sup everyone? well this is the prologue/preview/flashback thing of my new story death did we part. as you can obviously see, it's a Percy Jackson/twilight crossover. it'll be mostly PJO, and there may not be much seen of the Cullens at all, but this chapter features none other than....Bella! she's a vampire. oh and mystery girl and ze'evi are my oc's. I pick all OC names carefully, so i would look it up if you really want to know the meanings...unless I tell you. so now enough of my rants, on with the story! ;)

"please! Just do it! I will be forever grateful. I do mean forever."
"I can't! I'll hurt you and ruin it all! Or your plan won't work! Or something!"
Ugh"Bella, you're acting like a human! Please do me this one favor! If you do it I'll be free of Ze'evi forever!"
"yes but, it will be so much more you'll lose."
"Bella, believe me when I say I already lost most of it anyway."
"alright, I guess we'll do this."

~this is an oh so magic time lapse~

"BELLA!! WHY IS IT BURNING?" the girl screaming thrashed violently on the table she was strapped to, her black hair waving wildly around her face.
"the venom does that. It burns your blood to evaporation." Bella said wincing at the pain her friend was going through.
"I've felt worse." the girl seemed to whisper through her clenched teeth, attempting to calm her own pain.
"How can you have felt worse than dying?" Bella asked incredulously.
"look at my back. Look at the scars on my back."
If Bella were still human, she would have rolled her eyes."not while you're strapped down."
The girl gazed sadly out the window.
"I'm sorry father. I'm sorry sister. I'm sorry Ze'evi and Nico." she whispered so low only Bella could hear, "I have failed you all. Especially Nico." Then she passed out.
"is she unconscious?" Bella turned to the voice, a native American boy at about age 15.
"yes Zev, and she somehow is being sped through the transformation." Bella replied sadly
"it's her uncle. most likely her father asked for help." the boy mumbled to himself
"but her father is dead and gone, Ze'evi. How could he help?" Bella snapped, confusion and sadness edging her voice.
Ze'evi gave her a sad look then simply said "you just can't understand."

I know you are all wondering alot of things:

why does this girl want to die?

who is she?

who is her dad and sister?

what does she have to do with Nico?

what the heck is her freaking name?

why do you have to do such a cliffie?

I'll answer the last one: because i can. and questions 3-5 will be answered next chapter.

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