SEQUEL! Just some quick information, Pierce and Gray know nothing about what happened during Childhood Wonder, but Joker does.

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Summary: It's been a couple months since Alice hurt herself... Now the land has switched to Joker. At a visit to the circus, the Jokers decide they want Alice to take a trip back into her childhood. The ending result happens to throw Alice in the back in the country where all the role holders have been transformed into kids. Let's see how long she can go before she cracks. Sequel to Childhood Wonder.


Chapter 1: Yeah, I'll just Stop Helping…

"Yeah, so I'll take that as a no…" Alice trailed off as she looked Joker whose face was rapidly becoming an angry shade of red. The color could easily rival with Blood's own face while the Mafioso looked just about ready to murder everyone in his sight. The Joker soon let out a string of profanities that made Alice, the twins, and Boris flinch. Now they could tell both Jokers' were heavily cursing as now two voices began overlapping one another. Joker gave each of them one final glare before turning on his heel.

"You damn brats!" He growled as he walked back into the tent.

"Blood, wait! Come back!" Alice cried attempting to chase after the mafia boss that stomped back off into the crowd. The twins, now in their adult forms, caught her by both her hands as she struggled against their hold. "Ugh!" She sighed in defeat as he disappeared in the crowd in the circus.

"I don't see why he got so mad…" She pouted while crossing her arms. Boris chuckled at her expression while the twins looked at her in disbelief. "I mean I was only trying to help…"

"Alice." Dee said seriously, "You just tried to hook him up with the Joker."

Alice sighed, "I thought he'd be open to options! He seems like the type that likes red heads!"

"Do you understand us Alice?" Dum asked her while gripping her shoulders, "The JOKER."

Frowning Alice kicked the dirt under her feet, "It was worth a shot… Even though it was kind of a horrible match up."

"No kidding." Boris commented with a snicker. Alice stuck her tongue out, "Well, how the heck was I suppose to know Joker was straight!?"

The twins gave her a look, "That isn't what we meant…"

As they said this, sirens went off causing all of them to turn curiously down the alleyway they were in. Gowland was strapped to a stretcher as faceless began carrying him away. His face was pure red as he continued letting out loud barks of laughter that caught more attention to him. "My lungs! HAHAHAHA! Hurry and get me to life support! My kidney's going to implode at any minute! RAHAHAHA! Dupre is such a Homo!"

The three role holders scowled at him as he was carried away, his laughter slowly fading away.

"You gave the old man a better show than the circus could provide, that's for sure…" Boris shook his head, "Also on the plus side, it was pretty rare to see both the Jokers swearing up a storm." He grinned.

Dee laughed, "That was pretty funny, but not nearly as funny as when Alice tried to set Peter and Boss up!"

By now, the guys were cracking up as Alice pouted. Boris looked over at both of them a huge grin on his face, "Did you guys record that one?"

"I'm surprised we were able to when we were about to die from laughter at the look Peter had!" Dum chuckled.

"It's not my fault! I thought that since Blood was into Elliot that he liked rabbits!" She insisted with a pout.

Boris flicked away a tear that came out his eye from laughing, "I think you should stop having those 'thoughts' and just stop helping. Your ideas left the rabbit nearly scarred and Blood almost had an aneurysm."

"Yeah, when you think about it; Alice's ideas only results in someone getting a good laugh and her and someone else getting humiliated." The twins laughed out.

Alice glared at them with annoyance. "Hmph, whatever guys." She turned on her heel and began walking the same way Joker had gone.

"Ahaha! Alice, come back!" She heard them call after her, "We were just joking!" In between each word was a gasp of laughter making their statement meaningless.

She should stop thinking and helping… That was such a rude thing to say… It wasn't like she was trying to harm anyone.

Putting on a scowl, Alice refused to turn back as she was soon enveloped in a crowd of faceless.

"Hey guys, where are Alice and Blood?" Elliot asked coming by with everyone's food in his arms. The three role holders immediately took what they had ordered,

"Oh, you missed it. Alice tried setting up Blood and Joker."

"Wait, what!?"

