Chapter One

"Avery,try hitting the target one more you can do it this time." Malcolm Yelled across the field. I Balanced my Arrow,took a deep breath.

Here Goes Nothing.... She thought to her still couldn't believe the council choosed her to be an archer...I've been practicing since i was I'm 17.

Nothing has changed. I letted go of the didn't hit the target..instead it went flying above the trees. "Eh..I think that's enough for today Avery." Malcolm said with a sigh.

" long have you been teaching students again..." I keep forgetting how old he is... "Oh,Young elves are there memory...I've Been teaching for about 3,256 years...."

He rolled his eyes and rubbed his temples. "Now get going,remember... council meeting tonight... you must be home before 6:30..." he said and started walking back to the city of Elves.

Elderlin. "Right...stupid laws.." I whispered to myself. I starting walking back to city wasn't tht big nor that small... Most of its population were Moon,Avriel,Lythri,Gold,snow,and wild elves.

The town is surrounded by a large we call it lake of E' Gil-Enrai. And The Forest of Creatures roam those areas. Such as

Griffins,Gansas,Salamanders,Etc. the Rest i haven't yet to see...There is something weird in that forest though...There is some-what like a wall,that doesn't let no one go beyond that point. and no one

knows why. I approached the Huge Entrance to the city. The Doors Open Wide. once you enter you'll see shops,buildings,parks,and homes. "Hello Avery,hows archery working out." .

"I'm improving,I guess.." I lied. "Well then, would you like to come in for some grub." She asked a simple Smile. "I'm Sorry I'm in a hurry to get home today." I said. :"very Well,good bye my

safe hun." I smiled and nodded. and Kept going. was kind old lady...she was a lytharil.I've only seen her in her true form. she looked like she was in here 60's.. but we all know she's MUCH older

than that. I remember she would take care of me when i was young..I used to pull her long brown hair and she would curse in an language i didn't know. I miss the old days when i could go around and have

fun. I stopped in front of my house. It wasn't a huge it was okay.. since i only lived with my mom. I barely see my Mom. She's the Head Member of the council. Lucia. People say i look much like

her. For instance, I have her long Light brown i have my fathers Light Blue Eyes. I Never got to know My father. My mother once told me he died before i was even born. I searched through

my pockets for my keys. I eventually found i got in there was such a silence.. then I heard a babyish growl. "Akazi come here girl." I yelled. The Small Albino tiger cub came running towards me. In

Elderlin,we were only allowed to have few Example, a tiger. Akazi was getting bigger and bigger each day.. Soon i would be able to take her with me for hunting sooner or later Akazi

will be a grown female. so that means she will have to be sleeping the yard. I approached the kitchen.I fed akazi the usual. Scraps of meat. and Now to take my super long bath and go to sleep. Tomorrow I

Must be Awake before 5:30AM Hunting Practice,and school of course..Where We are taught the laws and others.

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