The Insurgence of Lady Swan

CHAPTER 1: Beginnings

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"Don't be daft." I laughed while absentmindedly pulling at the straw from the haystack I was sitting on.

"Well if giving compliments makes me daft, then so be it." He smiled, teeth gleaming.

"Were you not being sarcastic? I mean, the dress is frayed on the ends, there is a large stain from cow's milk, and…and what is this?" I asked while bringing my left arm closer to examine a rather large, dark spot on it.

Jacob grabbed my wrist, gently titling my hand, and leaning down to sniff at the mystery stain on my sleeve. The corners of his mouth twitched before they finally rose into an attractive smile and he laughed.

"What is so funny, pray tell." I gave him a sharp look before taking my arm and trying to wipe at the stain with a corner of my apron.

"Ha ha… Well, I suspect you have gotten close to some, " he hesitated, "…manure, Miss." He looked at me with humorous eyes.

"Manure!?" I shrieked and stood up, holding my arm away from me as if it my manure-infested sleeve would disappear. My sudden outburst only seemed to fuel the hysterics that held Jacob.

He sat next to me, hunched over, and when he finally could speak, he straightened up and spoke earnestly. "I am just joshing you. I do not know what it is but I know what it is not. "

The humor was still in his eyes and I decided to give him a good hard push. He fell over at once and I took satisfaction in the look of shock on his face. Yes, a woman just knocked you over Mr. Black.

"Teasing now are we? Well, good night Mr. Black." I said as I walked out of the small stable.

"I did not mean to offend but I bid you farewell Miss Swan."

I stopped and turned to face him.

"Farewell? Are you leaving?" I asked, surprised.

"Ah, yes. I am afraid so. I am to spend the summer with my Uncle." He paused as if deliberating. "In France." He finished.

"France?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes. My uncle needs some help with running his…land. I have not much choice about the matter."

I was a taken aback. I had just started to get to know him and I had liked all of what I had gathered.

"Well then, Mr. Black. I do hope you have a safe voyage." I tried to hide the sadness in my voice but I was sure he heard it. I nodded and turned back towards the exit.

"Isabella, Err...Miss Swan?"

I felt a strong hand on my shoulder to stop me. I did not turn around but answered with a soft, "Yes?"

Jacob stepped around to me meet my eyes and I noticed he did not let me go but his strong grasp was gentler. His eyes bored into mine, we held each other's gazes and I knew his sadness equaled mine.

I do not know how long we stared into each other's eyes. It could have been seconds or minutes but it seemed to last hours. He began to shift his feet nervously and he leaned in close to me, I thought he was going to kiss me and I closed my eyes. A small gasp left my mouth.

I felt his hot breath as his nose skimmed up my jaw line until finally stopping by my ear. Another small gasp escaped my mouth and I could feel my body shift into a mold for his. My eyes still closed, I fought to keep my hands to myself.

"May I write to you, Miss Swan?" he breathed, half-breathless.

I did not answer right away. If I had tried to speak in that moment, I was not sure if the words would be comprehensible. A trembling had started in my hands and then spread up my arms, to my torso, in my nether regions and then my entire body felt as if it were on fire.

I did not dare open my eyes.

I felt his hand on my shoulder make a slight move towards my neck, and then an accompanying hand on the small of my back. I was tense as my body was slowly drawn towards his. His hot breath was making its way down my neck, and I idly arched my neck. He planted a small kiss where my shoulder met my neck; a small moan escaped my lips, again. Encouraged, he made his way up to my mouth leaving a trail of tingling soft kisses in its wake.

He kissed the corner of my mouth slowly, a silent plea for access. My mouth parted as his mouth pressed more firmly against mine. Gradually the kiss deepened and I had not realized our feet were moving until my back tightly pressed against the wall of the stable.

Nor had I realized I was clutching at him and hastily trying to remove his suspenders and shirt.

Two strong hands stopped mine and he broke the kiss.

My eyes flew open and I looked into his eyes.

"I-I am sorry. I don't know what came over me." I breathed in embarrassment.

"Do not be sorry Miss Swan. I rather liked it." He smiled.

