Could You Really Blame Me

A/N: Its been a while but I decided to post a new story. Well not really a story this right here is going to just be a series of one-shots….there I said it right off the bat. I'm going to try and keep this as clean as I can and still entertain you. Hope you guys like it XD!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this story except for the plot.

"Kagome, how could you?" a familiar voice shrieks at me from across an open field.

Not even bothering to move from my spot under the goshinbuko(SP?) /god tree to see who it is, I already know its Sango with Miroku following silently behind her.~ Looks like Inuyasha didn't waste any time telling them what happened.~ I sigh and grin sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck to sooth my frazzled nerves.

"This day just keeps getting better and better."

In no time she is there looming over me with a disappointed look on her face and I can't seem to look her in the eye since I know what put it there. "Kagome is it true," she pauses, "is what Inuyasha telling us really true? You actually slept with his brother?"

"Ehehehe, uh , that depends on what you mean when you say the word 'sleep', if you meant falling asleep at the same time and place, yes."

"Kagome." Sango says I hear the warning in her tone but choose to ignore it.

"Or if you mean the two of us sleeping together in the same bed, most definitely."

"KAGOME!" she yelled and I knew she was truly pissed at me.

"Okay okay, I get it, no need to shout," I say waving my hands , signaling her to tone down her voice. She looks at me expectantly and I sigh and answer her in an exasperated tone.

"Yeesss, Sango, I slept with Sesshomaru, I fucked him, I screwed his brains out, rode the white pony, did the nasty, shagged him, banged him, bedded him, layed with him and what ever the fuck else people is calling it these days, are you satisfied now that you know this or do you want me to go into details?"

Not even pausing to hear what she had to say I continued on with my ranting.

"I mean honestly, Sango, can you blame me for cheating on Inuyasha with his brother. Did you forget already that he used to sneak off in the middle of the night to see Kikyo ,while the rest of us were sleeping. For two freakin' years, when he was suppose to be with me he left to go see some dead whore.~ Someone please, explain to me how the words 'I will drag you to hell with me' makes you want to be with that person.~ Not to mention that his brother is like the personification of sex on two legs. Long silver hair that hangs all the way down to his knees, alabaster skin stretched over a perfectly toned body, cool golden eyes, Mmmm, shivers run up my spine just thinking about it."

I rub my cheeks lazily to ease the blush that just came to them and glance over at my friends who were stunned into silence. "Look guys, whatever happens between me and Inuyasha, you two are still my friends okay, so please just stop giving me the third degree with this!"

For three whole minutes no one said a word until Miroku decided to shatter the moment with his perverted curiousity"……..rode the 'white pony'? ~…out of all the things I just said and he remembers that …damn Miroku.~