Yes, this story has some major changes to it, but there are still parts where it is exactly alike. It is Sora!dominate Roxas!submissive, I know, that's really weird to some people, but that's just how it is. Besides, I like making Roxas the really emotional one. If you like it, then thank ClaymoreDarkAlicia for reminding me about it!


1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Sora sighed to himself as he leaned against the lockers, in front of him stood only two of the idiots he called his friends, Axel and Demyx, and, as per usual, they were fighting over music. Demyx was trying to defend bands like Boys Like Girls and All Time Low against Axel, who preferred music like The Insane Clown Posse and Sick Puppies.

Axel said the music was just a bunch of guys with no dicks crying into microphones, and Demyx said the lyrics held actual meaning, meaning that was at least understood or not suicidally provocative.

As per usual, Sora ignored them in exchange of staring at the walking wet-dream called Roxas, hopefully discreetly, too, because he didn't want Axel to start teasing him again. Thank god Kairi wasn't around, Axel and Demyx were too oblivious to notice anything, but Kairi could read him like an open book. It was pathetic.

But Sora was left to openly, and hopefully, subtly stare at the heart-pounding blonde at his locker just a few feet away. Once again, Roxas's mind was too absorbed in his book to realize that he just grabbed his Trig book when he was suppose to grab his History book, personally, Sora found that adorable. Being so distracted by something like that. A bomb could go off and he wouldn't even flinch.

Although, that should probably be more concerning than cute, but it is what it is.

The brunette huffed out a breath as he saw that blonde girl walk up to the object of his affections, snapping him out of his concentration on his book, something Sora was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to accomplish with a marching band. Turning away, his sapphire gaze ran up and down the hall in search of four different people, the arrival of any would be very much welcomed. Either Kairi or her girlfriend, Xion, or his friend, Riku, or the absolutely drool-worthy sex god (yes, that is his actual name).

Fortunately, Riku arrived. The silver-haired teen was a senior now, with straight A's and the star of the basketball team, how he managed all this while being openly bisexual, Sora figured was because he was majorly popular before he came out to everyone. So, naturally, the years of torture and bullying Sora had been forced through Riku didn't have to experience because he is a fucking socialite!


Anyways, the teen walked up with that same smirk/grin, looking oh-so superior to lower life-forms like the rest of the human race. Yes, the guy always seemed to be better than everyone else, but that was usually because he was, and he damn well knew it. But, hell, egoistic bitches never looked so damn good.

Too bad Sora didn't like him in that way. Riku liked him, uh, more like he liked Sora's pants… off. He wanted them off.

Sora wouldn't trust the guy so much as to remove his belt when around him, though. (Actually, he only started to wear a belt because of him, he trusted him so little.) So too bad for him, but the brunette didn't put out for just anyone. Riku realized this, though, thankfully, and backed off for now, figuring Sora would come around eventually or something.

The egoist leaned against the locker next to his shorter friend, raising an eyebrow at the arguing duo in front of them, "What're they talking about?"

Sora shrugged, "Um, Dem likes sissy bands, Axel likes music that causes cardiac arrest, and they're fighting about which is better?"

Riku blinked for a moment, then smirked, "No rap, should've expected that."

Sora nodded, "Rap's shit. You're the only guy I'm friends with that likes that crap."

Riku snorted and shrugged it off, glancing up and down the hall for the absolutely drool-worthy sex god, not because he wanted to see him, but more like so he could run off when the guy came around. Sora might like him, Sora might want to jump the guy, but Riku hated him. Mostly because Sora liked him, and so whenever the guy came around, Riku would bolt because he was popular and he was noticed and he didn't want Sora to be noticed by the Sex God through him, so he wouldn't come anywhere near them, near Sora.

Sora hated Riku sometimes, a chance to talk to the absolutely drool-worthy sex god would complete his life, and the idiot was preventing that chance. He would never talk to him under normal circumstances!

Riku spotted the Sex God and then he was gone within seconds. Sora stopped paying any mind to that, though, as the god was at his locker, the row across from the one Sora was leaning against, just a bit to the right.

He was really into the conversation with the blonde girl now, his baby blues lighting up as his excitement grew, and Sora wanted nothing more then to run over and throw his arms around the guy when that smile flew to his features. (Shit, this is getting sappy.)

But he could never get near that smile, he knew that. The god would never even throw him a second glance, nevermind a smile. And it was ironic that he probably had the most rated hottest guy in the school ready to throw him against a wall and fuck him into tomorrow, and he couldn't even so much as brush his lips against that smile.

