Little woke up earlier than usual the next morning. He stretched, and walked out toward the middle of the camp. Looking around, he realized that they had never started moving yesterday. Haha, Birch probably forgot. No one probably cares. If we did, we would have reminded him. Maybe we can stay a little longer. I want to find out more about that tree and the cat I smelled. But how?

Then Little saw Birch walk out of from underneath the big rock, which was where his nest is. Little immediately went over to his leader.

"Good morning, Birch" Little greeted Birch.

"Oh, good morning. Did you want to go on another walk? Or is there something else you wanted?" Birch replied.

"Um, well actually I did want to go on another walk if that was ok with you."

"You don't have to ask me. You can just let me know if you want. I may play the role of your father, but you are old enough in my opinion to go places without someone's permission." Birch said.

"Ok, ok, ok. I'll keep that in mind." Little said impatiently. He didn't want to listen to Birch give him his long speeches. He wanted to go to that tree!

"Well off you go then. Unless you need something else." Birch said boringly.

"… Oh yeah! Could we stay here another night or two? I really like this camp, its nice and… warm. And rocky. I love rocky places." Little rushed a little awkwardly.

Birch laughed a little. "I'll think about it." Little could tell he wasn't going to say anymore.

"Ok, see you." He said. And with that, he walked out of the camp and went the same way he had gone the day before. When he found the tree, he didn't start sniffing it out looking for clues, he just sat there for a long time, staring at the tree, thinking. Ha, if Forest was here, she would never let me just sit here. I probably should do something beside sit here; I didn't come here just to stare at a giant tree.

So Little got up and walked around the tree, still a little spaced out. A few times he tripped over the huge roots that were practically sticking strait out of the ground. But all he did was say "ow" and kept walking, still spacing out.

After a while he tripped again, but it didn't feel like a root of any kind. It felt… smooth. Like a stone. Little got up, but didn't start walking again. He looked down at where his paws were and saw this small, round, flat stone at his paws.

"Huh, what this?" Little said to himself. He picked it up, and carefully, making sure he didn't drop it or swallow it, he brought it over to a tree stump that was near the big tree. He put it down; quickly looked around to make sure no one was around, and studied the rock carefully. What are these strange patterns? This is weird…

Little just stared at the little rock intensely, trying to figure out what kind of patterns was on it. After a few moments, he began to notice that there was some strange shape on the front of it. At first it looked like nothing, but the more he looked at it, the more he saw what the mysterious shape was.

It started out looking like some sort of bush. Then he noticed that the shape seemed to be divided into four. Looking a little closer, he noticed the pointy things on top of each division. Wow, he thought, those look a lot like ears… Little looked a little more carefully, great mother of mice! They are ears! Don't tell me that these are what I think they are… as he looked at the patterns; he discovered that there were tails sticking out of them at the bottom. Okay, it is what I think it is. All four of the shapes were cats! Suddenly, Little gasped. One of the cat shapes had shorter legs than the others! That can't mean its about me…. Or does it? Either way this is starting to creep me out a little.

Even though Little knew what the shape was, he just kept staring at it, not believing his eyes. He wished the cats weren't just silhouettes. It might have been a little clearer to him if he could see what the color of their pelts was. The cat next to the short legged one, Little noticed, seemed to be a little different then the others since its body was sideways. Maybe it's a sign. Little cocked his head to one side.

Then he looked up to see how long he had been there. The sun was high in the sky now, and he had been there since before it came up. I should be heading back now; I should be doing something else instead of just staring at a rock. Little looked at the rock again. I should hide it somewhere, so no one can find it but me. But where?

Little picked up the small rock, and walked around the big tree. He walked around a few times before he found a little hole in the base of the trunk of the tree. He went into a crouch and peered inside of it.

"This is perfect!" Little said to himself, breaking the silence. Since he hadn't said a word that whole time, being absorbed in his own thoughts, there hadn't been a sound.

He set the rock down in the small hole carefully, and then stepped back. He made sure that no one could just happen to see it as they walked by, by walking past it himself. After countless tests to make sure no one could take it, he began on his way back to camp, hoping that Birch hadn't decided they would be leaving tomorrow.

But then again, I did ask him if we could stay longer. Maybe he considered it and would say yes! I should just wait. I don't want to get on his nerves and seem more impatient then I already am. With that thought, he continued walking on the path to the camp without another thought in his mind. He was just starting to space out again when he made it to the camp.

The moment he walked in, Forest was practically in his face

"Where were you? I wake up this morning, happy as can be, hoping for a good day, and I look over to see if your awake, and your not even in your nest no where to be found! Where in the name of giant rocks did you go? Forest blurted out. It took Little awhile to respond, since she popped out of nowhere and suddenly started yelling at him.

"Uh, err…" He stammered at first.

"Well?" She prompted impatiently.

"I was…" Little thought quickly, he didn't want Forest to know about that tree, especially the stone, " exploring!"

"… Exploring?" Forest repeated slowly. Little couldn't read her expression. But he did sense a little bit surprise coming from her.

"Yes, I was exploring. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Um, no, no, but is that ok with Birch?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, I asked him before I left." Little responded.

Forest sighed. "Fine. I forgive you for scaring me to death. I'll talk to you later ok? Bye!"

Still amazed by how dismissive his sister was, he just watched her walk away toward their dad. He just shook his head and decided to ask if he could go on the next hunting patrol. Even as he walked toward Birch, he still thought about the rock he had discovered earlier that day. What could that shape mean?

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