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My head was filled with passages and destruction's from the Civil War, mixed in with comments from his own mind. This was one of my favorite things to do in the world. Just closing my eyes, leaning my head back on his marble hard chest and listening to him read. Listening to his thoughts as he read certain sections in the book. It was relaxing, and refreshing, almost as though I was sleeping and letting my batteries recharge. This was as close to sleep as I could possibly get.

"You listening?" he asked as he dropped the book from his lap and wrapped his arms around me. My long white fingers traced his arms, covering the scars that adorned his arms.

"Hmm, I was until you stopped," I replied making him chuckle.

"I never fully understood why you enjoy listening to me read these books. I've replayed the full events enough times for you in my mind to warrant this being pointless," I chuckled and turned in his arms looking into his reddish, golden eyes.

He was stunning. A waterfall of golden curls fell down to his chin. When he brushed them away, it revealed the strong jaw line that I loved to nip along. His eyes were full of emotions that I could get lost in again and again no matter what color they were. Surrounding his eyes was a thick fringe of long, dark blonde eye lashes that would cast shadow's over his high cheek bones in the late afternoon sun. Crimson red lips, so full and pouty, were parted slightly letting his cool breath fan my face. I loved his lips, loved to feel them move against mine, or have them place soft loving kisses over my body. Better still, I loved to see his lips wrapped around my cock.

"Why are you suddenly feeling so lustful?" Jasper asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I smirked and crawled up over his body, placing my hands either side of his head to support my weight before bringing my lips to his.

"Thinking about you," I murmured against his lips before he pushed me back slightly.

"I know you're horny, but I'm off limits unless you decide that we're not going to take a trip to Forks?" He tangled his long fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck.

"It's been forty years since we last saw them, love."

Jasper closed his eyes for a spilt second before opening them. "I know... It's just that...," he trailed off. 'Feel guilty, still.' His eyes cast away from me as my mind was suddenly bombarded with the past making me cringe slightly.

"Don't, you have no reason to," I whispered to him making him snort loudly at me.

"Really? I felt hope when I met her. Felt as thought my life suddenly had a purpose, that there was something better out there than the wars I had been in. I saw her as my ticket to a new life, Edward." I let him go and sat back away from him.

"And being with me isn't that?"

"You're twisting what I said, Edward. I'm not getting into this again." He got off the bed and pulled on his boots. "I'm going hunting. I'll be back in a bit." He took off in a flash, jumping out the bedroom window. I heard his feet softly touch the ground before he took off running north.

Knowing he would be gone for a while, I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes, wishing for sleep that would never come. How many times had I been left alone wishing for just a few moments of sleep? It was something that you take for granted, only when it's no longer there do you suddenly wish you had enjoyed it more.

As much as I tried to stop it, to block it from filtering in through to my mind I couldn't. The past came crashing through, the door to it had been opened. Everything that I had blocked out, buried away for the last forty years suddenly crashed into me like a ton of bricks.


My fingers glided over the keys of the grand piano effortlessly while I tried to stay out of everyone's way. Carlisle and Esme were in the den busy curled up with one another, locked away in a loving embrace. Rosalie and Emmett were busy in the garage working on her car, fine tuning it, though with what we could hear it wasn't the car that was being fine tuned. So that left me, the only one without a mate while we lived this 'life' if that's what you can call it.

I didn't mind much. Having someone was something I had never had. You can't miss what you have never had, can you? Sometimes it was lonely. Nights like tonight were harder, knowing I was keeping out of their way so they could have "couple time". Choosing to play my piano instead of going out hunting, because the piano was more of a comfort than going hunting. I couldn't blame them for wanting their time alone. They had found their mates. They had been lucky.

Carlisle had created me after years of solitude when I was dying. The choice was death or this life - I sometimes wonder if death would have been better. Esme had been created after she arrived at the hospital pronounced dead. Somehow, someway she was still alive, still hanging on and Carlisle brought her into our home. Whether in some way she knew she was meeting her mate that made her hold on I didn't know, but they fell in love and completed each other.