It was killer, but it was reality, the guy's older brother told him he was straight as a rod.

"You're drooling a bit, right there…"

Sora reached up and quickly swiped the corners of his mouth, finding that he had indeed been drooling a bit. He continued to stare, though, watching the teen's golden hair shine in the sunlight seeping in through the windows above the lockers.

He knew Kairi was standing beside him now, probably with Xion hugging her around the waist from behind, like usual. He didn't bother to glance, "What's up?"

Kairi shrugged and her gaze fell on Axel and Demyx's arguing before going back to Sora, "Not much, you going to make a move anytime soon, or just keep drooling?"

"It's fine, all I need is a picture."

"I bet you already have one under your pillow," Xion snorted then smirked playfully at the teen, "And I bet you kiss it goodnight before you go to bed."

Sora colored a bit but didn't retort, making her and Kairi smirk, the redhead hip checked him, making Sora nearly slide off the side of the lockers, and that would've been embarrassing, for sure. But watching Roxas when he was so excited, or so upset, or just that damn expressive over something was amazing. It was like his eyes were set on fire, Sora really didn't want to look away… At least until the threat of his face being flattened by the floor came up.

"Jeez, you just can't resist it, can you?" She laughed as the brunette moved back to his original position, blushing slightly as he gave her a light glare.

"Shut-up," Sora blinked in amusement as Roxas dropped his Trig book in surprise to something the girl said, then laughed and picked it up again.

"Nah, that's just a batman-spider-man hybrid, like ManBearPig, only with less man and more shit."

"Yeah, just like that," Olette showed up, Sora knew her from their Chemistry class, both of the girls laughed at something Roxas said.

"I'm pregnant with your baby."

"I know, right?"

"I'm gonna name it Alfred, we'll move to Canada and become devout Christians who secretly worship Satan."

"Sounds great."

"You've been listening this whole time but don't say anything because you want to see exactly how creative I can be."

"Damn straight."

Xion smirked and tightened her hug around the redhead's waist, "Not exactly."

They stared at each other for a moment before bursting out in laughter, catching the attention of Axel and Demyx. The two looked at them curiously, but ultimately just ignored them and went back to the argument.

After a moment or two, Kairi sighed, and gave him a disapproving look, "I still think you should just go for it, you never know-"

"How hard I'll get punched? No, I'm pretty sure it'll be quite a wicked beating," Sora grimaced and looked at her, "No way in hell, you and I both know that won't be happening. He won't even talk to me, nevermind give me a chance."

Xion rolled her eyes at his melodramatic nature, "I used to be straight, remember? I was the captain of the field hockey and soccer team, and I was little Miss. Popular. If I can turn out bi or gay or whatever the hell I am, then I'm sure there's a chance Mr. Brain can have an interest in dick."

Kairi frowned and hushed her, "So crude, anyways, she's right. You gotta take a chance to get him."

"I don't have a chance to take," Sora pouted and grabbed his bag off the floor, throwing it over his shoulder, "Whatever, I'll see you guys later, homeroom is starting soon."

Kairi scowled and grabbed his arm, "Hold on a second, you're not just leaving like that. You wanna chance? I'll get you one, alright? But you better take it, got it?"

With that, she spun on her heel and marched off, Xion running after her with a sly grin on her face. Demyx glanced at Sora, who had quite an irritated look on his face, "What the hell? Why do girls always gotta get the last word in like that?"

Axel shrugged and took a swig of his "water" bottle, "PMS?"

Sora rolled his eyes and let his gaze wander back to the god, who was currently digging through his locker nervously as the blonde girl and Olette laughed at him. He just sighed and turned to walk away, knowing this so called "chance" that Kairi promised him wouldn't happen.

He didn't have a chance with that god.

He didn't have any chance with Roxas Highwind.

"I want your love and all your love is revenge, you and me could write a bad romance," Olette sung the famous lyrics out, uncaring that all the windows were down, and that they were at a red light, and that every person on the sidewalk was currently hearing and staring at her.

But that's just Olette for you.

"Caught in a bad romance," Hayner scowled impatiently at the light, glaring up at the damn thing like it was the poor machine's fault that Olette had some incurable love for Lady Gaga.

In the back of Hayner's dark green jeep, Roxas smirked in amusement at his best friend's annoyance with his girlfriend, Naminé falling asleep on his shoulder despite the loud stereo blasting Bad Romance, and Pence was attempting to communicate with his sister about… something, whatever it was it could not be heard over the music by Roxas.

