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Since my summary probably sucked, the basis of the story is this: Alfred sleeps with a regular person, has a kid with her, but, being the US, can't really stick around. so he leaves and the kid grows up fatherless. ;A;

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Ch. 1

There was a resounding splash as the girl went flying into the pool, her arms flailing wildly, and laughter pouring out of her mouth. Water flew everywhere, and a second later, she surfaced, still grinning. Her blonde hair was plastered to the side of her face and bright blue eyes twinkled in mirth as she mock-glared at the other girl who had shoved her in, "Aliceeee" she whined, cupping her hands together and squirting the other girl with a jet of water, "That wasn't very nice!"

The girl who had shoved her giggled, flinching as the spray of water hit her face, dead-on, "Oh c'mon Martie!" she responded, shaking her head, her black hair splaying out as she did so, "It was revenge. Revenge for last week."

Still giggling, the girl in the water, Martie, swam to the side of the pool and reaching over the side, grabbed her cap and goggles, "Coach's gonna get mad if he sees you do that again" she teased, pulling the cap over her already damp hair.

The girl on the deck, Alice, rolled her eyes. Tying up her straight hair into a ponytail, she sat down on the side of the pool, so she could better talk to the girl in the water, "Of course. He would be furious if our star swimmier, Martha Hamilton, was injured the week before state. How absolutely tragic."

Martie made a face at Alice, "Don't call me that name" she complained, "It's so old-fashioned. And you know you're not too shabby of a swimmer yourself. C'mon. Who swims under a 1:05 in her hundred breast? Certainly not me."

"You go under a :50 in your hundred free, and under a 4:50 in your five hundred" Alice retorted, "You're one of the fastest female swimmers in the state…not to mention you're a freaking beast in the weight room…you've got some of the guys whipped, you know that?"

Martie grinned, "I'm going to be the female Michael Phelps!" she proclaimed, bobbing her head up and down enthusiastically.

"Then you better get going" a voice interrupted the two girls, and they looked up into the stern face of their coach, "You're already five minutes behind schedule. Now go. You know the warm-up. Four-three-two-one."

Groaning, Martie slipped her goggles on and pushed off the wall before, stroking smoothly and falling into rhythm.

After practice, the swim team showered the changed in the locker room, Martie standing by Alice as she pulled her clothes on. "I hate being a swimmer" she groaned, as she poked at her chest, "Look. No breasts whatsoever. Instead I get these…" she scowled, pointing at her thighs, "And these" she continued, indicating towards her shoulders.

Alice shrugged, "I've got no breasts either."

"Yea, but you're so thin!" Martie whined, "I mean…look at me! I'm freaking thick!"

"Well, your main strokes are free and fly" Alice retorted, as she pulled her pants on.

"Uggh. Whatever"Martie shook her head And I hate morning practice…we now have to go to school…and fuck. Did we have a calc test today?"

Alice nodded, sighing, "You didn't study again, huh?" she asked as Martie began frantically rifling through her backpack.

"Well…I…ahhh!" she shook her head in frustration, "They were having a Star Wars marathon last night! How could I resist!?"

"I don't know." Alice responded dryly as she combed her fine dark hair, "I somehow manage."

"Well duh you manage" Martie said, rolling her eyes, "You're Asian. Meaning you're some super-genius in math and science, and if you get a B on a test, god forbid, you bring such dishonor to your family. Y'know, like that song in Mulan?"

As Martie began singing a rather off-pitch rendition of said song, Alice smiled before putting her comb in her bag and joining along. They had only gotten maybe three lines into the song when a shampoo bottle from one of the other swimmers went flying in their direction. Giggling, they dodged it and, grabbing their backpacks, ran out of the locker room to their first periods.

"I failed that." Martie moaned, dragging her feet along, "I swear, I completely and totally, one hundred percent failed that."

The two girls were walking home after school, to a series of apartments only a few blocks from the school itself.

"Well it would help if you studied" Alice chided gently, "What did you get on the APUSH test, by the way?"

"Oh that?" Martie shrugged, "110 percent."

Alice was silent, a small frowning setting over her oriental features, and Martie grinned, leaning over slightly to see her face better, "Well? What did you get?"


"AHA!" jumping, Martie laughed aloud, pointing a finger at her friend, "Again, Martie triumphs! I'm tellin' ya, Alice, there's nobody out there who knows history like I do. Especially the history of the United States of Awesome!"

"I studied so hard for that one too." Alice scowled, looking away, "Damnit, I thought I had you beat!"

"Nu-huh" Martie shook her head, "Nobody can beat me in APUSH. IT's my subject. If it makes you feel any better though, I'm barely passing Lang. Coach is freaking out."

"What?!" Alice looked surprised, "Martie, if you fail Lang, you won't be able to compete at state next week!"

"I know, I know" Martie moaned, "But I hate the books we're reading now….Seriously, I just can't read Shakespeare…ahhh! Why do we have to do a whole unit on that guy!?"

