I forgot to mention this, but it is now in the end of the eighth month...I'm not sure if it is accurate but I say it is the end of the eighth month so So B. It. Read that book? You should.

"Haruhi...-" but he was cut off by Haruhi.

"Hikaru, they're coming. Now." He did a double take, obviously looking for the rest of the club members, but to no avail.

"I don't see them. Are they behind this bush?" He jumped up, not unlike a ninja (hehe ninja Hikaru). No one behind the bush...

"Idiot, not them! The kids! Get me to the car NOW!" His eyes widened to the size of flying saucers (because we all know what they look like) and his jaw dropped.

"A-are you sure? Maybe you just think that their coming and in reality pirates are in your skirt and are about to come out because they are creeping me out. GET OUT OF THERE GUYS!"


"Okay." He picked up all 120 pounds of her and carried her to the car. Haruhi picked up her phone and pressed speed dial number 1.


"Haruhi? Yes?"

"They're coming."

All Haruhi hear was the phone drop and an exited fangirl squeal before Kyoya returned to the phone.

"Um...Okay, go to the hospital and I'll met you there so you can get in for free. I'll call your dad and Hikaru's mom whom you never told this to by the way...and the rest of the club of course. You should probably limit it to three people in there during the delivery so you don't feel too much pressure. I'm on my way now."

"Thank you." she hung up, "Hikaru step on it. We're meeting Kyouya at his hospital."

"Of course Mrs. Ootoori."

"Shut up, you know it isn't like that. That isn't my name."

"...then what is? Fujioka?"

"Hitachiin. Haruhi Hitachiin, Hitachiin Haruhi, whatever you like the best. It might as well be, right?"

"Yeah...but we're here." Hikaru walked around and opened the door for Haruhi, who kissed him quickly. Before screaming and cussing some.

"Go get a nurse!" Hikaru stared, like he didn't understand clear Japanese.

"Uh...a nurse...? Umm..."

"Why must I do this myself...just help me inside." They slowly walked hand in hand into the huge building where, sure enough, Kyouya and just about everyone else you could think of, was.

"Kira-kun, get this lady a wheel chair and a glass of water. Nurse Hikari, get her the best room we have, no exceptions. Tell Yumi and Angel to be ready for this one, triplets are coming."

A chorus of 'yes sirs' sounded and the nurse were off. Nurse Hikari stayed and lead Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyoya to a gigantic room, probably bigger than Haruhi's apartment.

"Sit here Ms. Fujioka. Yumi and Angel will be here shortly, so just rest for now. Just yell if you need me." she left and Hikaru pulled out a book.

"Hikaru, what are you reading?"

"The Lamaze technique. It says you should walk around."

"Is it too much to ask for me to just sit on my butt?"

"Hikaru," Kyoya warned, "I wouldn't stress her."

"Okay, but maybe you should try breathing? Okay, first in. And then out! One more time!" He got up and danced around Haruhi. "In out. In out."

"Shut up you perv. I can breathe."

The nurses and a doctor walked in.

"Okay Ms. Fujioka, remain calm and breathe deeply. Mr. Hitachiin, please sit next to her so she can strangle you and not us."

~An hour later~

The first hour was going rather smoothly. No one was out, but almost.

On the down side Kyouya had fainted from excitement, about thirty minutes in.

~Another hour later~

Now Kaoru's out of it, too.

And to be continued!

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