled out while one of her hands moved up to rub at her eye and at that moment he came to notice that the color wasn't the usual teal blue, but rather a dull violet.

The White Rabbit still watched at her worriedly, "Alice, are you—"

His words were unexpectedly cut off as the female pushed her hand in his face to gain more space between them, her face clearly seen as annoyed.

"Unhand me, you filthy vermin!" She hissed while standing to her feet, and as she did so the male found himself completely dumbstruck at the fact she was now wearing a dark red dress, one that would typically be seen of nobles.

Alice smoothed out her dress with a scowl before she glanced up to look at him and it was now that he came to see that her braided twin tails had now become two high up ponytails.



Before Alice could respond, Ace was laughing loudly in a way that caught both the brunette and albino's attention from his spot at the top of the roses' hedge.

Peter gave him an annoyed look that Alice mirrored perfectly while the Knight of Hearts grinned, "Alice changed again, that's great! Hahaha!"

The Prime Minister squinted with an accusing index finger up the brunet's way, "You! You're responsible for this, aren't you!?" He brought out his gun and aimed it at the leisurely hanging role holder, "What did you do to my Alice!?"

"I didn't do anything to her! I think she's doing it to herself, it's really funny."

"What are you talking about!?"

"Well, maybe she isn't doing it to herself. Hm… This sounds like a fun mystery to unravel."

Peter pulled the trigger on his weapon in irritation though Ace simply dodged the attacks by jumping down from his spot with a smile, "Are you jealous that I know something about Alice that you don't, Mr. Peter?" He teased suggestively.

"Idiotic Knight, jealousy is the last thing on my mind right now. Now stay still so I can blow that moronic grin off of your face!"

"You can try." Ace snickered as he now reached to get his sword from his side.

"SILENCE!" Alice roared out loudly, her face turning undeniably red from the power behind her shout.

Both role holders paused their movements to look at her as the outsider clenched her hands before her dress with a golden scepter in her grasp.

The female huffed indignantly with a glower of contempt aimed both of their ways, "You men have nothing better to do than fight so childishly. How pathetic, even before a maiden you can't find any form of decency in your pitifully ignorant bodies."

Ace and Peter silently watched her as she flipped one of her ponytails over her shoulder with a snobby nose aimed into the air before Ace sent her a smile, "Alice's vocabulary really enhanced! I guess the light boosted up her intelligence quota too!"

As Peter gave him an aggravated look, Alice turned over to look at him angrily, "It's Princess Alice to you, knave!"

"That's right!" Peter agreed with a furious nod, "My Alice is a princess and she deserves to be treated as such!"

Ace tapped his chin thoughtfully as he watched Peter flock back to Alice's side eagerly.

The outsider looked up at the White Rabbit dully while he began going on about how cute her outfit made her look.

"Princess Alice… Hm… She does kind of seem familiar…" He trailed off skeptically.

"If you wish to touch me, here is my hand. Make it quick." Alice drearily commanded with offhanded expression before extended her long sleeved hand outward in Peter's direction. Though she wore a scowl and attempted to look away from him, it was obvious that her eyes kept trailing back over at him to view his ears even as he affectionately held her hand and began going off on another love tirade.

Ace tilted his head to the side, "The first time she was like Julius… The second time she was like the Amusement Park Owner… This time she's like…"

Peter rose Alice's hand up to begin rubbing across his cheek and the instant he did so, Alice's face visibly flushed pink in apparent embarrassment as she snatched her hand back to her chest.

Pointing her scepter at him in accusation she glared at him, "Do not dare to take advantage of me or else it will be off with your head, lecherous man!"

Ace snapped his fingers, his eyes glowing in realization, "I get it now! Alice is acting like Her Majesty!"

His words caused Peter to turn back to him blankly though the irritation on his features was evident, "What are you blabbing about now?" He questioned flatly.

Alice arched her brow as her arms folded over her chest, "I do not act like anyone. It is below myself as a royal to copy anyone." She pretentiously informed with a sniff, "You have your duties to attend to now, do you not, Knight? Why are you loitering about the gardens speaking nonsense?"

"She's right. Shouldn't you be somewhere else?" Peter asked plainly.

Ace didn't lose his smile as he moved his hands to his hips, "Queen of Hearts." He stated simply and right after his words, Alice's eyes grew wide before the ring on her hand gave a white shine that was too faint for either of the role holders or to notice.

The outsider's eyes shut with a breath before she looked ready to collapse, but before she could Peter was rushing to her side in order to catch her with a call of concern.

"Alice, are you alright!?"

The Knight of Hearts watched the pair knowingly, "So I was right!"

With a twitch, Peter took his gaze off of Alice to leer at him, "You did this to her? What did you do?"

Before he could reply, Alice gave a groan from in his grasp, one of her hands moving to touch at the side of her head tiredly, "Ow… These headaches are becoming repetitive…" The female mumbled out with a groan as her eyes slowly opened once more; now back to their usual teal color.

"What did you do to Alice!? I'm not going to ask again!" Peter exclaimed with furrowed brows though he kept his grip on the still disoriented outsider firm.