"Because he's a great literary author. I dunno" Alice shrugged.

"Yea. Well. We're at my place" Martie said, stopping, "It's so great to be on taper…we can just go straight home after school instead of doing dry land and swim practice. I've got homework to do, so I'll see you later?"

"Yea" Alice nodded, "Later"

Waving good-bye to her friend, Martie let herself into the small apartment she shared with her mother. Not to her surprise, her mother was not at home, but at work. Plopping her backpack onto the kitchen table, Martie sighed, frowning slightly. She lived alone with her mother in the tiny, one bedroom apartment, and though she hated to admit it, knew nothing of her father, save his first name. Alfred.

Her mother had met her father through the military, and well, one thing led to another, and she had Martie. "Your father was insistent on naming you Martha when you were born" her mother had explained, smiling wearily one night when Martie had complained to her mother about her name. "Martha Abigail Hamilton." If that wasn't the most old-fashioned name in the world, she didn't know what was.

Grabbing a soda from the kitchen, she shook her head. She had never met her father, but had already decided she didn't like him. What kind of scum ditched a woman with a child? "You're just like him, you know" her mother had said one night, "He loved history too, and his knowledge of the subject, especially American history was just…astounding. You have the same eyes…same hair."

Martie had been so young when this conversation had taken place, but even then she had decided she did not like her father, "I'm not like him" she said earnestly, "I wouldn't ditch a woman I made pregnant. (She hadn't quite understood the mechanisms of children making then…) So please. Don't compare me to him."

She sighed, dropping down on the couch, soda in one hand. She knew that her birth had destroyed her mother's life, and now, she was forced to hold down some crappy job as a secretary or something of the sort. Either way, she always came home late, terribly so…Martie was usually asleep by the time she came home, and on more than one occasion, had been awoken to the sound of her mother's tears.

However, despite being an only mother raising a child, they had somehow made it. Martie's mother had always been terribly lucky with the government. Often, checks would appear in the mail for no apparent reason, or their tax refunds would be ludicrously high. Martie's mother had gone in more than once to check with the local government if the paperwork had been done correctly, or if this check for "backyard beautification" was really for her when, well, she didn't own a backyard, but each time had been reassured that the money was hers. It was strange, really, as if some unseen force was working from within the government to make life easier for Martie and her mother.

Martie had been swimming her entire life. From childhood, she had been attracted to the water, and as she aged, her devotion only grew. As a freestyler and butterflyer, she was rather stocky, with huge shoulders and thick thighs. Her appetite was insatiable, but since she exercised about six hours a day, becoming overweight had never really been an issue. Her coach had tried time and time again to get her to eat healthy, but after discovering that the local McDonald's workers knew her on a first-name basis, he had given up.

"Please try to eat halfway decently on this trip" her coach begged as she climbed aboard the bus headed to state.

"Sure thing!" she nodded, throwing her bag onto the seat next to her before clambering over to where Alice sat.

The ride to the state avenue was rather uneventful, the only major issue was when some of the girls managed to get the coach's number and posted it to the side of the bus with "Call me for a great time" written under it in very girly handwriting. They pulled into the hotel around six, ate, then retired for the night. The next morning was prelims, and though Martie was pretty much a shoo-in, she wanted to be well-rested for her events.

The next morning, they awoke, and drove to the pool, screaming school cheers as they pulled up to the venue. They clambered out of the bus, had their warm-up, and then Martie, accompanied by Alice, went into the locker rooms to change into their meet suits. Throwing her bag onto one of the benches, Martie reached into it and pulled out her pride and joy; a full body Speedo fastskin. It was a relatively cheap one, perhaps only two hundred dollars, but Martie had worked for every single penny of it. "Oi. Amy" Martie said, looking over to her friend, "Help me get this thing on."

After about ten minutes of straining and tugging, the swimsuit was finally in place, "It's so tight" Martie complained, feeling the suit cut into her shoulder.

"Yes, well, apparently if the tighter the swimsuit the faster you go" Alice responded, "Maybe it's because it cuts out all your air, and you can't breathe? Then you get really desperate and swim faster. I don't know."

It wasn't long after until the meet was finally underway. Martie was swimming the maximum four events; 200 free, 500 free, 200 free relay and 400 free relay. "So…basically I'm swimming every freestyle event possible. I mean, I swim the 50 and the 100 in the relays…"

"Basically" Alice nodded.

The meet ran relatively smoothly, and Martie managed to final in almost all her events. After the 200 free, Alice came jogging over to her, smiling wickedly as Martie toweled off.

"Look over my shoulder." Alice whispered s she hugged her friend, "Ahh! But do it in a sneaky way! Not so open!"

"What's over your shoulder?" Martie asked, totally nonplussed.

"There's a really hot guy in the stands; do you see him? I said don't look openly!"

