K, here is the smut... and I'm sorry, but the reason I'm posting this so soon after ch 5 is because... I remembered while answering reviews that I had written a SoRox lemon for a different story, but never added it because I thought it didn't match the seriousness of the story's mood. So... I just revised some parts. Also, there is no leading up to it, as you'll see, it's straight to the sex.

Hope you like the smutty epilogue, and I hope it isn't horrible. This is only the second lemon I've written. xD I feel so dirty...


can also be defined sexual intercourse; copulation.

Roxas felt another groan rip from his throat, his face reddening as he realized how stupid he probably sounded. He tugged softly at the brunette's hair, pulling him up to press their lips together. Tanned fingers ran over a pale stomach, the muscles beneath the skin quivering from the light touch, making the blonde swallow another moan.

He breathed out a sigh in frustration, feeling a pout try and work it's way to his lips, then he flipped them over, gripping Sora's sides to keep him still, he shoved his lips onto the brunette's. Sora smiled beneath the pressure, wrapping his arms around Roxas's waist, slipping his hands underneath the shirt. Not wasting time, he immediately ran a finger lightly up the blonde's spin, making him gasp and shiver into the brunette's mouth.

Roxas broke the kiss, pecking him lightly as he moved down Sora's jaw, to his neck where he began to nip, looking for a weak spot.

Roxas hooked his fingers under his boyfriend's tank top, roughly tugging it off the teen before removing his own. He threw both to the side, not sure if they would ever be found again in the mess that was Sora's room, he didn't really care at the moment, either.

Sora's fingers quickly danced up the blonde's torso, brushing across the nipples lightly, teasingly smiling with false innocence as he watched the blonde bite his lip to keep from making any other embarrassing noises. His jaw went slack as Sora began to play with them, twirling his fingers around and pinching them lightly, a small, barely heard moan slipped past the teens lips, making Sora smirk at him.

Gulping, Roxas furrowed his eyebrows together and ground down onto his boyfriend, rubbing the bulge in their pants together. Sora groaned lowly, leaning up to kiss him roughly, letting Roxas thread one hand into his hair and the other around his waist.

Kiss becoming increasingly sloppy, the brunette allowed one hand to drop to the other's pants, playing with the waistband lightly before making it's way to the front. Roxas gasped as he felt the fingers brush over his clothed erection, taking in a shuddering breath before groaning as he realized Sora was taking dominance.

He scowled as Sora's lips moved to his neck, sucking and nipping the skin there to distract him. The blonde wasn't about to just let him have it though, grinding down again to make them both groan, then flipping them again, he forced Sora over him. The brunette smiled down slyly at him, from where he sat between the blonde's bent legs, "Gave up, Roxie?"

Roxas smirked at him again, leaning forward and kissing down the brunette's chest, making the other moan softly. He licked one of the perk nipples, loving the noises Sora made as he took it into his mouth. Teasing the other with his hand, he felt Sora's hands move up, away from the blonde's pants. Sliding across pale skin to reach their destination, quickly, Sora gripped his boyfriend's arms, forcing them down onto the bed again, not amazing Roxas that the brunette was stronger.

Roxas did spend all his time with books, after all, and he even had a car, too. The only exercise he got was walking to his classes and carrying shit, it was so bad, even stairs made him a little out of breath sometimes.

The brunette attacked his neck again, more roughly this time, biting down painfully and definitely leaving a mark. Roxas groaned at the treatment, unconsciously tilting his head away to present more skin, he wrapped his legs around the other's waist, grinding up into the other equally heated body.

Sora groaned against his throat, immediately responding by slamming his own hips back down onto him again. Roxas's head leaned back into the pillows, a moan ripping through his throat pitifully as he clenched his eyes shut for a moment. Excitement rippled through his body, rushing through his veins as Sora repeated the movement again, and again, and again.

Roxas whimpered, barely heard, and struggled to gain control of his arms, Sora pressing most of his weight down on them. The blonde burned, the bare skin that came in contact with each other was searing, and he felt like he would melt beneath his own clothes.