He sighed softly to himself and looked back out the window, shifting his legs in their uncomfortably crushed position between Olette's seat and his book bag, the sun was beating down on the world below mercilessly, making the blonde feel pity for those who were not lucky enough to get rides home after school. He could see them walking with sweat running down the faces.

"Stop callin', stop callin', I don't want to think anymore!"

The blonde squinted his eyes shut like he was in some sort of pain, but really, he was just wishing that he could walk home at this point, unfortunately, Hayner would never let him escape.

Suddenly, the engine roars and they are flying down the street, some people jumping and glaring as they were obviously speeding, Roxas just smirked at them. They're just jealous they're not in a car themselves, they gotta walk through the heat and suffer.

"Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station, tonight I'm not taking no calls 'cause I'll be dancing," Although, this wasn't much better when Roxas thought about it.

Thank god that his car would be fixed today, all he had to do was secure the muffler better, and then it would be ready to be driven again. His dad, Cid, would be mad that he didn't make it into some sort of beast, but Roxas was never that interested in cars. He preferred books, like his mom, but his dad hadn't been very understanding of much since she died.

"Papa-Paparazzi!" God, strike him down now.

He sighed to himself and wondered how much longer until they got to his house, but it seemed it would be another ten or twenty minutes at least. He glanced over at his shoulder, where Naminé had complete passed out. He shifted a bit, making her wake up and get off, nodding her apology, but he just shrugged. They had been friends since elementary school, falling asleep on each other really wasn't that big of a deal.

Pence seemed to be done talking, but now was playing some game on it instead. Naminé glanced up at Olette in the passenger seat, the girl bouncing around in her seat while singing to the music. She looked to Hayner, winced, and then looked back to Roxas. The blonde shrugged to her, like saying he wasn't planning to do anything.

And he didn't, he did not say a single word for the rest of the way to his house, and when he was finally dropped off, he just nodded to Hayner and ran off, thanking any higher being that did existed for allowing him to escape from that torture. Just before he could run into his house, though, the worst possible thing that could happen, did.

Okay, so in retrospect, worse could've happened, but this was still pretty bad.

Olette threw her door open, as it was quicker than hand rolling down Hayner's window, and yelled out to him just as his hand touched the door knob, "Rox! Tomorrow, we're all sitting with Kairi and Xion at lunch! Don't forget!"

"WHAT?" Hayner's indignant shout was clearly heard over the Gaga, and it was definitely a signal for Roxas to just walk inside, because Hayner's car would be sitting in his driveway for awhile, so the couple could argue. Hayner didn't drive while he argued, it was just a very bad idea, last time he did was a mentally scarring experience for both him and Roxas.

Once inside, Olette's command actually seemed to process in his mind, and that's what really made the entire thing horrible. Roxas really didn't like Kairi, or Xion for that matter, and even though he knew Olette was friends with Xion, and that Xion was dating Kairi, and that he completely respected those kinds of relationships… He just didn't want to eat lunch with them.

What if people started to think he was friends with them and their friends? Oh, God, he would have to sit with their friends! With that obnoxious redhead with those tattoos under his eyes, and that idiot with the mohawk-mullet combination, and Riku the King Meathead, and… that other guy, the creepy one that stares… What was his name? Zorro?

Anyways, what if people thought he was friends with them? What if they thought he was gay, too? There would be no mercy, even if he was bi like Riku, there would be no mercy for him because he isn't a star athlete, more like a star student, and that obviously didn't make anything better for him.

It's a horrible thing to think like this, he knows that, but that doesn't mean he won't try to skip lunch tomorrow anyways. Maybe he could hide out in the library, then he could at least hide in the shelves and eat a couple things from the vending machines.

A door slammed shut in the basement, and Roxas knew his brother, Cloud, was home. Unlike him, Cloud was into cars, almost as much as their father, and unlike him, Cid seemed to understand him a whole lot better than he did Roxas. Fortunately, for Roxas, it seemed understanding different people wasn't a trait that was hereditarily passed, and Cloud understood what was going through Roxas's head much better.

The blonde man was soon heard walking up the stairs, his heavy work boots stomping up the steps loudly, and Roxas moved out of the way for the basement door just before it swung open, just stopping before his nose. Whoever designed this house really wasn't thinking when they decided to put the basement door right in front of the front door, were they?

Cloud blinked at his younger brother a couple times in minor surprise, then caught a glimpse of Hayner's car in the driveway, "How was school?"

The younger teen dropped his bag next to the door, figuring he would either do his homework later, or not at all, it didn't really matter to him in the end. He followed Cloud into the kitchen slipping his shoes off as he walked and kicking them over in the general direction of his bag, "Fine, I guess. Olette wants us to sit with the gay kids at lunch tomorrow."