Martie looked up at the stand through her eyelashes. It was mostly comprised of screaming parents, accompanied by children screaming even louder, but as her eyes roved over the faces, one in particular caught her attention. It was a blonde man, rather handsome, with blue eyes and glasses. He was dressed casually, in a t-shirt and jeans, and there was a single strange strand of hair on his head that stuck up at an odd angle, "Do you mean the blonde with glasses?" Martie whispered into Alice's ear.

"Yes! So do you see him?"


Pulling away, Alice grinned wickedly, "He's been totally staring at you all meet." She said, "Like seriously, I walked past him a few times when you were swimming, and he was totally cheering for you! Do you know him?"

Martie frowned shaking her head slightly, "No…no. I've never seen him before…but…I feel as if I should. Does that make any sense?"

"Maybe it's clairvoyance or something!" Alice squealed, looking delighted, "Maybe you two were destined to be together! Oh! Martie's found a hot boyfriend~"

"No, you moron!" Martie blushed, shaking her head, "I just feel like I know him. I…I'm not attracted to him. I mean, yea, he's hot, but I don't know. It's strange."

Pouting, Alice crossed her arms, "You know, denial isn't going to help you."

"No, I'm serious." Martie shook her head, "I…I don't know. Anyways, c'mon! We have our final event in less than ten minutes! We need to be focused on the pool, not on some random dude in the bleachers."

"Yea yea…" Alice mumbled, crossing her arms, "Look after this, my mom and I are gonna go shopping. You wanna come?"

"Well, my mom isn't here" Martie pointed out, "She had to work. And you know Coach won't let me go out unless I have my own legal guardian."

"Damn that sucks" Alice whistled, "Really? Your mom has to work on weekends?"

Martie glared at Alice, "Hey sorry" Alice apologized, "I…I just forgot you know."

"Yea. I…I never mind. We need to focus on this race."

Forcing the strange man to the back of her head, Martie headed over to the starting blocks. She was the first leg in the relay, and as she stretched on the pool deck, she couldn't help a small smile from forming on her lips. Their relay was one of the fastest at the meet, and Martie knew it would be a huge advantage to the team if they could take first.

"Sorry, coming through-ahhh!" a young woman hurried through the crowd of swimmers and timers gathered behind the blocks, running over to the wall where the events were posted. As she ran forward, she slipped, losing her balance, and went crashing straight into Martie. The two went flying onto the pool deck, and Martie let out a gasp of pain as her head made solid contact with the deck.

"Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm so , so sorry!" the woman blushed, helping Martie to her feet.

"Nah…It's ok" Martie smiled, despite the throbbing pain in her head, "I've been through worse before. I'll be fine."

"Martie…" Alice had hurried over to the group as soon as she saw her friend falling, and now had a look of utmost terror on her face.

"Alice?" Martie asked, "What is it? I'm fine. My head hurts a little, but overall, I'm ok."

"No…" Alice shook her head, pointing, "That."

Confused Martie looked down and almost screamed at what she saw. Her swimsuit, her best and brand-new swim suit had a huge rip in it. Thankfully, nothing embarrassing was showing, but a huge tear across the stomach rendered the suit completely useless.

"Oh..my…god…" she managed to get out, looking up at Alice in horror, "What am I gonna do!?"

"Shit. I'm sorry…" the woman who had crashed into Martie looked terribly apologetic, "I really, really am…"

"Our event's in less than five minutes!" Martie cried, ignoring the woman, "Alice, what the hell am I supposed to do!?"

"You have a practice suit, right?" Alice asked.

"Yes…but it's not a meet suit!" Martie protested, "It's a drag suit! It'll slow me down!"

"That's the only suit you have?"

Martie nodded, her eyes wide with terror, "Oh shit. I…I don't have a choice, do I?"

"Either that or miss the event entirely."

"Fuck." Martie could feel the tears building up behind her eyes. Embarrassed, she wiped them from her eyes, "Oh God fucking damnit... Fuck!"

She stood quickly and, ignoring the apologetic pleas of the woman, ran over to her bag, grabbed her drag suit, and ran over to the locker rooms, covering up her stomach as she did so.

She didn't notice the worried look on the blonde stranger's face, nor how he quickly reached into his back pocket, pulling out a cell phone, "Hey Eddie? Yea. It's me Alfred. Look, could you do me a favor…?"

So~ In case some of you were confused! I think everyone's familiar enough with swimmng to figure out what they're talking about in the beginning, but if you're confused, feel free to PM me. Also, a Speedo fastskin is one of those facy suits that all the amazing swimmers wear. i'm sure you've seen them before, they were all wearing them at the olympics. a drag suit is, as the name implies, a suit that creates drag. it can be bought, or you can just use a really old, worn out suit that's really saggy...the ones you buy are slightly bigger than speedos, so the one she's talking about here is just a really old suit

Eddie- Eddie Reese- swim coach at University of Texas(Aaron Perisol and Ian Crocker swam for them!) and head coach of the 2008 US swimming olympic team. Texas is a HUGE swimming state...right up there with california.

Ok. this story will get a lot more interesting...this was just the intro chapter. imma go bury my head in teh sand now. :D