Sorry, this isn't a new chapter. I have given up. I'm sorry. It's just...I'M TOO LAZY TO BOTHER WRITE ANYTHING MORE OVER 4 CHAPTERS! Happy? No, I guess not...

Anyway, on a (hopefully)lighter thought, my stories are all up for adoption. If nobody wants them, I'll leave them up as discontinued. I might randomly update POTMBF though!

No, I won't be deleting any of my stories, unless I KNOW they suck. Badly. That's pretty much none of them. Even though they do suck minorly. Oh wells, feel free to ask if you can adopt my stories. Damn...this is short...maybe I need something to liven it up? Oh yeah, I'm gonna tell you few people reading this all the awesome stories I know.


Living In The Moment (LITM) - By...uhh...hmm...I can't remember...but search it and choose the one with a massive amount of chapters. Over 50 of those things.

The Day Before Spring - By Czar Lawrence III. Sadly, it's on hiatus...why...WHY? Possibly one of the best stories I've ever read.

I am an Eevee, this is my story - It's so cute and sad and oh, it's by Ariana, aka Nereid. I feels like crying.

Life with Kira - It's so funny and sweet. I forgot who it's by...but it features a cute baby Pichu called Kira.

I Am Lucario - By lupine. It's also awesome. Then again, I like most stories I read, but only a few are granted witht the privelage of me remembering their authors and names. Seriously.

Alpha's Word Is Law - By FireOkami-Kitsune. Reeeal bloodthirsty. But I like it. Be warned of instant 'OMGTHISISCREEPYHELPME! Ooooh, it's getting goooooood!'. Cause that's what happened to me. Without the 'OMGTHISISCREEPYHELPME!' part. Replace that with 'OMGTHISOWNZ! IT'SUBER!TAKEMETOYOURLEADER, CAUSEI'MGONNAFORCETHEMTOWRITEMOAR!'. It's seriously good, even though it's short.


The Cat Hybrid - By Darktayle, now being rewritten. Darktayle thinks the first version is crappy. I and probably loads of other people think it's really good.

Morphelines: Demons of the Night - Also by Darktayle. It's been...deleted. But it's been sent to her OTHER account, Blackthorn...I think...

Ahhh, wth. All Darktayle's HP, Warriors and Pokemon stories are uber. Thank you. Oh, and her Inheri Cycle stories.

Inheri Cycle!

Angela's gift - By...ohcrapiforgottheauthor...uhhh...ah, wth. It's the one with 95 chapters. THATS IT! It's by Given-Inside, now retired from FF. I think.

Angela's Gift 2: The Life of Bowen - Given-Inside, with 2 chapters, it's on a permenant hiatus. At least until Given-Inside returns.

R$R to all these stories, people. They're all UBER!

Lol...remember to ask me if you can adopt these stories, cause they aren't gonna write them selves, and I certainly won't. Except for maybe POTMBF!

All of Little-Miss-Umbreon's stories are uber. Remember that and R$R.