Rosalie was the next to enter the family. Carlisle had created her hoping she would be to me what Esme was to him. She never was, we never gelled together. The only thing that was between me and the ice queen was the love you have for a brother and a sister, never anything more. Pretty soon after her arrival she found Emmett, and once again the jigsaw puzzle was completed and another couple was born.

There had never really been anyone who I had felt anything towards. There was no special connection, no sparks flying, not even so much as a wanting. I was pretty sure there wasn't a mate out there for me.

My fingers stopped mid flow as I suddenly caught a glimpse of thoughts from someone that I didn't know. Intently listening I heard their feet run lightly over the grass banking a few hundred yards to the east. Standing, I met Carlisle and Esme in the living room quickly followed by Emmett and Rosalie.

"How many?" Carlisle asked

"Two, male and female. I caught a glimpse of their thoughts." Emmett cracked his knuckles.

"Vampires?" Esme asked slowly rubbing Carlisle's forearm. Swiftly nodding, Emmett began almost bouncing on the spot.

"Dude, are they coming here to fight?" Emmett asked as his mind filled with images of fighting.

"We don't know, but we will welcome whoever it is," Carlisle instructed. Emmett pouted slightly as the footsteps neared the door. "Edward, do you hear anything that should cause us alarm?"

"Nothing that would indicate any trouble," I replied as the doorbell rang.

Carlisle straightened himself up and went to the door. The sound of chatter filled my ears. I heard a wonderful, musical voice, deep and rich with a slight southern twang to it. It was beautiful, so pure and vibrant that I wanted to hear it more. Suddenly I was intrigued, after years of never having the slightest bit of interest to another being, I suddenly found myself more than interested.

As he stepped into the hallway, my eyes fell on him. I saw blonde curly locks and a strong jaw line and I suddenly felt a sense of grounding and completeness that washed over me. If my heart was still beating, it would have stopped. Looking at him, letting my eyes run over him quickly but repeatedly, he turned his head to me, as our eyes locked and everything else was blocked out. I heard him take a sharp unnecessary breath as his eyes roamed my form.

My head was suddenly filled with images of me and the man before me, not here, somewhere I didn't know, laying on a bed together, my head resting against his chest with his arms wrapped around me, laughing and joking with one another. The image suddenly left my head as I turned to look at the short black haired woman that had arrived. Her eyes were glazed over and she was looking directly at me before she shook her head and looked at the man next to her.

I was aware of everyone around me talking, welcoming the new visitors to our home. I couldn't tell you what they were saying, as my eyes were fixed on the man in front of me watching him, what he did, how his eyes kept flickering back to me every few seconds while he tried to ignore whatever it was that had happened.

"Edward? Edward?" I snapped my head around to see Carlisle talking and trying to get my attention. "Edward, this is Alice and her mate, Jasper."


"Nice to meet you. Excuse me, please." I quickly made my way through the back of the house and out the door. Taking off through the forest, my feet barely touched the ground. Pushing myself faster and faster, I knew I had to get away. I had to think about what I felt, what I saw, what all of this meant.

Reaching the waterfall that sat deep in the forest, I stopped. Sitting down on a nearby rock, I listened to the water falling from above, hitting the rocks as it cascaded down before hitting the pool below. It was soothing, relaxing, it could empty my mind when things became too much. It was perfect when I needed a break from hearing everyone's thoughts around me only this time it wasn't having the effect I wanted.

I felt it. The moment he stepped in to the room everything around me changed. The shifting patterns inside me suddenly stopped and fell into place. Suddenly, nothing was missing, everything was complete in my life. I felt whole, grounded, as though life's greatest mystery was suddenly known to me. I knew what it meant. It was the same thing I heard Carlisle and Esme talk about. The same thing that Rosalie and Emmett spoke of. They found their mate, their other half. The one person in this world that was designed just for you, to balance you out, to lean on when needed, to always be there and surround you with love and devotion. After all these years, all the time I had spent alone, I had found my mate and my mate was a he. That wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was that he was someone else's.

