After finishing my breakfast, and using poor Nancy as a sounding board, I headed back to the Cullens house. Once I had arrived I parked Emmett's jeep and made my way to the front door. Once I entered the house I walked in to the living room where the vampires were all gathered. Interestingly Carlisle and Esme were on one side of the room, everyone else minus Edward were on the otherside. Edward sat on one of the chairs in between the seperated groups, he looked lost, he obviously didn't know where his loyalties should lie. This could get interesting then.

"Here Bella, you can take my seat." Emmett announced as he moved from beside Rosalie to make room on the couch for me.

"Thank you." I told him as I took his vacated seat and sat next to Rosalie; she immediately took my hand in hers. I appreciated the show of support. Emmett left the room and returned a few minutes later with a large mug of warmed up blood. No one had spoken a word whilst he was gone.

"Thought you might need this." He told me as he passed the mug to me."

"Thanks Em." I told hum as he moved to stand behind me and Rosalie.

"Bella, can I just say how sorry we all are about everything; we did not realise there were any ulteria motives in play." Jasper spoke out suddenly, all the time glaring at Esme.

"So you all believe me then?" I had to make sure.

"Of course we do Bella!" Alice screached from where she was perched on Jaspers lap. "When you left yesterday, she tried to say you were lying. Jasper told us that all he felt from your emotions were honesty, hurt, betrayal, fear, anger and a load of other negative emotions you should never have to be made to feel. I know that your shield protects you from my visions but I still had to look. I am so sorry Bella, but I had to make the decision that you would die so that I could get a vision, even then they were so fuzzy it was hard at first to see them. I do not know if it was because of your shield or because there is no guarantee it will happen; but from what I could see you were right, she would do as you said she would if you die."

"It seems that she has been hiding her intentions from Alice's, Edward's and Jasper's gifts." Rosalie informed me. I realised that everyone was avoiding saying Esme's name and only referring to her as 'she', when I looked towards Edward not only had he yet to say anything, he also had yet to look up from whatever was so interesting on the floor where he continued to stare.

"Edward?" He finally looked at me when I spoke his name. "Do you not have any thoughts on this? Do you not have anything you want to say?" I had to ask, I really needed to know what he was thinking, I hoped he believed me.

"I do not know what to think? What do you want me to say?" He was clearly distressed by the situation.

"I want you to say you believe me! I want you to promise you would never let that happen! And more importantly I need to know that if I asked you that you would choose me and our children over Esme."

"What?" Esme shouted out. "You can not expect him to choose you over his family!"

"I'm not Esme, I'm asking him to choose between me and his children or you." I told her as calmly as I could. "The others are welcome in our lives, you are not!"

"How can you do this Bella?" Esme pleaded.

"I could ask you the same thing Esme!" I told her slowly losing my patience. "Even now all you care about is getting your hands on my babies. Don't think I haven't noticed that since I walked in to this room all you've done is stare at my belly. Even when speaking to me just now you spent more time looking at my stomach than my face; you just couldn't help yourself could you?"

"Bella, what do you plan to do?" Rosalie asked me.

"I think it's best that I leave." I told her.

"Then I'm coming too!" She told me. Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Peter and Charlotte all quickly agreed they were coming too.

"You can not all leave!" Esme shouted as she stood. "What about money? A place to live?"

"Actually we all have our own private bank accounts, under our original names." Jasper informed her. "As part of my military training I kept our money seperate for in cases of emergency in case we needed to split at any point or need money without it being traced to the Cullen name. I sort everyones accounts and add to the balances based on stock information Alice gives me. So we are not financially dependent on you and can easily buy or rent a house where ever we choose to go."

"No you can not all leave me!" Esme was not taking the news well at all. "You are all my children, and Bella you are carrying my grandchildren!"

"Actually Esme, they are not your grandchildren." I informed her. Edwards head shot straight up to face me, a look of devastation on his face. He actually thought I meant they weren't his babies. "These babies had two grandmothers, Renee and Elizabeth." I told her, I then glared at Edward for his assumption.

"No Edward is my son!" Esme argued. "That makes me their grandmother!" She was getting desperate.

"Esme you're delusional! You've been playing the same role for so long you believe it's real. Edwards mum died, you are not his mother, therefore my babier are nothing to do with you!"

"That is enough!" Carlisle finally spoke; Esme returned to her seat with a sob. I turned to Edward again.

"Edward, you have to choose. I can't be around Esme any more so you need to decide if to come with me or stay with Esme."