He had to get the pants off. To preserve any shred of dignity, at this point, was erased from his mind, thoughts completely focused to his pants and the need for them to come off, for him and Sora to be closer.

He'd never had sex before, he had also never thought he would lose his virginity to a guy, never mind the fact that Sora was probably gonna dry hump him into orgasm. He had never thought Sora would dominate him though, despite the fact that he knew Sora wasn't a virgin (he found out from… he who will not be named…), Sora was always so… fluffy? Was that the right word? Whatever, fuck thinking.

Roxas moaned as the movement suddenly stopped, Sora's hands quickly moving down to the blonde's pants, barely getting them unbuttoned and unzipped before harshly tugging them off. The blonde leaned forward, roughly kissing the brunette's mouth again as his hands moved down to his pants, he wrapped his legs around the other's waist again, pulling him down on top of him.

He shoved his hand underneath the waistband, gripping his boyfriend through the underwear. Sora groaned desperately into the blonde's mouth, hands coming up to clutch his biceps tightly, leaving bruises that would show tomorrow. Roxas moved one hand behind Sora's head, pressing their lips closer together again and he slowly tortured the teen with his hand.

Another desperate groan ripped from his throat, making Sora growl in frustration, losing the control he had only minutes ago. He felt the other hand, the one pressed against the back of his head drift away, down his back and towards the button of his pants. He hardly noticed when his pants were slipped off, all his attention on the hand that pulled away for only a moment before slipping into his underwear to touch his heated organ once again.

Sora bit Roxas's lip to hold back his cry, guilt rising in his chest as he tasted the crimson liquid that resulted before being forgotten by the wonderful friction Roxas's hand was creating. Grinding down into the hand, he could feel his world become more dizzying, his grip on Roxas's arms becoming even more painful to the blonde, making him grimace.

Suddenly he felt the other hand gently tug down the brunette's underwear, baring him to the sweltering but cool air. He felt the fingers run down his ass, slowly getting closer to…

Sora quickly grabbed Roxas wrist, making his hand freeze and stop the delicious friction it was causing, the other hand halting in it's motions as well, the blonde looking up at him, eyes clouded with lust but obviously conveying his confusion. The tanned teenager smiled down at him slyly, again, breaths coming out roughly, "Hey, I'm dominate."

Roxas grimaced, lips parting to protest when fingers were shoved inside his mouth, "Suck!"

Sora said that with… way too much delight. It just sounded disturbing.

Either way, the fingers pretty much coated themselves in his mouth, prodding his tongue into motion, running along the inside of his cheek. Roxas sighed in frustration at their withdrawal, a string of saliva breaking as they quickly pulled away, leaving it on his chin, he gazed up at the brunette in a way that he would hope would convey his aggravation.

Sora just smiled down at him, lust barely glazing his eyes over as he let his fingers trail down the blondes body, around the heated erection, to press against his entrance, Roxas was practically glaring at the happiness Sora was radiating from this. He still couldn't believe he was letting this happen, "… Fine."

Sora didn't hesitate with the first finger, making Roxas gasp and scrunch his nose up at the uncomfortable intrusion. How did Sora ever find any pleasure in that? Assuming he had been the submissive one before, and Roxas would think everyone would assume Sora the fluffy bottom-er. The brunette leaned down, gently kissing his neck as he slowly moved the finger in and out, "It's gonna hurt, the more I add in, just tell me when you're ready."

Roxas grunted, a shiver running down his spine at the brunette's words, wondering just how painful it would be. He didn't know much at all about gay sex, it wasn't like their school taught them anything about it. He was basically assuming Sora knew what he was doing.

Sora gently added in another finger, making the blonde gasp as he felt the stinging pain run through him, Sora quickly began to whisper his apologies, attempting to distract the blonde by nipping his neck once again. The scissoring was the painful part, Roxas believed that if they just stayed still, he would forget about them, as long as they never moved.