He was her mate.

Jasper. I had heard it so clearly. Carlisle's words as he introduced Alice and HER mate, Jasper to me. He was hers, she was his, so where did that leave me? What were those feelings I felt when I saw him? What he surely felt as he saw me? What of the images of the future that I had seen float into my mind? What did any of that mean if he was hers?

Resting my face in my hands, I wondered why this was happening. Why was I shown what was mine only to find out that I couldn't have it? Was this some sort of sick joke? Show the damned vampire his mate only to take it back? What was I meant to do? Alice it seems can see the future, but how spot on is she? I, or should I say we, don't know her. We have no idea who either of these people are and for all I know that scene that was played out in my mind could be a case of 'what could have been'.

There was no way I could go back there and start some sort of war with her over her mate who seems to actually be mine. Vampires fought to the death over what was their's or believed to be their's. Going after another's mate was only going to bring trouble. The only thing I could do was keep my distance from him and hope that what had happened would disappear.

But I knew it wouldn't.

As the sun began to rise up over the hills, I set off back towards home. Could I really hope they would have gone? That they stayed and left during the time I had been away? Surely Carlisle wouldn't have opened the doors wide to our home and allowed these people to stay as long as they like?

Who was I kidding? This was Carlisle. The great man of compassion, who would openly let these people stay and show them our way of life, how we sustain our thirst for human blood with that of an animal. And if this was to be the case, then I would have to endure it or leave.

Nearing home, I saw Carlisle standing on the edge of the forest a few miles from the house. His hands were in his pocket's, and he was watching the sun come up and cast it's warm rays over the dark, damp city.

"Alice told me you were on your way back. I thought I would meet you." He never turned to look at me as he spoke or even raised his voice. It wasn't be necessary. I would have heard him even if he had whispered to me.

"She sees the future, then?" I asked as I came to standstill next to my creator. He sighed and looked at me before placing his hand on my shoulder.

"So it seems. I gather that Alice had a vision when she arrived, one which you saw. Would you like to talk about it?" I shrugged not knowing what I could actually say to him. "Your disappearance last night was due to what you saw, correct?"

"Yes, but what I saw, whatever it was that she saw, doesn't matter. I guess my disappearance was because I wasn't used to seeing the future suddenly thrown into my head, that's all." He looked at me, his eyes searching mine with a disbelieving look in them, but he didn't push it any further.

"They are staying with us for a while. Alice and Jasper are both interested in learning more about our lifestyle. Well, Alice is more than Jasper." He smiled before continuing. "Jasper has a gift too. He feels and controls emotions around him. It's a very interesting gift, and one I'm keen to find out more about it."

We began to walk back towards the house slowly. "I know you are not fond of change Edward, but I do believe having them with us will be a wise choice." Wise for who? I thought bitterly to myself.

"Maybe," I muttered almost to myself. I knew I was acting like a spoilt child who wasn't getting their own way.

The weeks passed by and I, for the most part, had stayed away from Jasper and Alice. Alice had fit into the family well, fully embracing her new diet, and from what I had heard, Jasper was having a hard time controlling his urges. Part of me wanted him to mess up bad, to go on a killing spree and be asked to leave the family. It would be better for me if he did. Seeing him with Alice was hurting me more and more. On the other hand, the thought of never seeing him again hurt just as much.

I had become so disconnected with the family now, choosing to be either in my room or down by the waterfall, anywhere as long as I wasn't around them. Alice was protecting her thoughts more and more around me, no doubt having learned my own gift from the others. Whatever she saw, she didn't want me to know about, and who could really blame her? If she really believed that Jasper was her mate, how would she feel to suddenly be faced with someone who was in fact his mate, and furthermore, actually see the future unfold?

