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He had power, money, people to do his bidding. He was intelligent, envied, and got everything he'd ask for. He lived a charmed life. Sure, mother and father weren't around that much, even on the holidays. They'd have a nice dinner for his birthday, but other than that, his parents were always traveling. Yoshiya Kiryu, Joshua to his parents and his former proxy; one of the richest boys in Japan, and definitely top in Shibuya. AKA the Composer; quite frankly, the owner of Shibuya. Well… Was - the Composer. A certain incident caused a lot of… Complications with the higher-ups.


Snapping up from his daze, Joshua looked up at the WildKat café owner, Mr. Hanekoma. He was leaning over the counter, prompt up on his elbow, a curious expression on his face. Joshua chuckled. "Yes, Mr. H?"

"You spaced out there, Josh. Something on your mind?" Joshua stepped off the stool and left a few yen on the counter.

"Just bored. How people can live in such a dull world almost amazes me," he chuckled and grabbed his coat.

"You know, you've hardly been RG bound for two days. Give it a while and you may be surprised." Joshua let out a bit of a huff and faced the man with an accusing look. Mr. H was looking toward the door. "Hey there, Skulls Jr."

Joshua heard a giggle and turned his head. A small girl, maybe a couple years younger than him, had just closed the door. Her cheeks were rosy from the cold, well contrasting her otherwise pale skin. 'Skulls Jr.?'

"Hello, Mr. H. I'm here to pick up some cupcakes?"

"Sure thing. I'll go check on them now," he smiled and noticed Joshua's strange expression. "Oh, where are my manners. Skulls Jr. this is Joshua." He smirked and walked to the back room.

"Nice to meet you, Joshua. I'm Rhyme," she said, swinging her feet from the stool she sat on.

"Likewise, dear," Joshua bowed slightly, but gracefully. She giggled and he cocked an eyebrow. A giggle without the slightest indication of flirting. More of a childish jingle. A rarity for the young heir to find in girls he meets. Except… Where does he know her from?

"I haven't seen you around here before," Rhyme noted. Joshua took a seat.

"Again, likewise. Since Mr. H has a nickname for you, I take it you've come here often?" Rhyme smiled and nodded, adjusting her bag hanging off her shoulder.

"I love the atmosphere here. It always feels so relaxing and…"


"I suppose you can say that. Besides, the coffee here is great, too." She giggled and shifted a bit, her necklace jingling. Joshua smirked. She was charming. He coughed a bit. It was about time for him to go home if he didn't want to get sick. Looking back up, he noticed her staring at him.

"Mmm? Is there something on my face?" Joshua smirked, slightly moving his bangs out of the way.

"No, but you seem a little sick. Is that all you're wearing?" She tilted her head a bit, staring at his thin coat.

"Well, of course. Big clothes don't go well with me, dear," he blinked as she leaned over and pressed her forehead to his. Frowning a bit, she took off her scarf and put it around his neck. "H-hey --"

"You come here a lot don't you?" Joshua blinked and nodded. She giggled. "So take the scarf for now to keep you warm. You need it more than I do and you can always return it later." Just as he was about to argue further, Mr. H came back and cut him off.

"Here you go. A dozen cupcakes. Don't tell me they're all going to your brother, Rhyme," Mr. H placed two boxes on the counter. Rhyme giggled.

"Of course not. Only one of the boxes," she winked and they laughed. Joshua stood there, taking in what had just happened. A little girl who just met him gave away her scarf. Her nose and cheeks were still painted dark pink from the cold, and she expects him to think that he needs it more.

"Well, I'm off. If I'm not home soon, Beat will throw a fit," Rhyme jumped off the stool and made her way toward the door. "Nice meeting you, Joshua. Be safe going home and have some soup if you're still feeling sick." He merely nodded and waited until she was out the door to speak.

"… Neku's friend?"

"Mmhm. Pretty little girl, isn't she? How bout you catch up and walk her home?"

"And why would I do that?" Joshua flipped his ash blonde hair out of his face.

"I hear there's a good snow storm blowing in, and she lives quite far."

"This is the ogre's little sister we're talking about. If she can live with him, a storm should be no problem." He flipped his phone open and called his driver. He definitely wasn't going to trudge through snow. He's Joshua for crying out loud. Mr. H frowned and stared outside at the little black capped figure a couple of blocks away..

'I hope you're right, Josh.'

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