"Then why did you stop me?" I blurted.

He looked at me incredulously.

"Miss Swan I would never do that to you." He looked at me as if I were insane.

"Do that to me? You are the one who initiated it." I snapped.

"You misunderstand me. The only hindrance in what you want is the fact that," he looked at me seriously, "I would never ruin your reputation."

"Oh." That was my brilliant response.

Of course, he was right. My reputation would be irreparable if found out. I involuntarily shuddered at the thought of being a spinster forever.

It was going to be a long summer, I thought. It had been a week since Jacob Black had left to go to France, and I had found myself on numerous occasions replaying his soft kisses in my head. I sat in my room, gazing over the fields glimpsed in the morning light, imagining Jacob Blacks hard body tending to the vegetation.

I began to wonder if it were love or infatuation that I held for him.

I grabbed a ribbon on the dresser and began to tie my hair back when I noticed movement outside. Upon further investigation, I could see a carriage coming up the long drive towards the small castle. The maroon and gold flag was waving proudly above the carriage-drivers head. The King rarely ever called on the services of my father so I rushed down the stairs to see what message was brought to my father.

I entered the foyer in time to see a small man dressed in dark velvet speaking with my father.

"The King wishes to invite you and the Lady Swan to join him in festivities next week, Milord." He glanced at me with squinty eyes and then turned back to my father, "Shall I tell him you accept?"

My father was handed the formal invitation, marked with the King's insignia, welcoming us to join His Highness in the 'Most appealing festivities in honor of Prince Edward Cullen on the Sixteenth of May this year Eighteen hundred and Eight'.

My father choked with excitement "Of course. Tell him my daughter and I would be delighted."

The small man gave a polite bow and left. My father turned to me.

"We will have to call a seamstress," my father beamed whilst looking me over, lips perched, before turning away and muttering "Most urgently."

I removed my working apron and walked up to the large looking glass that hung on the wall opposite the hearth. I considered my dress while I looked myself over in the looking glass. By no means was it the best dress I owned, it was plain, two tones of muted blues, long sleeved with cloth buttons down the front and a skirt that had lost its spunk.

My only other option would be the green dress my mother had made before she died. It was beautiful but I had ruined it in an effort to help in the stable. Actually, I more demanded to be taught about horse keeping rather than 'helping'.

Jacob, the employed help of my father, was none too thrilled to have a female demanding to do these tasks. He had looked me over suspiciously and asked, "The stables are no place for a lady. Do you plan to leave un-escorted, Miss?"

"Knowledge is power. I only wish to learn. If you feel that task to hard for you perhaps I shall ask your father?" I retorted.

I knew he would submit to me. For one, his father had an accident the year prior, that left him paralyzed from the knee down. There was no way William "Billy" Black would be able to show me properly the tasks I demanded to learn. Secondly, I had caught Jacob Black eyeing me a few times and I suspected that I held his fancy.

My suspicion confirmed only a month later from the kiss we shared.

He was handsome, with dark hair, he kept tied at the nape of his neck, and his deep tanned skin accented his strong muscles showing that he was a laborer.

I had two intentions at the time. I did want to learn what it entailed to work outside but I really wanted to be closer to Jacob. I was eager to learn about him. I had spent too many mornings waiting for the sun to be straight overhead just so I could catch a glimpse of his golden chest. I pushed the thoughts of Jacob out of my mind and focused back on the curious invitation.

There was only one reason for the King to hold a party for his son, Prince Edward. I was positive the King meant to get his son married. Was he giving his son the choice to pick who he wants? Alternatively, will the King only pick the prettiest for his son? I started to get nervous about my invitation. Did the King think me suitable for the Prince?

I never met the Prince but I knew enough about him that I did not want to marry him. He did not have the best reputation with the way he treated women. Not only that but his father is in ill health, the kingdom on shaky ground, and the Prince rumored to possess dire feelings towards his father, King Carlisle Cullen.

I suddenly became conscience of my father's excitement and found myself panicking. Surely he would not pick me.

There was no way I would marry the Prince, not when my heart was elsewhere. I would make sure of that, I thought.

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