Alice blinked her eyes as she slowly came to terms with her surroundings.

"I didn't do anything." Ace sang out, "She's doing it herself!"

"I can't tell if you're acting dumb or not. You're useless! Then what just happened to her!?"

Now realizing the White Rabbit was holding her close, Alice found her face flushing up instantly as she attempted to squirm away from him, "Peter, why are you holding onto me!? Let me go!"

Still partially distracted with yelling at the Knight, Peter had no chance to prepare for when Alice's fist made contact with his cheek powerfully.

As Peter crashed to the floor with a moan of pain, the brunette watched down at her clothes in confusion with her expression rapidly becoming frantic.

"T-this again! When did my clothes change!?" Alice managed out while she gazed down at her long dress, "My hair too!?" She exclaimed and right as she moved her hands to touch at the ponytails, she came to realize she was holding a scepter, "What the—"

Ace let out a laugh, "This is fun! It's like a game!"

Still appearing mortified, Alice looked at him with quivering lips, "What did you two do to me!? Ace, I swear…"

"I didn't do anything!" Ace repeated, his laughter still not entirely ceasing, "Oh man, Alice is so weird, it's great! It stops things from getting boring!"

"What are you talking about? How did I get in these clothes!? Before I was in the yellow sundress and now this! I… I even have a tiara. Great. Did you two perverts make me into some kind of princess dress up doll while I was knocked out?" She darkly voiced out as she took hold of the jewel engraved tiara.

The Knight grinned brightly, "So saying a role holder title can make you change sometimes, but saying the title will always make you change back to normal."

"I'm about to go off the wall! Stop ignoring my questions!"

"Don't go off the wall! Go to the wall! It's more fun!" Ace flailed his arms about as he now approached her, his eyes becoming wickedly excited, "For the sake of it, I think I'm going to say Knight of Hear—"

His sentence abruptly came to an end as the Knight suddenly took hold of Alice's shoulders and took a sharp move the left right when the sound of gunshots went off.

Alice winced into his hold and her hands flew to her ears protectively right as Ace released her and turned to look back at Peter who leered at him dangerously.

"Get away from her before you hurt her again." The White Rabbit demanded stoically.

Ace chuckled lightly, "I thought your eyesight was bad, not your hearing, Mr. Peter!" He brought his sword out with a pleasant smile on his lips, "I've said it too many times to count, I'm not doing anything. Alice is going off the wall on her own."

"Was it really necessary to add that last part in?" Alice blankly interjected though her words went ignored as the two males began clashing as per usual.

Sighing heavily she knew she probably should have done something, but with her mind primarily focused on how she probably should check in with a doctor from the latest occurrence, she slowly slipped out through the maze amid their battle.


"Lord Nightmare?" Gray questioned his boss as he walked into the younger man's office with a few papers in his grip.

Nightmare mumbled sleepily, his head momentarily gazing upward from his desk to view the ex-assassin that approached him.


The lizard sighed heavily, "I apologize, but we can't afford to have you sleeping right now. We're still terribly understaffed after someone killed a good portion of our workers and for all we know that person could have been here looking for you, so you need to be up and alert until we know everything's safe."

Even with his words, it was obvious that Nightmare wasn't listening as he tiredly nodded his head with a yawn before his eye began to close once more.

"Lord Nightmare!"

"I'm up, I'm up!" Nightmare exclaimed while raising himself upward. He leaned back in his seat and caught a yawn into his hand once more, "I doubt the person was aiming for me. The dead bodies were at the stairs leading to Julius' room. They were probably trying to get him."

"That still doesn't mean you can just take it easy." Gray mumbled before he pushed two sheets of paper from his grasp onto the desk, "Anyways, just fill these out for me."

Nightmare gave a whine while he rubbed his eye, "I just woke up! I need to eat and get properly active before I do any work!"

The dark haired male's eyes widened slightly in realization before he nodded understandably, "Right, of course. Well, you stay here and get more active. Maybe stretch a bit." With his words, the incubus visibly brightened up when it appeared he'd seriously just won a victory, however he froze as Gray continued,

"I'll just go and make something for you to eat really quickly."

Face faltering, Nightmare gasped while all the color drained from his face in horror, "W-wait, Gray no!"

The door slammed as Gray made his exit.

As Gray began making his way to the kitchen, he had to pause as he saw Alice walking down the hall toward him with a rag to her face.

His eyebrow rose upward when he came to notice she was dressed in a rather elegant appearing red dress and she even had her hair pulled into two ponytails.

"You're dressed rather nicely. What's the occasion, if you don't mind me asking?" Gray inquired curiously the moment they were only a couple feet away from one another.

Hearing his voice, Alice lowered the damp rag from her face and the residue of makeup was visibly imprinted on the cloth as she watched up at him with wide eyes, "Gray! Hey!"

He blinked his own eyes, "You were at a party at the Castle of Hearts I'm assuming?"

