Why why do I have to let him go tons of other peopele live evil ones murders physcos and just ghastly peopele..Maybe I can just get my reward I can get vincent back…………What a sweet idea dinah get you your vincent back is that what you want asked bali bali dinahs skin was crawling. she remembered her complaining of vincents death and she knew he was her reward and she couldn't wait to have him back. he madeHer so happy and she wanted to tell him something.

Hey lets get the road on the show said edaniel. Brother the expression isGet the show on the road said an exasperated edrear .Edrear cares for hisBrother edaniel but edaniel has been more hyper then usual today over theReturn over edrear finds vincents jealousy over theSlightest attention Dinah gives him is rather it obvious how Dinah feels on that manner.

bali bali gave Dinah a piece of ancient paper that looked like the slightestTouch would ruin it but you could stomp on it and set it on fire and itllBe brand new. Dinah and her guardians were in front of vincents graveHis parents haven't return from one of there was standing in frontOf it while wearing a frilly dress thatwas made out of the pattern VincentGave her the white back ground and the littele red rose was wearingA red rose in her looked better than usual she seemed started resitting the paer

As your unearthly demise has come to you I absoulutely despise.

Why do you have to go? I want to be with you the. The living want to be with you so let your bones and body renew

Your heartbeat reset your soul return to you be as and who you once

Were be like the rising phoenix and renew!

The earth started to shake the sky lit down a beam of brilliant lightOnto vincents grave every thing was shining bright and a blonde woman wearing a fancy dress came running withA man that looked somewhat like Vincent came along as well.(Vincent takes after his mother more though).Came shouting what was going why there was aDirt pile on the front lawn..When a loud annoyed shout erupted the marriedCoupeles shouting.

YOU ARE THE WORLDS WORST PARENTS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dinah thank you for brining me back to the living said VincentLooking like his usual self but he was slightly taller and quitehead over heels(even more than usual) over dinahMom dad we have to talkNow! Said Vincent Dinah well catch up later you too edianiel Edrear as Vincent led to very bewildered parents along with him.

authors notes so few bizenghast fan fics hope you enjoyI love the series its gonna be a two shot so here we go!