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"The fallen cinders shall arise once more, that's what Thunderstar said. I don't get it, Lightningstar, I really don't. I mean, we've had Cinder-somethings, but none of them are dead....are they?" Creamstep ranted once again.

"Creamstep, did you not listen to the elders' stories when you were a kit?!" Lightningstar hissed, annoyed, "Nevermind, of course you didn't. If you had, you would have known the tale of Cinderpelt, ThunderClans' greatest medicine cat!"

"What? I had no time for listening to tales of Firestar and whatnot. I was busy helping save the Clan from illness, remember?" Creamstep sighed in agony.

Lightningstar groaned and said "Whatever, Creamstep, I'll tell you the story."


"......and so, that's how Cinderpelt died, Creamstep. She did come back, once, as Cinderkit, but then she died in an outbreak of greencough, near the end of Firestar's reign."

"Oh.....then what I heard must mean that Cinderpelt will rise again! But how....and where? She hasn't been born yet......has she?"

"No, Creamstep, but Darkshadow will be giving birth to our kits around the next Sunhigh....we aren't too sure exactly -"

"CREEEEAAAMMMSSTTEEEPPP!!! LIIIGGGHTTTNIIINNNGGGSSTTTAAARRRR!!! DARKSHADOW'S GIVING BIRTH, HURRY! SHE'S IN THE NURSERY!!! CRAAAPPP!! BLOOOD!!! LOADS OF BLOOD!!!" an impatient caterwaul made Lightningstar break off. He said one word before he ran to the nursery, along with Creamstep. That word was crap. Repeated around twenty times.


"Lightningstar? I've already named them, the calico tom is Pathkit and the light gray she-kit with darker patches is Cinderkit! Aren't they so cute?" Darkshadow cooed over her newborn kits and abruptly started snoring as the kits suckled.

Lightningstar paused at the entrance. "Oh Darkshadow...." Lightningstar whispered "I truly love you...." and he left, his long tail trailing on the ground.


Cinderkit woke up early, her dark blue eyes sparkling as she danced in the the golden sun.

"I see trees of green, and red roses too! I see them bloom....like me and you. And I think to myself....what a wonderful world..." Cinderkit sang quietly as she danced.

She stopped dancing and walked up to the Tallstone. She believed that until she was able to climb that rock in under 30 tailflicks, she did not deserve to be an apprentice.

"I can do this...today I turn six moons, I have to be able to do it. I need to!"

She unsheathed her claw and crouched low. Her back legs pushed off, sending her high into the air, when she began to descend she latched onto the Tallstone. She was halfway up. It had taken 10 tailflicks. Cinderkit began the climb to the top, hooking her claws into the dents and nooks and crannies all over the rock. 15 tailflicks. 20 tailflicks. 25 tailflicks. 27 tailflicks. She did it! She did it in 28 tailflicks!

"I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!" she screeched, her voice echoing all around.

"Do you, Cinderkit and Pathkit, promise to uphold the warrior code and give your lives for the Clan and those you love?" Lightningstar said in a solemn tone.

"We do!" the twins said, half excited and half nervous.

"Then, by the power of StarClan, I name you Pathpaw and Cinderpaw!" Lightningstar waved his tail in a happy way and continued, "Nightstep, will you mentor Pathpaw and teach him what he must learn?"

"I will, Lightningstar, I swear." Nightstep walked forward, touched Pathpaw's nose softly and nudged him back down the Tallstone.

"And will you, Moonshard, mentor Cinderpaw?"

"I will. Lightningstar." Moonshard blinked, his steely gray eyes softening as he saw Cinderpaw's friendly blue eyes. They touched noses and headed to the path down to the ground. Suddenly, Moonshard swung to face Cinderpaw. "Let's see whether you will be like me, nimble and silent!" he said, and leapt off of the Tallstone, landing without a sound.

Cinderpaw gasped, but walked to the edge. She leapt. She landed with almost no sound, except for the fact that she landed on a twig. Moonshard looked slightly surprised, but the surprise turned to pride.

"You will be relatively easy to train, seeing as you are nimble and silent. You would not have made a sound if you had not landed upon that twig. You will need some training in judging correctly where to land, however......anyway, let us retire, for you must be tired? We will awaken at Sunrise and train in hunting until Sunhigh, then we will train until Sunset in fighting and climbing trees. This will be our schedule, Cinderpaw." Moonshard bidded her goodnight and turned to the warrior den.

Cinderpaw stared after the slim black tom with a stare. She shook her head and slipped into her nest of moss and feathers. Her breathing evened as she slept.

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