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Emmett appeared, holding a thrashing Bella in his arms, trying to keep himself away from Bella's snapping teeth. Alice was trailing behind her looking distressed and pained. I could only imagine what she must be feeling right now, having to see the one you love almost uncontrollable and so unwilling for anything else other than blood. Fear flashed through Bella's eyes as she looked at Jasper. His stance never changed from the relaxed, calming position he was in before. Her eyes were wide as she walked past staring at Jasper's face. It wasn't hard to figure out what she was thinking, though her mind seemed completely closed off to me. She was showing the same expression I had seen so many others use upon meeting Jasper for the first time. His scars looked intimidating, almost as though they were a warning on their own without him having to say or do anything.

"He looks scary." Bella whispered to Emmett. Jasper chuckled next to me looking at Bella who hadn't figured out that whispering wouldn't work, that we would still hear it.

"Smart one there, Al." Jasper commented as Alice shot him a look. "And she says I look scary... has she not seen the seven faces of Alice yet?"

"Fuck you, Jasper." Alice snapped back. Jasper leaned an arm on my shoulder and flashed a smile at Alice.

"We have been there, darlin', and you lacked the right equipment... Oops, Bella did know, right?" He chuckled. "Don't worry, Bella, she's all yours. Good-luck by the way." I elbowed him in the ribs hearing Alice's seething thoughts.

"She's already in a bad mood, don't push her, love." Jasper chuckled and walked into the house.

"I hate you." Alice seethed, her eyes flaring with fire in them.

"Tell me something I don't already know." Jasper called over his shoulder.

Following Jasper into the house, I heard the family run off into the woods complete with Emmett's grumbles of babysitting Bella. Coming into the kitchen, I saw Jasper sitting up on the breakfast bar. His long legs dangled off the sides. He was swaying slightly as he juggled four apples, spinning them around in a circle. "I bet Esme is secretly pissed with Bella's change, all this 'food' and no one here to eat it."

"Since when did you care about human food?" I asked resting my hands back against the counter top and looking at him. "Just why are you juggling apples, Jasper?"

"First question, I don't care about this crap they call food. It's just that in a few days, when its starts to go off, it will smell and Esme will feel guilty. You, my love, don't have to feel that guilt. As for your second one, well I thought, why not? It's not as though it's gonna get eaten now, is it?" Jasper asked as he began to lose the apples out of the circle and place them back in the fruit bowl.

"You stay here and have fun with your fruit, Jasper. I'm going to take a shower." I smirked as Jasper pouted slightly.

"Shower? And you don't want me to join you?" He jumped off the breakfast bar, his feet lightly touching the floor gracefully before walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"You seemed to be having so much fun with your fruit that I thought you wouldn't be interested." I began to walk through the kitchen towards the stairs with Jasper's arms still around my waist.

"Yeah, but I am sure I said something about having you pinned up against the shower wall while I fuck you." Jasper murmured into my neck, whilst kissing the exposed skin.

"Fuck me? No, Jasper, that's not what you said." My breathing hitched and caught in my throat as Jasper pushed his hard cock against my ass.

"I changed my mind." He whispered, placing open mouth kisses and nips up and down my neck. Jasper rocked his hips against me, grinding his cock into my ass and making me moan. "I think you need to be reminded of who you belong to, Edward Whitlock."

"Hmm... maybe." Turning around, our lips crashed hard together.

Teeth, lips and tongues thrashed together. Hands frantically roamed each other's body, pulling and tugging at each other's clothes. His love for me rushed out of him, covering and coating me in this wonderful feeling. This was all I would ever need. There wasn't a single thing that could complete me, or consume me the way Jasper could. Lifting me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist while he pushed me closer to the wall. I could feel the plaster board begin to crack against my back.

"We should move before the plaster breaks." I moaned out as Jasper continued his attack on my neck and chest.

"We'll pay for it to be replaced," he mumbled against my skin. I was just about to protest when the front door banged. Stopping what we were doing, we looked at one another listening to what was outside. "Who?"

"Mutts." I spat dropping my legs from around Jasper's waist. "They're breaking the treaty by being here." Jasper looked almost excited at the thought of what breaking the treaty could possibly mean for the family. Though he kept his thoughts guarded around me, it wasn't hard to figure out he was thinking of us leaving and letting the family deal with the mess.

Heading to the door, I opened it with Jasper by my side. Three wolves in human form stood at the door. "What?" Jasper spat at them.

"You're breaking the treaty by being here. There'd better be a good reason for it," I stated.

