This story takes place before the movie. I'm not sure when but it's before the opening scene. If Tiana and Charlotte have been born, they're probably infants. Facilier also doesn't have his living shadow yet. He's probably in his twenties. I own nothing please review.

It was a warm summer night in the river city of New Orleans but that didn't mean that the city was asleep. In an alleyway there was an emporium and in this emporium there was a witch doctor named Facilier. He was preparing to go to bed when the floor of emporium began to shake, knocking him off his feet. On the wall infront of him a large tribal mask appeared, a menacing leer on its face. It opened its mouth and opened a portal, from which dozens of shadows rushed from, filling the room and surrounding the witch doctor. The portal closed and Facilier got to his feet, his legs shaking from fear.

"Friends?!" He said politely, not wanting to anger the spirits. "What brings y'all here on this fine evening?" The shadows and ask laughed menacingly.

When we helped get your powers, a collection of the shadows said, we asked for one thing in return; souls. And so far, your attempts at paying us back have been pitiful. Facilier could see some of the shadows moving closer to him, as if waiting for some sort of command. One of them, either an incredibly bold or incredibly inquisitive shade, whose form was that of a large rattlesnake, lifted Facilier's hat off his head and looked at it. Facilier grabbed back his levatating hat and replaced it on his head. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the snake shodow being repremanded by its fellows. Facilier swallowed nervously.

"I know I've been a little late paying y'all back," he said, "but y'all must understand, these things take time. Harvesting souls isn't easy." The mask growled.

That is no excuse, he snarled at the frightened Facilier, making him cower away. He looked at his commanions, who nodded and began to move closer to the voodoo man, laughing menacingly. Facilier could feel something press against his back, pushing him closer to the mask. The maske opened its jaw and reopened the portal.

"What?! What are y'all doing?!" Facilier gasped in horror, trying to resist the force pushing him towards the portal. He felt unseen hands grasp onto his wrists as the shadows grabbed his and he began to struggled as they dragged him towards the mask.

Remember the other part of our deal? The shadows asked. If you failed to pay us back, your soul is ours. They laughed in unison. And we're calling in your debt.

"No!" Facilier gasped, starting to tremble. "I-I just need more time! I can pay y'all back, I promise!" In the distance he could hear the tolling of the church bells, signaling that it was midnight. He stopped moving inches in front of the portal, his whole body trembling as sweat ran down the side of his face. "Just a little more time," he begged. The shadows began to chuckle as the released the voodoo man. He dropeed to the ground and scrambled away from the mask.

One more chance, they said, as they began to slide into the portal. You have until midnight tommorrow to bring one hundred souls to us. 24 hours should be enough. Do this or else. After the last shadow entered the mask it slammed shut and vanished, bringing the portal with it. Facilier laid on the ground trembling, his mind and heart racing.

How am I supposed to get a hundred souls by midnight tommorrow?

Facilier traveled the city, trying desperately to find people to give to the 'friends.' He wasn't having much luck though. It was already 3 in the after noon and he hadn't managed to to collect even a single soul.

"Gentlemen!" He said to a group of passing men. "Want to know your future? Find true love? Make all your dreams come true?" They didn't even slow down, If anything they sped up. Facilier slumped against a wall, trembling. If he couldn't find a hundred souls in twelve hours he was doomed. He slipped into an alleyway and sank to the ground, burying his head in his hands. A ribbiting noise made him look up. A frog was sitting right in front of him. He looked at the animal for a while before a plan came into his head. He just might have a way out of this.

Ooh. What's he thinking? Poor Facilier, he's so cute when he's scared. The 'friends' want to call in his debt. I like that snake one, it was funny. I wonder if he's anyone we've seen before? What do you guys think?