Summary:  The eternal debate rages on, and the men of DA share their own preferences.

A/N:  (or explanations)  Late night cramming… strange thoughts come to mind.  Oh, c'mon—can you honestly say that you've never asked yourself this question while you were watching the show?

Disclaimer:  Alec isn't mine.  Neither are the rest, but really, who cares?

Boxers or Briefs?

Logan:  Boxers or briefs?  Well, I would have to say my personal preference goes to the briefs.  Vintage, pre-pulse, Hanes.  They just don't make them the way they used to.  And these new manufacturing companies are secretly employing illegal immigrants to work in dangerous, sub-standard conditions, and using the proceeds of their sales to fund the purchase of weapons for guerilla operations in South America.  Innocent people are dying as we speak, and we can't just sit idly by and let them keep doing this.  Hold that thought—I have to go page Max.  It looks like I've got a new mission for her.

Sketchy:  I can't remember.  You wanna check for me? …  Ow!  A simple 'no' would have been enough.  The honeys just don't appreciate Sketchy.

Zack:  Boxers, definitely boxers.  Briefs restrict movement and increase body temperature, and over prolonged periods of time have been shown to reduce the production of sperm cells.  You have to keep the soldiers at peak levels, ready to move out a moment's notice.

Joshua:  Boxers or briefs?  Boxers or briefs.  Boxers or briefs! …  What are.. boxers or briefs?

Alec:  What was Logan's answer?  Oh come on, you can tell me…  It was tighty whiteys, wasn't it?  Predictable.  Me, I go commando.  Why bother with an extra layer for some lovely young lady to have to remove when I can make things so much easier?

Normal:  Leopard print thong.  It's an acquired taste.

White:  What did those transgenic freaks pick?  I'll go with the opposite.