Knowing he was meant for me and I couldn't have him was becoming harder and harder to bear. There were stories of vampires having lost their mates, and the damage it caused to them. The permanent sullen mood, and the bitterness towards any form of happiness for anyone. All because they lost something so pure and perfect, something that would be forever unchanging to the ends of time. It was a fear that hindered my thoughts all the time now.

I questioned and questioned what I felt, what I saw, wondering if it was real or not. Every time he was near me, every time I saw him, the waves of completeness washed over me again and again. It was real, it wasn't something that I made up, but it was something I couldn't handle for much longer. Which brought me to think about leaving the family and getting away. Surely being away from him and not seeing him with her would be better than this?

"I understand your pain. I felt it too, not only yours, but also my own." My head whipped round to see Jasper walking through the trees towards me where I sat watching the water flow down over the rocks. "Mind if I join ya?"

Tipping my head slightly, I turned my sights back to the water thinking that I must have been so deep in my own inner musings that I didn't hear or sense him approaching.

"She knows I'm here. Alice, I mean. She saw me heading here before I left." He sat with a sigh and looked at me.

"If she knows, then why are you here?" He crossed his ankles and rested back on his elbows, I noticed just how tall and lean he was and I couldn't help but rake my eyes over him.

"Because we need to talk. Alice and I... I thought she was the one, the sole person that was meant for me and I believed that until I saw you. Then everything changed and now I'm stuck." He snorted slightly. "I don't want to hurt Alice. I'm sure you can understand that."

"Of course, but..." I trailed off weakly. How do you tell someone who knows they're with the wrong mate that this isn't fair? "It's your decision at the end of the day."

"Edward, this wasn't what I was expecting. When I met Alice, I had just left a world of war. My whole life has been about war and nothing more until I got sick of it and left the southern wars to someone else. Meeting Alice gave me something I hadn't felt in a long time, hope." He sat up more and threw a small rock in to the water. "I don't want to hurt Alice. We had no idea that coming here would result in this."

It was my turn to snort this time. "But I thought Alice could see the future? You're telling me that she didn't see this before you walked through our doors?"

He shook his head. "No, it's not as simple as you think. Sure, she can search the future if she knows what she is looking for, but other than that it just hits her. Edward, she saw me and her together. She knew where I would be the day she met me. None of this was known." He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the water flowing. "I love her, I want her, but even I can't deny what I felt when I saw you."

"And what exactly was that?" I inquired feeling as though him talking was just confusing things even more.

"You know what I felt because you felt it too, Edward. You know that you're sitting next to your mate as much as I do, but things aren't that simple." He sighed and tilted his head towards the sun causing his marble skin to sparkle.

"So now what?" He turned to look at me. He looked shocked, as though he had explained everything. "It's all fine and good you telling me how you didn't expect any of this, but where exactly does that leave us?"

"There is no 'us' Edward and there never will be. I won't hurt Alice like that, you have to understand." Standing from the rock he jumped down so gracefully before turning to look at me. "I'm sorry," he whispered before running off back into the woods.

That was the last time me and Jasper spoke for the next four weeks. We passed each other in the house, exchanged the odd passing glace but nothing more. Alice was permanently by his side, her thoughts guarded at all times, reciting things like the bible in Latin, or the alphabet in every language she knew, anything she could think of to keep her thoughts closed off from me.

The family knew something was wrong. The fact that the three of us never spoke to one another, and the uneasy atmosphere that filled the room whenever all three of us were in there. Carlisle had tried to talk to me a few times, wondering why there was a problem among his 'children'. Though I never breathed a word about what had happened, he continued to push gently for me to open up. He was convinced that all we needed to do was talk and the problem could be sorted. How exactly could this problem be resolved? Talking about it wouldn't make things different. Jasper would still be with Alice, still not wanting to hurt her, still denying everything else.

His thoughts had stayed open to me. He didn't block them or cloud them around me, choosing to let me hear everything he thought. The thought had crossed my mind that maybe his resistance to us was because I was a man. That fact had come as a shock to me, to find out that the mate I had waited for was a man. I guess I had always assumed that my mate would be a woman. It seemed the natural course of action to take that I never gave much thought to my mate being a man. Though I had never had any from of relations with a man, I wasn't repulsed by the idea. Having said that, I hadn't had any relations with a woman either.