"The treaty has already been broken! It's all fair now!" Said the wolf with the long black hair.

"Jacob, stand down. We can only assume this is the case. This is why we are here."

"And what do you assume?" Jasper asked looking at Jacob.

"Bella Swan hasn't been seen around town for the last few days. We know she is friends with your kind."

"She is, and you seem to think that my family has broken the treaty by what, exactly?" I could feel Jasper testing the atmosphere around us as his body tensed slightly beside me.

"Need it spelled out?" Jacob shot back.

"Yes. The last time I looked at the treaty, there was nothing in it about our kind befriending a human." I stated.

'Like you would know.' Jacob thought.

"I would, as I was there when the treaty was made. Our family hasn't broken the treaty." 'Smooth lie, babe.' Jasper thought.

"Bella's father says she is with your kind."

"She is. Alice is with her, they have taken a trip away for a few days. She is perfectly safe." The wolves looked unsure about this, looking past me and Jasper to see inside the house. "Is that all? We can get her to call you if that will make you feel better?"

"Just remember the treaty, leech." Chuckling, I shook my head.

"I know the treaty, pup." Standing in the doorway, we watched the wolves slowly retreat into the forest surrounding the house. Closing the door, I saw Jasper smirking at me. "What?"

"Let's leave here, babe. It's not our fight."

"Not our fight? We caused this mess." Jasper folded his arms and shook his head.

"Correction, there is no 'we' in this. This is your mess, not mine," Jasper stated matter-of-fact.

"Thanks a lot, nice to see I have your support." I snapped at him before walking off into the living room.

Standing near the large windows, I watched the tiny almost rainbow droplets of water roll down the window. I wish we hadn't come here. We should have stayed away. Being here has only caused fall outs and problems. The family had moved on, just like we had. We no longer fit into their way of life anymore. Jasper had been right all along, this was a bad idea from the start. Not only had us being here upset the running of the family, but I had also attacked Alice's mate, broken the treaty and caused the wolves to show up on the door step. They wouldn't buy my lie for long. Soon enough, they would catch her scent and turn up looking for war. A war I had made, a war I was having to face.

Folding my arms across my chest, I cursed Jasper under my breath. All the times he had fucked up and done something he shouldn't have, I never once made him feel like he was on his own. It was always our mess, not his, but ours. Yet, when it's the other way around, he wanted to high tail it out of here and leave my mess. I couldn't lie that his method here had hurt me. It seemed that by being here for just a few short days I learned more about him than I had in the forty years we had been together.

'Stay still.' I heard his thought as he entered the room. Making no attempt to even look at him, I kept my arms folded over my chest.

Jasper's breath fanned my neck before his arms snaked around my waist and pulled my back flush to his chest. "You always have my support. I am always here, but this is something you caused. I want us to leave,but I'm not high tailing it out of here too afraid to fight these mutts. I'm high tailing it out of here to keep you safe. You're a good fighter, Edward. And one I wouldn't fancy fighting for real, but you are mine. My need to protect you and keep you safe overrides any thought that you are perfectly capable of protecting yourself.

"I would sooner us leave here and let them deal with it, than stay and fight and risk you getting hurt. You mean everything to me, they mean nothing to me. My best advice to them is that they leave when we do. They should go somewhere away from here where the wolves won't follow. Edward, I don't like what being here is doing to you. You're changing around them. It's like you're acting like the seventeen year old boy you were when you were turned, not the seventeen year old man that I fell in love with. The man I love doesn't doubt me, and knows I am always at his side like I am a part of him. The boy I see right now is someone who is unsure of everything. It's like you need someone to tell you because you're just a child. Whatever this place or these people do to you, I want it to end." He brushed his lips against my neck.

"You no longer need Carlisle's approval. What he thinks and says should not change who you are. If Carlisle doesn't like the way we live, then tough shit. It's our life, not his. He doesn't have to live it, we do." Jasper tightened his hold on me, almost crushing my ribs with the sheer force he was using.

"But we can't just leave, Jazz. Despite Alice, it's not fair to the rest of them." My head fell back as I relaxed into his iron grip embrace.

"No, we'll give them our advice on it. The rest is up to them. I wanna be gone by sunset. Call Carlisle and tell him what's happened. I'll book the flight home." There was the unmistakable sound of happiness in his voice.

Turing in his arms, Jasper smiled at me. His lips pulled back over his teeth, making his cheeks dimple. This smile could make my dead heart skip a beat, if that was at all possible. His red eyes twinkled at me as he moved closer and brushed his nose against mine, before capturing my lips with his in a soft, gentle kiss.

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