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this story will be reposted under my new pen name for non twilight fanfiction TheRaeVenAndTheWolf when fanfiction allows me too in two freaking days. this is just a little oneshot about what could have been the starting point for Severus and Lily's relationship. Severus is my favourite Harry Potter character and i wish things could have turned out better for the poor guy.

I'd also like to make a big thank you to PyrusAngel for helping me with this :D.

All lyrics in italics, the lyrics are from the song Cosmic Love, by Florence and the Machine

This may be continued as a series of oneshots based on songs from the album Lungs from Florence and the Machine.

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyesI screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it's left me blind

Outside the night was still, but alive with stars, and the great full pearl moon. Somewhere out in the vastness of the forbidden forest, a werewolf ran with an unconventional pack of a dog, a stag, and a rat. It was a summers night even though, September was cooling, and the breeze was sweet relief in the humid heat. Inside sat two friends in a forgotten classroom, both shoeless, socked feet pressing to the cooler stone of the floor. She wore rolled up brown combats, white little ankle socks, and a dark green tank top. He wore loose fitting black cotton slacks, which he had rolled up in the heat, and a dark blue shirt, which also had to have its sleeved rolled up, also top buttons undone. Revealing toned lean muscles, that are otherwise hidden, and unnoticed in their quiet strength. Her legs also looking well curved, and toned as they stayed only a little away from his, only lightly bronzed compared to his alabaster skin.

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown outYou left me in the dark

Her eyes were burning emeralds in the glowing handle light. Her hair the envy of the flame in its brilliant auburn red. It hung in silk webs from her head to the shell of her ear, to her chest, and the hand that rested against that one flush cheek. She was concentrating too hard, the dark pink lips pouted the nose slightly twitched like a rabbit in annoyance. She finally allowed a heart worn sight to pass through the lips and dropped the quill that had been loosely cradled between her forefinger and thumb with little intention of use.

Her eyes lifted from the object of her frustration, a transfiguration essay that had made itself particularly difficult , and spied a look at her fellow worker. The pale yet healthy skin that glowed in the flame light, framed by ebony locks that she thought most beautiful. Black velvet that was currently gathered up at the nape of a strong yet lean neck in a dark green ribbon ever the house colours. It was always worn this way when he felt comfortable enough not to hide his face, and was considerably more convenient when working. The nose, she smiled affectionately at it. Although he considered it a hindrance and offensive, the young woman opposite him considered it a merely a statement piece in a grand room. Indeed the dark strong eyebrows, the unusually long eyelashes, and the black pearl eyes. Onyx and undeniably sensual and when in the right company fully open windows to the troubled man's soul. He was strangely beautiful, seductive in a way that merely hung in the air around him in his very aura.

No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilightIn the shadow of your heart

She cast her eyes down again afraid of been caught in her observations of her companion. Instead she chewed lightly on her bottom lip her work long since forgotten. However she was wrong to have thought that he had paid only his work his attentions.

He'd noticed that she had removed her make-up for their late night study session. He was not offended that she had not dressed up for him but considered himself honoured that she felt comfortable enough in his company to come completely as herself.

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeatI tried to find the sound

He also observed that she had considered her essay a lost cause and was now watching the moon from the window their desk was next to. Unsure he moved his hand across the distance between them, although sometimes he felt there was too much distance to cross. He laid his larger hand over her small nimble one and she immediately pinned him with those emeralds.

"Lily" he breathed his voice already a mans" what are you thinking?"

But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,So darkness I became

Shy looked at him in earnest her eyes unmasked he braced himself. For he knew in true house fashion she was about to be beautiful truthful with him.

She turned her hand upwards into him palm and traced the lines there. She wondered if a whole life could really be read upon a hand. His hands did tell stories, a few scars paler across the ivory skin, the skin deep potion stains of an outstanding student, the carefully clipped nails and the elongated elegance of the fingers. Yes these were Severus's hands and she would know them anywhere.

"I was thinking of you and the darkness" she said and although it was a whisper there was confidence in the voice.

I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a map

He tensed his walls rose up around him and she could feel it from there palms pressed together.

"Not like that Severus" she said slowly and pointedly.

Still he did not relax and she felt fierce determination to rid him of those walls she so rarely saw when he was alone with her.

"Lily I know that I am not quite the shining light that Potter shoves blindingly in our faces and I do not need you to remind me so" he said the harsh sarcasm and the hurt all wound up in his voice the lip tilted in a sneer revealing white pointed teeth.

Still his hand remained pressed to hers equally warm as her own. Lily shifted not uncomfortably but more in preparation, her socked foot briefly brushed past his own shoe free feet.

And knew that somehow I could find my way back

"Severus you are not James" she said surely Severus eyes lit with anger and hurt that only Lily could identify.

Severus readied himself to make a snide remark and make his exit so he could be left with his sorrows.