The thought that his mate was another man didn't bother him, or so it would seem. He hadn't given me any indication that he was repulsed by it, though I knew he could be hiding that thought away from me, almost as if to spare my feelings. That thought alone was laughable.

Choosing to hunt alone more and more, I took off through the forest looking for my next meal. Picking up the scent of a deer to the south, I chased after it. I could have gone further afield but I couldn't be bothered. That in itself sounded crazy, a vampire that never needs to sleep, never gets tired, can't be bothered to go further afield to hunt. But, since Jasper, it seemed such an effort to just leave the house.

Chasing after the deer, I gave myself over to my senses, honing in solely on my prey. My eyes locked in on the target as I picked up my speed. I looked for my moment to strike knowing it had zero chance of escape. Rounding to the left of my prey, I began my final descent on it looking to take it down from the left. My attack was cut short as I hit the ground hard after being tackled from my right.

A hard body landed on top of me as our weight dented the forest floor around us. With my focus returning, my eyes fell on a mop of blonde, curly hair. Pushing hard against him, I threw him off me sending him crashing into a nearby tree. I jumped to my feet and crouched down slightly taking a defensive approach towards Jasper. A growl ripped through my chest as I locked eyes on Jasper, ready to tear him apart. It was unclear to me whether I was pissed at him for tackling me while I was zoned in on my hunt or by the fact that after weeks of not speaking a word to each other, he suddenly does this.

Pushing off the tree, Jasper stood slightly defensive. "I'm not here to fight you, Edward. Relax your stance, please," he urged as I felt a wave of calmness hit me.

"Stop that!" I growled at him as I shifted and slowly relaxed my stance. "What do you want, Jasper?"

"Not a fight." Carefully he walked towards me, judging his approach with every step. "I can't do this anymore." He now stood just a few inches away from with me, and so much emotion ran through his eyes. The inner battle he was having had become so clear as he looked at me. Carefully, he reached his hand out and lightly touched my cheek. His hand felt warm against my skin, the warmth seeping through the hard marble-like fibers of skin warming me on the inside. It was heavenly to feel his hand upon me but hell at the same time.

"I want you. I need you. I need the completeness that I can only find in you." Closing the distance between us, his cool, sweet breath fanned my face before his ruby colored lips touched mine gently. It was a tentative kiss to start, neither one of us sure how the other would react. For a second I was frozen to the spot, unsure if this was happening, before kissing him back. His arms came around my neck as he wove his long fingers into my hair bringing me closer to him. My arms wrapped around his waist, resting my hands on the base of his back, feeling the hard lines of muscle that covered him.

Jasper's tongue trailed my lips which I parted without hesitation, letting his cool tongue into my mouth. Our tongues met and brushed against each other, tasting one another for the very first time. A low rumbling growl ripped through his chest as our lips moved in a perfect rhythmic motion. Pushing his body closer to mine I felt his growing arousal pressing against my thigh making me moan as he pushed me back against a tree. The tree cracked underneath our weight as Jasper raised my arms over my head, holding them by my wrists while his lips trailed across my jaw and down my neck.

My ice cold skin felt on fire. A blazing trail of molton lava racing through my skin where his cherry red lips had kissed me. My body was overcome with the waves of pure emotion that were radiating off Jasper. Love, Lust, Desire, Want and Need gripped me wildly as his thoughts were full of how much he needed me.

"You feel and taste better than anything I had imagined. My fantasies about you haven't done you justice," he murmured with his lips against my neck.

Running my hands down his back and over his firm pert ass, I cupped it in my hands. "And what fantasies were those?" I asked as he brought his face back up from my neck. The very tips of our noses were touching as I looked into his rust colored eyes that were filled with undying emotion.

