"Miho, there's something that I should have told you before, but I couldn't because I didn't want to lose you," Morioka Ginei held my hands, "Miho, I...."

"Miho? Is that you?" A tall man with spiky black hair ran up to me, shoving Gin aside.

"Daddy!" I hugged him.

"Daddy?!" Gin sputtered, looking at a man who looked no more than two years my elder.

"Oh, Miho! What are you doing here in a place like this? Never mind that, it's been so long since we last saw each other! Miho~!" My father continued to ignore Gin.

"Uh, daddy, this is Morioka Ginei-"

He looked at him, sizing him up, "I don't like 'im. Where's Ruby? Now she's a nice girl."

Ever since my dad "came out", he's been insistent that I should end up with Ruby. I think he's just joking, but my brothers keep saying that he's not. But they're just being jerks when they say that.

"I'm right here, Gouka-ojii-chan!" Ruby jumped back out of the van with everyone.

"Ojii-chan?" Moka, back to her normal outer-self, looked around for an old man.

"Everyone," I looked proudly up at my father, "This is my father, Fushichou Gouka-sama."

"Fushichou?" Kurumu asked because we had different last names.

"In our culture, because the female is weaker, the males take her last name to honor her, but when there is a split, or in a freak case, death, the male resumes his last name. Though with my eldest brother, he simply has another father." I explained as Ruby introduced everyone.

"Death? But I thought that phoenixes are immortal." Kokoa asked.

Mizore answered her, "That's why it's called a freak accident."

My father answered this time, his cheery personality now dark and depressing, "My wife, my precious Jouka, was out hunting in the human world, and she was--She was killed. Eaten, by a pack of ravenous, murderous mutts. A pack of normal wolves ate her."

Everyone, including myself, looked at the werewolf with us, "Um, actually daddy, it's a funny thing you should mention it-"

"I hate any cainine creature, pure-bloods or not! Those furry bastards, the entire gene should parish in a flaming pit of-"

"Dad." My eldest brother, Hunter (his father was American), walked over with our only other brother, Jinto.

"Excuse me, but unless medical assistance is needed, please leave the premisise." A nurse came out from the building.

"Sorry, I'll be right in." Jinto waved at her and explained to me, "I work here now."

"Oh. Oh! If you see my records," I mouthed the rest so dad wouldn't hear, "Don't tell dad."

He nodded and excused himself for work.

"So is that why you're here?" I asked Hunter.

"Yep. Dad was giving us a ride to work," He looked back at Gin, who was standing back from everyone else, "Hey, who's that suspicious-looking guy?"

"Morioka Ginei." I answered, smiling over at him.

"I don't like him." He shrugged and looked over to Ruby, who he had the hots for, "Hey, what have you been up?"

She blinked at him, "A lot of different things."

"Say, do you kids have a place to stay while your here?" My dad looked around at everyone, "Why don't you all stay with us?"

"Sounds great!" Kurumu smiled, wrapping her arms around Tsukune.

"But if you can't handle heat, you had better be careful." I warned Mizore, knowing that snow and heat aren't a good combination.

She wrapped her arms around Tsukune's free side, "I'll manage."

"Alright then, why don't you kids head over while I drop off hunter?" My dad, a very important and busy man despite his attitude, liked to keep his children under his sight for as long as possible.

"Kay," Ruby waved.

So we all got back into the van, Gin and I in the front. Ruby explained the layout of the house to the others while I spoke to Gin under my breath.

"Please, bare with it while we're here? My father is very protective of his children, and his youngest in particular." I was the baby and the only girl in the house, so it stood to reason.

"They really don't like me, do they?" He asked.

I rested my head against the window, "I think they know that I care about you, but then again, the both of them have been claimed among our kind to have the best intuitions. Well, the important thing is how we feel about each other, right?"

I can't believe this trip went from seeing if I was pregnant or not to trying to introduce Gin to my family.

"Hey, you're back." The gaurd at the front gate let us in.

"Oh. My. God. This is where you live?" Kurumu's jaw dropped.

My house, one of the many places connected to the school by the multidimensional tunnel, was in a place where it was almost always summer. Summer flowers of every variety bloomed, the rushing and gurgling of a river that past in the middle of the town crashed peacefully against the pebbly sand that smoothed out by the river's delta. Most houses were windowless and door-less so the air blew without too much opposition. My house was the biggest and most luxurious in sight. It was scarlet brick with a glass roof and gold doors and knockers. A pitch-black gate stood open all around it.

"This is where I live." I led them inside.

"It gets more beautiful each time I see it!" Ruby squealed excitedly.

"This place could rival our home." Kokoa looked around in amazement.

"So, I think that each of you can have your own room." I counted everyone and all the rooms, "Actually, some will have to share a room. Moka-san, would you mind sharing with Ruby and I?"

She nodded, a bit taken back, "That's fine with me."

"Ru-can, can you help sort everyone out?" I asked, leading Gin to the room next to mine.

"Alright." She led Tsukune to the room on the other side of mine.

Yukari was placed across from Gin, Mizore was opposite me, Kokoa was next to that, and Kurumu was next to Yukari.

If you came into this without first reading Zero, I'll explain the current situation. Noyamano Miho, a phoenix, was at a party and got very drunk for the first time. She was so drunk, she had sex with a guy that she can't remember the identity of. When she went on a trip with the newspaper club, who her crush, Gin, was in, she was blackmailed by a kitsune, Kuyou. At the end of Zero, she found out that she was pregnant and her friends beat Kuyou. After his defeat, Gin, who had become her boyfriend by this time, was trying to tell her something, but her father came along and interrupted him.