Seeming to catch onto his words, Alice shook her head with a small laugh, "Oh, no! I was just… Uh, well I'm not even sure…" She trailed off with a cynical smile aimed to the side that made Gray blink once more.

Sighing heavily, her shoulders slumped, "It's so weird…" She muttered before moving the rag into her fist.

"Something's troubling you?" Gray questioned as the two began walking forward.

Alice frowned, "I guess. It's just that weird things have been happening to me lately. I don't know what's happening." She admitted softly and Gray attempted to give her a reassuring smile.

"If you need an ear, I'm here. I'll try to help you however I can."

His words made her perk up before she sent him a grateful beam, "You're so helpful! Thanks, but I'd rather not add on more to your stress levels, I think Nightmare does that enough for you." She giggled out in a way that made him chuckle briefly.

"True, but if it's you, I doubt it'll be stressful. Now what's wrong?" After his words he watched as she took a deep breath while moving some of her stray hair behind her ear.

"Basically, earlier I was in Julius' room asking him for something and then I blacked out… When I 'woke up' again, I was at the Castle of Hearts, except I was dressed in this weird outfit and I had two braids that I did not have when I was here at the Tower. Then I was walking away from Ace and Peter and I blacked out again and when I woke up that time, I was dressed like this." She halted her steps to motion to herself with a frown, "I even had on a bunch of make up too…"

Gray took in her words with a nod, "Blacking out so randomly… It sounds like a serious medical issue. Have you been feeling light headed lately?"

Thinking it over, Alice slowly shook her head, "No, not really… Ah! Also, before I was here in the Tower and then when I woke up next, I was at the Hatter mansion dressed like a cheerleader meant for the Castle of Hearts or something!"


"Yeah! It was super weird!" Alice exclaimed as she recalled the moment before she became slightly dejected, "I think I probably should see a doctor or something…" After her words, the ring on her finger gave a slight dark green glow.

Gray nodded with a smile, "I can take you there. It'll just have to be after I make Lord Nightmare something to eat."

Alice's steps came to a stop with a groan as she moved both of her hands to the side of her head painfully.

The role holder instantly turned to her with a look of concern, "Are you okay? It's another headache, isn't it?" He moved closer to get a comforting grip on her, but right as he did so he found himself flinching back as Alice's ring gave off a large dark green light that completely enveloped the standing outsider.


Julius stepped out of his room and began making his way to the staircase in order to go shopping for more supplies.

He was sure he managed to sleep off the drugs that were in his drink from earlier, so there wasn't much danger of him going out and hallucinating this time around.

Right as he began going down the stairs, he found himself pausing momentarily to look up and over his shoulder as Gray came racing down the steps above at a nearly superhuman rate.

"What are you rushing around for?" Julius calmly questioned right as the lizard bypassed him.

Gray didn't stop his steps, "Alice just jumped out of a window!"

Practically choking on air, Julius watched at the retreating male's back while he continued blazing down the staircase.

With those adrenaline inducing words now in mind, Julius found his own feet going down each of the never ending staircases at an incredibly faster rate until he reached the bottom and made a quick run through the doors and past the workers that had been standing there chatting.

His eyes glanced around frantically in search of either Alice or Gray as the worst possible scenario began playing out in his head.

He couldn't even imagine why Alice would have jumped out of a window. Maybe she had been pushed or she fell?

Just as those thoughts came to mind, Julius' gaze fell upon Gray while he stood looking around the side of the Tower in nothing but apprehension.

"What do you mean Alice jumped out of a window?" The mortician stoically questioned, though the anxiety on his face was all too evident while he glanced around the area with a fearful stomach.

Gray bit his bottom lip with his eyebrows furrowing, "This doesn't make sense… She jumped… I saw her…"

"What are you talking about?"

The golden eyed role holder turned to him with a hand moving to the side of his head, "Alice… She…"

As he trailed off and grew quiet, Julius easily found himself growing more and more annoyed with the impending situation, "She what?"

"She was dressed all strange and when I tried getting her to come with me to the doctor, she screamed at me and started running. I ran after her because she was probably sick and then she got to a window and she jumped out of it." He slowly recited before his eyes gazed back up, "It was that window right there… I don't understand…"

Julius blankly watched him.

"Her body should be right here, I really don't understand right now."

Julius placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I saw her jump with my own eyes. She had an eye patch on and she had silver eyes and then there was that green light that came out of nowhere and…" He trailed off as he came to meet Julius' firm gaze.

The mortician solemnly looked at him, "You're under the influence of drugs."


"It's okay. The assassin probably got the drugs into all of the Tower's coffee."

"What are you talking about—"

"You just need to sleep it off and get some purified water to help you get it out faster."

Without another word, Julius turned around and began walking off in the direction of the nearest town within the territory, leaving Gray to watch at his retreating back entirely dumbfounded.

Scratching his head, he glanced back up to the area he was more than positive he saw Alice jump out of, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Lord Nightmare's personality rubbed off on her a bit more than a little…"


Ace was like one syllable away from dooming all the role holders in Wonderland to be Alice'd. Smh.

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