"I could tell you, I could let you read my thoughts, or I could show you." His lips brushed mine once in a loving kiss of pure untainted emotion. Pulling back his head, he rested it against my forehead while his finger rubbed the nape of my neck.

"Alice?" I asked in nothing more than a whisper, so low that no human ears would have even heard it. I felt the guilt run off of him at the mention of her name. He closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Tell me how this will work, tell me how this can happen without causing Alice heartache? I'm a military man, Edward. I can plan a master attack with minimal risk to my men, but I can't see a way through this without pain to her." His pain, and his guilt continued to pour from him, hitting me to an almost crippling degree. "Sorry." The emotions suddenly stopped crashing over me.

"You don't have to hold it in, Jasper, I don't mind. I'm sure that it's good to let it out." He smiled softly at me as the feelings slowly began to trickle out of him. "Please don't feel guilty about this... About us," I whispered, hoping that this was in fact an us.

"I don't want to hurt her... I... I still love her... I still want her, Edward." I didn't think it was possible to feel anymore pain but I was wrong. After kissing him, being this close to him, hearing him say he wanted me only to hear him say he wanted and loved her, tore my dead, cold heart apart.

Pushing away from him, I began to walk away, not wanting to hear anymore of this... this nonsense. "You can't have both, Jasper. I won't play some sort of second fiddle to you just because you don't want to hurt Alice." Jasper grabbed my arm, a strong vice like grip around my forearm, pulling me back.

"You're not listening. I do love her, I do want her, but I want you more! I never said that you were going to play second fiddle to me. Those words never left my mouth. Fuck, I never even thought them." He loosened his grip slightly on me. "I love you, Edward. There is no denying it anymore, no denying what I felt the day I first saw you. You're my mate, Edward, not Alice or anyone else, only you." He let go completely and backed away slightly running his hands through his blonde curly locks.

"So what do we do then? You know Alice better than me, but I'm willing to bet she isn't going to be happy over this." I sat on the cold forest floor watching him pace around.

"We can't do anything other than face her, Edward. You are with me in this aren't you? Alice... Alice will know what we've done. I need to know that no matter what happens you're with me, Edward?" He looked almost scared as he spoke, nervous over what may happen.

"You don't need to ask, Jasper." He smiled at me. In the low sunlight his face was lit up with a breathtaking smile that dimpled his cheeks. The diamond sparkle to his skin only adding to his beauty.

He walked towards me, his rusty eyes locking onto me as he approached. The pink tint to his tongue caught my eye as he quickly ran his tongue over his ruby lips, wetting them before he crushed them to mine, hard. My mouth opened the second his lips met mine and Jasper wasted no time in letting his tongue explore my mouth. Gripping him tighter to me, I moaned as he rolled his hips against mine creating a wonderful friction against my aching cock. My mind exploded with thoughts of being intimate with him, being so close and connected to each other in that way.

His hands slid down my back and under the waistband of my jeans. My hips bucked against his as I felt his cool fingers touch my ass giving it a firm squeeze. Breaking apart from the kiss, I trailed sweet loving kisses down his long neck making him hiss in pleasure. He rolled his head to the side giving me better access. Patterned across his neck and jaw were crescent shaped bit marks from his battles. Of course I had noticed them the first time I laid eyes on him and at the time I had wondered why he had so many, why he had almost patchwork like patterns across his skin. They had only added to his beauty at the time, but now being so close to them, seeing them this close up I saw just how beautiful they were.

After kissing every inch of his neck Jasper was breathing heavily for unneeded breath. Smiling at him, I brushed my lips against his gently, in a soft cherishing way feeling unbelievably happy to finally have him in my arms.

"I should go," he whispered breathlessly at me. "I should see Alice and try and explain things to her."

"You don't want me to come with you?" I asked resting my forehead against his shoulder and breathing in his scent. He smelled like the forest after a rainfall mixed with a hint of gunpowder.

Wrapping his arms tightly around my waist he kissed my neck. "Be about ten minutes behind me. If Alice has seen this, then the last thing I want to do is turn up holding your hand to get her back up, okay?"