"Then Alice ran off after we laughed at her and Boss got pissed off." The twins answered as Elliot looked at them incredulously.

"And you didn't try to get them back!?" He shouted at them.

Boris bit his caramel apple, "Last I checked Alice isn't five anymore. She'll be alright." Dee and Dum nodded in agreement as they licked their snow cones.

"Are you sure? Especially when you have a pissed off Blood looking for her!?"

The second he finished this sentence they all dropped their items. Their faces like 'O's'


Alice continued walking in the faceless crowd contemplating on what they had said. Sure, they meant it in a joking manner… But they made it seem as though she was good for nothing. Not exactly a good feeling.

It was just her matchmaking skills that needed polishing… Everything else she did to help was good after all… Or at least, she thought it was.

"Why the long face? Upset that you're not a good matchmaker?" A sarcastic voice as she was pulled by the back of her hand into someone's chest. Alice turned around to look into Joker's smirking face. She could hear Black Joker saying something taunting but she was too busy looking up into Joker's mischievous red eye to actually listen.

Alice scowled as she looked away, "Don't remind me…"

Joker cocked his head to the side obviously interested, "Ah, it appears your issues run deeper than your confusion for people's sexual preference, my dear…"

"It's none of your business." Alice simply stated with a frown and fleeting look.

"We can make it our business if we want." She heard Black Joker seethed at her, she flinched away as she prepared for him to rant on and insult her but White Joker gave his belt a chastising look, "Don't be so rude, Joker." Now, with a smile back on his face, Joker leaned down to the female closely,

"How about I make it my business?" He whispered into her ear, "We could even make it like a little game."

Alice blushed as she attempted to pull away, "I… No… Just get away." She demanded.

"Aw… How boring… It seems as though I missed out on the fun Alice." Joker said with a hand on his chin. "Fun Alice…? What are you talking about?" She questioned.

Her question went ignored as he hummed to himself, "The Alice that was far cuter than this one, perhaps I can get her back somehow." He inquired.

"How do you plan on doing that? Smashing her skull with hammer? Squishing her head with the elephants? How about pushing her off the highest tower we have!" Black Joker asked excitedly making the color wash away from Alice's face. "What!?"

"Though those sound like fun, it'd be far too troublesome. Doing this would be far easier." He smirked deviously as he pushed Alice to the ground. He unclipped the whip that was stuck to his hip and struck it to the ground to test it out,

Alice flinched as the wounds on her back grinded into the dirt. She had gotten it a couple months ago after she awoke from her 'coma', but the deep cuts didn't fully heal.

"I always wondered how Ali would be to me…" Joker grinned as he flung the whip at her head. Alice shut her eyes as she felt awaited for the impact. To her relief and shock, it never came. Peeking an eye opened, she saw Blood on the floor in front of her holding the side of his head as he glared up at Joker. She cringed when she realized he took the hit for her.

Joker's eyes were widened with shock as he looked down at Blood, "Y-you fool! Do you realize what you've just done!?"

"No. But I do know what I'm about to do." Blood hissed dangerously as he rose to his feet, ignoring his head that was dripping with his namesake.

"Damn it!" Both Jokers cursed as they began emitting a green light that soon engulfed them. Blood gasped slightly as he realized he too, had the glow except with blue. "Alice, run." He commanded her as he turned around to look at the girl who was rising to her feet, fear evident in her eyes.

Alice shook her head as she prepared to get him, "No! What about you!?"

Before he could say anything he grunted as the light spread around him.

"Blood! Blood!" Alice frantically said as she shielded her eyes from the intense light. Slowly, the light began to fade away as she turned her eyes to adjust.

What she saw in front of her, she had to blink her eyes several times to decide if she was witnessing an illusion or not.

A young boy, not any older than eight was in Blood's spot, lazily sleeping on the floor. His hair spiked just as the mafia boss' had been. He was also wearing exactly what Blood had been a second ago.

With a hand to her mouth, Alice looked over at Joker. Just as Blood, he was no longer there. Two little red headed boys, who both looked exactly the same sat on the floor, leaning on one another's back as they snored lightly.

"EH!?" Alice cried confused. "What the heck is going on!"


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