Author's Note: A bit of fluff, born of a rainy Moscow afternoon. Enjoy!

"Outta my way, little man."

"You know, I'm only two inches shorter than Mal."


"And Zoe's not actually taller than me. Only looks it 'cause her boots have heels."


"So I'm not a little person. Little people can't reach as high. They take longer to climb stuff, too "

"Ya comin' to a point any time soon? Guns don't clean themselves."

"My point is, why do you call me little man?"

"'Cause it bugs ya."

"You don't have nicknames for any of the others, except River."

"Yer the two get on my nerves the most."

"Fair enough, but can't you think of something more, um, accurate for me?"

"When I first met ya, I thought o' ferret-face, but ya shaved. Moonbrain's already taken. Blondie comes ta mind, sorta."

"Well, I'm more of a strawberry blonde, but okay, let's give it a try."

"Nah, ain't gonna inflict a girly name on another fella. Been on the receivin' end o' that my whole life. Trust me, little man, things is better this way."