"Sure, I'll follow in ten minutes." With one last quick kiss Jasper shot off through the forest in almost a blur, leaving me standing still on the spot.

Lightly touching my lips with my fingertips, I still felt the light tingles on them from where his lips met mine. Smiling almost like a fool, I began to walk back towards the house slowly, giving Jasper the ten minutes he wanted.

The forest was alive with a flurry of noises. Birds chirping, bees buzzing, and frogs croaking. It was truly alive with animals. Smelling Jasper's scent, I let it guide me back. Though I knew the way with my eyes shut, I took comfort in his scent, knowing that once I got back the peaceful tranquility I was feeling right now would disappear. Nearing home, I could hear the tone of raised voices. Although it wasn't completely clear what was being said, I had a good idea about the subject matter.

Breaking into a run, I stayed on Jasper's trail as the forest flew past me; my feet barely touching the soft green underlay as I broke through the trees and onto the grass banks that surrounded the family home. The family was gathered outside, trying to neutralize the situation at hand. In reality, everybody was shouting over everyone, mainly Alice and Jasper.

"....fucking plan this, Al. It just happened," Jasper seethed. "You knew about him, you knew the moment we walked through that door, if you didn't know beforehand."

"No, do you think I would have brought you here if I had known?" A painful dry sob escaped her lips as she added, "I love you, Jazz."

"Don't play the emotion card, tell me the truth. Did you or did you not know beforehand?" Alice's eyes flickered towards me in a sheer look of disgust.

"You!" She seethed with venom lacing her words. "You couldn't stay away from him, could you? He wasn't yours to touch, to have, he's mine!" Alice made a run for me.

I didn't move, or take a defensive stance. Whatever she was willing to bring, I was willing to take. Jasper had been hers, her mate when they arrived. She had every right to be mad at me. Alice was quickly taken down by Jasper, and he pinned her to the grass.

"I won't have you lay a finger on him. You saw us together today, but it was me who went to him, not the other way around." Alice struggled beneath Jasper's grip on her. "I never wanted to hurt you, Al, but I can't stay away, I can't fight it any longer. I'm sorry."

Silence fell as Jasper got up and let her go. He turned to look at me, hitting me with feelings of guilt and love while repeating 'I'm sorry, I have to go.' Over and over in his mind. It felt as though everyone was looking at me, at us. The look of disgust was written clear on Rosalie's face, the pain and understanding on Esme's and the compassion on Carlisle's. I knew I was tearing the family apart.

Jasper walked past me with his head down, the guilt rolling off him in waves. The feeling of seeing him in pain broke my cold, frozen heart. Without thinking, my hand reached out and grabbed his arm just above his shoulder. His eyes snapped to mine, so rich with his emotions, I wondered how much he was feeling from everyone else around us.

"You're not leaving without me. If you go, I'm coming too." I couldn't let him go. Not now, not after what happened. I wouldn't survive without him.

"Tonight, we leave tonight." Nodding my head in agreement, I let go of his arm.

Jasper walked past me and into the house. My eyes stayed on the back of him, watching him walk away. I could feel my familie's eyes on me, yet I couldn't turn around to look at them, knowing that my father, my creator would want me to stay. Esme wouldn't want the family broken, but how could it stay intact after all of this? I couldn't see Alice about to uproot and leave, and Jasper had made it known he didn't wish to stay. If I stayed that would mean not being with Jasper. It would mean having to see Alice all the time. It was easier for all parties concerned if we left.

Hearing Carlisle talk to Alice, I took my leave and headed into the house. Heading up the stairs towards my room, I saw Jasper standing against the door. His arms folded across his chest, and his eyes looking at the floor.

"Jasper?" He let out a long breath, his shoulders slumping forward. I could see the stone carved muscles in his chest expand as he drew in a long unneeded breath.

Without looking up at me he spoke. "You don't have to leave your family over me. None of this would have happened if I had stayed away from you today." There was a tone of longing in his voice with regret lacing through each and every word.

