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Chapter 16: What Starts with G and Ends with Ay!?

"What starts with F and ends with uck you?" Black Joker snarled at Alice who sighed, "I didn't come here to tease you if that's what you think…"

White Joker and Alice blankly listened to the mask begin go on with nothing but profanities.

"Is there any particular reason you came?" White smiled wryly at the foreigner who nodded, "I need to play a game in order to change the season to autumn…"

"Is that so? Well, you can shove the fucking cards up your—"

"Joker is a bit cranky about what happened this morning, Alice. You'll have to excuse him." White said putting a hand on the mask muffling out his words anxiously, "Now a game is it? What do you have in mind?"

Alice shook her head heaving a breath of exhaustion, "I'm kind of regretting coming here… I'm so exhausted and you no idea how hard it is to look you in the eye right now…"

"Stop being such a wimp. You act as though we gave you a fucking love confession or something. If anything we're the ones that should be upset, fucking cougar." Black insulted making Alice twitch her eye, "Heh… I would expect you're cranky because of the fact I spanked you?" She lied dryly. Her words instantly brought silence to the darker Joker to hers and White's amazement.

White instantly began chuckling, "Spanking? I never realized Alice was into such things…"

"With how I was treated by you guys you'd be surprised…" Alice sighed, "Black Jack." The foreigner stated looking down at the game table tiredly.

Silence came over the two as he brought out the cards, "Hm… Aren't you wondering?" White Joker questioned her curiously not looking up from his set of cards.

Alice blinked, "Wondering what?"

"Stupid." She heard Black mumble, "Wondering why the whip that was aimed towards you turned the role holders into children of course." The Ring Master ominously voiced.

The brunette shrugged, "In all honesty, I am, but that doesn't change the fact that you most likely won't tell me or you'll give me some complicated clue… Either way, something tells me, I'm better off not knowing."

Joker flashed her a toothy smile, "Knowing that you had to deal with Joker and I as children… I can assure you, Ali, you would have been way better off letting my whip hit you. You would have saved yourself a lot torment."

This statement made the girl look up from her cards and at him confused, "Huh?"

"Oh. It looks like you win." White Joker smiled calmly comparing his cards to hers with a hand on his chin, "What did you want? Autumn was it?"

Alice nodded still confused, "You called me Ali just now, didn't you?" She questioned him perplexed as the red head got up from his seat and the surrounding area around them slowly changed to the orange wonderland of crisp leaves and dry air.

"Yes, I did." White Joker chuckled.

Alice blinked, "How'd you—"

The red head leaned over the card table and kept his mouth by her ear, "All wonders no matter how childish get darker at some point." He whispered before pulling away, not before giving her a small kiss on the cheek. Alice touched her cheek with a blazing red face. Joker laughed at her reaction, "Until next, Ali." He waved slightly before leaving to enter the circus again.

Alice watched him unsure of how to reaction, though her hand never left her cheek.


"Big sis!"

Alice looked down from her book and at them with a sigh, "For the last time, Joker and I didn't do anything!"

Ever since she had arrived from Joker forest, the twins had been pestering her for the longest on what happened between her and the Ring Master because they suspected something had went on. "But big sis…" They sulked sadly at the base of the tree.

The brunette sat on a branch leaning her back on the trunk irritated. "Guys, I can't believe you don't trust me."

"We trust you!" Dee stated, "We don't trust the bastard though!" Dum nodded.

Alice rolled her eyes before putting her eyes back to her book.

"What are you brats going on about now?" Elliot questioned annoyance plastered on his face as he and Blood approached with maids carrying blankets, foods, and baskets.

The maids set down the supplies neatly for the mafia boss beneath the branch Alice sat on before making an exit.

"Mind your own business!" "Stupid nosy rabbit!"

"I'm not a rabbit, damn it!" Elliot knocked the two in the head angrily.

Blood shook his head blankly while taking a seat on the blanket. Both he and the foreigner watched as the three drew out their weapons threateningly.