Slowly, the pain began to fade, leaving behind the pleasure, making Roxas moan lowly in his throat, slightly rocking with them. Sora nipped at his ear, "One more, sorry," the third slipped in, making the blonde groan as the pain came back, the stretching continuing once again until he was beginning to feel the pleasure. Then they retracted.

Roxas gulped nervously as he saw Sora quickly bend over the side of the bed, searching for something, he was almost afraid to know what. He suddenly realized two things: he was nervous, mentally, he really didn't want to find out how much Sora would hurt if just three of his fingers hurt that bad. Physically, though, he really just wanted to get the brunette inside him.

Relief and tension ran through his body as Sora finally sat in front of him with a bottle of lotion, (and Roxas suddenly understood the need for his search) covering his member thoroughly, making sure he would make this as easy as possible for his boyfriend, before getting back into position. Pressing against Roxas's entrance, Sora whispered, voice a little heavier than usual from his need, "Just relax, it'll make it better."

He closed his eyes, feeling Sora slowly inch in, and, at first, it wasn't too bad, a bit of pain but nothing he couldn't handle. Then he passed where he had been stretched, and the stinging pain raced up his spine like fire. He flinched, violently, making Sora start whisper apologies profusely once again.

Finally, fully inside, Roxas's knuckles were white from where he gripped Sora's arms, holding him still, his eyes squeezed shut as tight as possible. Sora's shuddering breaths caught every couple seconds it took for the blonde to adjust, making the entire situation seem to stretch on forever, like a ticking clock.

Then he rocked down, making Sora pull out and slam back in roughly, unconsciously, need taking control. Roxas moaned loudly, grip loosening on Sora's arms only just barely. Biting his lip, Sora forced himself to move slowly, to take it easy, knowing the pain it would cause if Roxas was not ready.

Roxas wasn't putting up with that, though, he couldn't hold still. He threw his arms around Sora's shoulder, letting himself grip the tanned teen's back, he moved along with him. He wrapped his legs around the other's hips, pulling him in closer, deeper, just letting the groan fall from his mouth, dignity be damned.

The speed quickened, became rougher, Sora's hands gripped his hips tightly, definitely leaving bruises. Roxas couldn't bring himself to care, though, as long as he didn't stop, for anything, as long as he kept moving. Sweat beaded on their skin, rolling from their temples and making their skin move against each other smoothly. Roxas now understood why the pain was worth it.

Suddenly, something shifted, everything being too hazy, Roxas couldn't be sure what it was, but something moved just right and sparks of white flashed across his vision, making the blonde scream. Another flash, and another, and another, Sora just kept hitting that spot again and again, his brain scattering all over his skull. Everything became their movement, nothing else mattered except releasing the coil in their stomach.

Sora reached down, a vague thought in the back of his mind remembering, he got a hold of Roxas and began stroking rapidly, in rhythm. A smirk unconsciously running to his face as he heard Roxas, quite loudly, vocalize his appreciation.

Roxas's walls suddenly clenched around him, tightly, the teen crying out as he felt his orgasm rip through him, all of his vision turning white, then black, with just the sounds of Sora's own orgasm in his ears.

He then realized it was black because his eyes were closed, blinking open his eyes dazedly to look up at his brunette boyfriend, smiling slyly down at him, he shuddered as he felt an identified liquid running down his leg. He groaned as Sora rolled to the side, pulling out of him and causing Roxas to shudder, exhaustion washed over him as Sora turned and wrapped his arms around Roxas's stomach, pulling his boyfriend against him.

"See, you liked it."

"If my screams of horror weren't a clue, I hated it. Let's never do that again."

Sora chuckled brightly, smile shining through the dark of the room, making Roxas realize the sun had already set. Sora buried his face in the blonde's neck, "I'd never be able to mistake those moans for anything except pure ecstasy."

Roxas grumbled, glaring at the wall across from him, disgruntled, "Fine, but no repeats any time soon. My ass is gonna hurt."

Sora laughed, something that sounded much more deep and… evil? Roxas raised an eyebrow at the brunette, slightly disturbed as the teen just smiled so sweetly at him, "But Rooooxie, I could make your ass feel so good again…"