"You regret it?" I couldn't hide the disappointment I was feeling. Wondering why this was so difficult for me, but so easy for everyone else.

"How can I not regret this, Edward? I broke Alice's heart. She didn't deserve it, didn't deserve to see her mate with another man." There were those words again, 'her mate'.

"You don't want me to come?" I asked hearing him snort.

"Yes, I just don't want you to have to give up your family for me," he replied.


He cut me off. "They are your family. You all live together in a family way, portray a family to the outside world. Coming with me means leaving them behind. Do you really want that? Will you be the one with regrets when the dust settles?" He asked finally meeting my eyes for the first time.

"If it means having you, then I don't have a choice. You win." He smiled, moving closer to me.

"You'd better pack then. The sooner we're out of here, the better. I don't think I can handle Alice's emotions much longer." Giving me a small kiss on the lips, Jasper moved and went towards his room.

Packing my things, I tried to block out the harrowing of abuse that Alice was directing at me. I was sorry she got hurt. It was never my intention to hurt her. Though I wasn't really close to her or knew much about her, I could understand the pain she was in right now and the suffering she was feeling. And, while maybe nothing should have happened between me and Jasper today, it wasn't as though we slept together.

"You both could stay and talk this through. There is no reason why this matter could not be resolved," Carlisle's voice broke though my thoughts. I wanted to laugh. In typical Carlisle fashion, he believed that everything could be resolved through talking it out. I doubted that this would be one of those situations, where talking would improve things.

"Stay and chat? Have a nice cup of tea while we're at it, and maybe we could sort out some sort of schedule." I snapped back.

"Edward, sarcasm doesn't suit you well." Carlisle walked across the room and sat on the edge of my bed. "I know, no one knows more than me how long you have waited for your mate. How much you have suffered when everyone all around you has their mate. I am happy that your wait is now over, though the situation is far from perfect."

"Alice, you mean?" He nodded his head. 'She is hurting Edward.' I sighed, hating hearing him tell me through his thoughts. He seemed to have that wonderful knack of guilt tripping you with his thoughts better then when speaking.

"Yeah, and I get that. But me and Jasper deserve a chance without Alice being around. I don't want to spend my days with my mate having his ex being bitter and vindictive towards us. Happiness is all I want, just a chance to be happy without any of this mess around him or me." Zipping my suitcase shut, I looked at my father.

Carlisle was my father. In the years I had been frozen in this state, the memories of my own mother and father had slowly started to fade. Fuzzy memories where I was never too sure if they had been real or not. Leaving my creator, my mentor, would be hard. I can only hope that one day things will be different.

"I understand. Please stay in touch and when you're settled, let us know and we will ship the rest of your things." Carlisle got up from the bed and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Take care of yourself son."

"I will." Turning around to face him, I embraced my father in a tight hug. "Thank you," I whispered in his ear before letting go. Grabbing my suitcase and the other things I had decided to take with me, I walked down the stairs and out to the front of the house.

Carlisle's black Mercedes was parked in the front of the house, the boot open and Jasper waiting in the driver's seat. Confused I looked at Carlisle, who had wrapped a supportive arm around Esme. Seeing Esme sobbing the way she was almost broke me. Though I knew she wouldn't stop me from leaving if I wished, she also didn't want to see one of her 'children' leave home.

"Take it, it's faster then yours and has more room." Nodding once, I smiled at Esme who cried even harder. Her dry sobs releasing a gut wrenching, painful cry. Loading my things into the boot of the car, I closed it and walked towards Esme, wrapping my arms tightly around her.

"Stay in touch, please. Don't forget about us," she whispered in my ear.

"I will, I promise, okay?" Breaking away from her embrace, I said a quick goodbye to Emmett and Rose before getting in the car.

Turning his head, he looked at me. "You ready?" he asked as he started the engine.

"Yes," I answered. Jasper hit the pedal and floored it down the long drive and onto the highway.

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