"Did you enjoy the circus, young miss?" Blood finally questioned the girl without looking up.

Alice blushed lightly, "I guess… There was no whipping and kid transformations… So it was better than the last time at the very least." The ravenette nodded slowly while taking a sip of tea, "Hm…"

The two then began watching the three role holders attack each other expressionlessly in silence. Alice cocked her to the side while she looked down at Blood wistfully,

Their kiss from earlier was clear in mind. He claimed he didn't bat for the other team… But Gowland had informed her in Wonderland that was a man's intention reaction when accused of doing such. But if that was true… That meant that Blood and Elliot most likely held a relationship still ongoing. Meaning she just made Blood cheat…

Her face turned into a scarlet canvas as her hands flew to her cheeks, "Blood!" Alice suddenly shouted down to him. Blood felt his eyes widen as he looked up at the frantic faced foreigner question. Alice looked below at the man who watched at her boredly, "Y-you're sure that you don't bat for the other team?" She stammered out flustered.

Blue-green eyes narrowed into slits, "Yes."

"O-oh… So that means you and Elliot don't have any sort of romantic relationship, right?"


"No intimate relationship?"



"I. Do. Not. Bat. For. The. Other. Team. I will not hear another word about it from you." He hissed simply as he got up from his seat on the floor.

Alice heaved a sigh of relief, though looking over at the mafia boss who held a sudden dark aura made her pout, "Geez, no need to be so mad… I'm just clarifying…" She stated flipping a piece of hair out her face. She then prepared to set that hand back down on the tree's branch, however, her palm missed the bark of the tree making her tilt to the side with wide eyes, "Ah!" Alice shrieked out as she went tumbling to the rock solid ground head first.

Blood, Elliot and the twins all turned from their fight to the girl who lay motionlessly on the floor. The mafia right hand instantly sprinted towards her with the other role holders approaching.

"Alice! Alice! Come on! Are you alright!?" Elliot asked worriedly as he helped her up from the ground.

Alice now blinked her eyes owlishly while she looked around with a hand to her head.

"Alice…?" Elliot tried out again turning her by her shoulders to view her face. "Say something!" He urged.

Instantly her eyes went from dull and lifeless to sparkling like a million diamonds, a huge blissful smile made its way to her face as she grabbed her hands onto his ears excitedly, "Ely-chaaann!" She hyped excitedly, "Big brothers! Homo— eh… Blood-kun!" She smiled at the spectators.

The Hatter residence all looked at her in shock and Blood felt a twitch find its way to his eye.

Elliot weaved his way out her grip and looked at her surprised, "Alice… Are you five…?" He asked carefully.

Alice pouted as she looked at him, "No! Ali's is five and a half! Duh!" She rolled her eyes with a grin planted on her face, "… Does that mean Ali can do the number six now?" She pleaded slightly.

"Ali's back!" The twins exclaimed happily as they both ran to hug the little girl who laughed.

"Oh, God no." Blood said with a palm and a tinge of blue coloring to his face.

"Yay! Hey, big brothers, let's go play Plant-the-bomb-in-Blood-kun's-Office now!" She proclaimed before skipping off hand and hand with the twins who nodded eagerly. "Not again." Blood groaned while Elliot shared his expression, "Stop doing dangerous stuff with her, you brats!"




"Big brothers… Why is Ely-chan's face so dark and the objects around him catching on fire even though he isn't touching anything?"

"It's called spontaneous rabbit combustion."

"Only moronic hares have the ability to do it."

"Get back here, you brats!"

"Oh crap! He runs fast!"

"Let's go, big sis!"

"Hey! There's Blood-kun! He should play with us! He even has his gun ready!"

"Uh… I don't think we should run his way."


"We're not playing Avoid-Getting-Shot-By-The-Pissed-Off-Mafioso today, that's for tomorrow!"

"Oh. Then you should tell him that since he's already shooting us! Haha!"



"Hehehe! This is fun!"


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