"And I am glad for it" she said those carefully manicured fingers reaching to brush the sensitive underside of his wrist where she could feel his veins and that hurried pulse.

Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness tooSo I stayed in the darkness with you

Surprise an unusual light to be seen in his eyes but Lily knew it well for she constantly surprised him. She was a puzzle he had difficulty figuring out and just when all the pieces would slide into place he would realise he was building the wrong picture all along.

"Why?" he asked so much hung of that word.

It was as if he was asking why she ever even chose him as a friend, why they were sitting there now, why she felt he was worthy of her friendship of herself.

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

"Severus do not begin to imagine I take joy from the light, I am my own flame and I do not want to appear a mere reflection of another's light. Severus I need a sky not a sun, a darkness a vast darkness in which to feel secure. I'm no moon that steals another's light I am a sun, and you Severus are a great darkness, beautiful and faultless lacking only one thing. There is no darkness without light Sev, and no light without the darkness. I don't want to change you, nor light up your darkness I want us to complete what is missing. I will become darkness for you Severus, I will share my light with you all I want if your night in return"

You left me in the dark

He was frozen as he listened more intently to these words than any that he had ever heard before, the emerald fires stone with determination. This was truth, it was impossible truth. Suddenly Severus realised he had never felt so connected to another human being in all his life. Never had he felt that someone had seen the whole of him, and now he had and they had accepted it, welcomed it wished to embrace. For a moment he considered denying it, shying away from the light, from this precious offer and retreating to the safety of his own shell where nothing could hurt him. Or so he liked to think.

No dawn,

He knew that this was a moment that if he did not embrace he would regret for the rest of his life, it would eat at him until there was nothing left but that shell. The mask her wore. He wanted to be forever what he was with her and now she had opened up that door for him. A door that he had not thought had existed.

no day,

Dare he abandon tactical practicality of his Slytherin ways and go full heartedly into Gryffindor bravery. Severus was not a coward, and he did not bend his will for fear. Severus knew that she should take this chance while it was in front of him rather than watch if flee out the door.

After her confession Lily had watched on nervously as the object of her affection thought over his options. She grew fearful that she had made a mistake, that she had misinterpreted his long glances, and casual touches as something more than they were. Now it was her turn to brace herself for rejection. Then her hand was lifted carefully from the oak of the table her eyes followed that hand as it was pressed to his warm lips his eyes closed, peaceful. Then they opened bright intelligent onyx all the walls down and shattered she could see his soul.

I'm always in this twilight

Her cheeks flushed for Severus to kiss her hand was as good as a confession from her reserved friend.

"I will give you my darkness Lily but I warn you I am a selfish man. You'll be in the darkness and you will only be able to find me, I will not let anyone else have you. If you give me your light I will use it to guide you to me always, I will never give up on you, never let you go… I will not give you to another man Lily. I do not wish to possess you, I just want you to know that I will not handle it easily if you change your mind" his voice was strong and dangerously venerable all at the same time.

Lily felt her heart clench painfully then release and a hundred worries washed away immediately she was out of her chair and without letting go of his hand on top of the table. Severus was wide-eyed as she reached up her free hand to his face and she could swear she could hear their hearts beating.

In the shadow of your heart

"I'm yours, this who I am now, I do not know myself without you Sev. I'm already blinded all I can see is you, I will never change my mind, not as long as you are near" her voice was so filled with emotion that it spilled over to her tears.

A falling star fell from your heart

She had waited for such a long time in fear to tell him how she felt. She never thought it would be like this. She was ready to give in, to hand herself over to James Potter if it meant he would be disgusted with her after her confession. If it would make him happy she would happily be blinded forever.

He stroked away her tears with his thumb then slowly stroked up from her face to her hair and wrapped his fingers in the flames there. His other hand left her grasp to cradle the back of her neck and draw her closer. Until delicately as if the moment would break if he did not handle it with care he pressed his lips to hers. The world awoke. Suddenly stars, moons and stars were no more, just each other and the sound of their breathing.

and landed in my eyes

Her arms locked round his neck as he pulled her onto his lap and kissed what remained of tears, and fears away. Into the dark sky they became inconsequential stars like the freckles across her face.

They parted a little and she lay her head on his broad shoulder as he stroked patterns on he lower back. He was memorising the moment storing it away for future use, he felt pity for any dementor that may seek his soul now. It belonged to another and she had given him the tools to guard it well.

I screamed aloud, as it tore through them,

"I do love you Lily Evans" he mumbled into her hair.

"as I do you" she said with a smile against his neck.

In the distance a wolf howled, but they paid no mind it could not reach them now. The world could wait until tomorrow, but for now they had a little sanctuary. No dark lords and young marauders to worry about. There was however a transfiguration essay that was unlikely to ever get the full attention it needed.

But lets hush now, and leave these young lovers, I'll blow out the candle for them with the breeze so they may rest. Tomorrow is only a night away after all.

and now it's left me blind…

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