Cloud raised an eyebrow, like he didn't know who Roxas was talking about, he had graduated only a year ago, "Who?"

"Olette, my friend, the one who nags and listens to Lady Gaga all the time?"

"Not her, the 'gay kids?'"

Roxas frowned and nodded, then turned to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, "Yeah, Kairi, Xion, Axel, Demyx, Riku, and, uh…"


"Yeah, him, Olette wants us to sit with them for some reason."

Cloud raised an eyebrow, "And you don't want to?"

Roxas scowled at his brother as if to say, "No shit." The older teen just ignored him, "Don't worry about it, Rox, they're actually a pretty easy group to get along with, especially that Sora kid. I have a feeling you and him will get along just great."

"What makes you say that?" Roxas opened his water and began drinking it quickly, vaguely recognizing the sound of Hayner's car pulling out of his driveway.

"He's wanted you for, like, a year or something now."

Roxas involuntarily started to choke on the water, spitting it out onto the floor as he felt his throat reject the idea of swallowing it, he blinked rapidly and stared at his brother in pure shock, "Hell no!"

Cloud sighed and rolled his eyes, grabbing the rag from the counter behind him and throwing it to the other teen, "Hell yes, and let me tell you, he has it bad, at least from what I had seen a year ago. I'd bet now he's publically drooling over you, and you're the only one who hasn't realized it yet."

Roxas blinked again, slowly bending down to wipe up the water on the floor, "Hell no-just-no, fuck no."

"Yeah, I told him you didn't swing that way."

"Wait!" Cloud jumped a bit as his sibling spun around, the hand occupied by the rag outstretched towards him, "He talked to you about me? And you never said anything about it?"

"It never came up," Cloud shrugged and glanced around the kitchen, thinking of what they could eat for dinner tonight.

Roxas just stood silently for a couple seconds, slightly dumbfounded, "But-But, don't you think it's important for me to know if there is a guy that wants to-to-you know!"

"Pop your cherry?"

"Don't talk about me like I'm a girl!"

Cloud sighed and faced his brother again, scowling as he thought about where this conversation would ultimately lead, "Forget about it, he knows you're not interested, he told me he wasn't about to make a move on you or something, and even though that was a year ago, I have a feeling not much has changed since then."

"Yeah, but-"

"There's nothing to worry about, really. He's not gonna hit on you, people won't think you're gay, all he's doing is pining after you 24/7. If you've got a problem with that, then you're gonna have to talk to him about it, because it's not something that I can help you out with," Cloud watched as the expressions on his younger brother's face turned like a color wheel. First angry, then confused, then guilty, and now it seemed to say, "Okay, I feel like shit, you can shut up now."

Roxas grumbled a bit and threw the rag back on the counter just before storming out of the room, making Cloud chuckle at him and call out again, "Hey, look on the bright side, sitting that close to him, you're gonna make his day!"

The sound of a door slamming shut made clear that Roxas wasn't looking on the bright side.

Throwing the door open, he yawned as he began walking up the stairs towards his room, listening to the silence of his home and knowing that no one was home again. Both his parents worked most of the hours in the day most days of the week, and his older brother, Terra, was off to college, so he was mostly used to no one being home.

However, the silence and solitude was something he couldn't stand, it drove him insane. It was for this reason that Sora was glad that they didn't live in one of those towns where a neighbor was a mile down the road, because here he at least had the option of walking somewhere and meeting up with some friends.

Running up to his room, he threw his bag on the floor and pulled out his cell, flipping it open just to see that he had gotten a text sometime during last period from Kairi. That girl was always texting in the middle of class, she somehow managed to hide it in her purse or something, but Sora was hopeless, everytime he tried to hide it with his leg, sweatshirt, books, the person sitting in front of him, it never worked. So he gave up and usually just checked his phone at the end of the day.

Opening the text, he expected something along the lines of her telling him to meet up with her and the others somewhere, but the first sentence had his heart racing immediately.

Remember that chance we were talking about this morning? Well, guess who got you one?

Gulping a bit, he held the phone in slight hesitation, like he was afraid of what could happen if he really took this chance she was offering. Nothing good, he knew that already, but… Kairi said it was a chance. Xion had thought she was as straight as an arrow. And the worst that could really happen was that Roxas says no and punches him, or something.

Or gets a huge group of guys to beat him up later for even thinking about him in that way. But now we are digressing a bit, aren't we?

Think positive, remember that you are one cute piece of shit, and just do it.

Kairi, I think I love you.