Naruto Fanfic: Welcome, Naruto!

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Chapter 1:

Enter Naruto Uzumaki!... To the real world?

Thursday, 10:30 pm

I stood at my bedroom window and watched as my parents drove out of the driveway. They always left for work, usually just for a weekend, like this time, but once they left for a whole month. In cases like that, they would have relatives check in every weekend and bring me food, and make sure the bills were paid for. I didn't mind it, though, because when they leave, I'm allowed to have a friend over for the weekend. Times like these called for my best friend, Kelsey, to come over. So the second my parents Ford Explorer went out of view, I picked up my cell phone to call my friend, turning off my iPod as I did so. I was listening to "Our Song" by Taylor Swift. I listened to the phone ring. One. Two. Three. Three and a half.

"Hello?" I heard Kelsey's voice ask.

"Hey, Kels, it's me, Darcy," I said. "My parents just left. I'll pick you up for school tomorrow and you can put your stuff in my car, 'kay?"

"sounds cool," she said. "Do you want me to bring any Naruto DVDs?"

"Um, nah, I've got them all," I said. "Well, I've got to go, now that you mention Naruto DVDs, I want to go and watch a shippuden episode. The one where Gaara uses sand to shake Naruto's hand, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, I do," she said. "Call me tomorrow before you come to pick me up."

"'Kay, see you later," I said.

"yup, bye," she replied and we hung up the phones. I went into my parents bedroom since they had a DVD player there and I was too lazy to go downstairs. I mean, why waste energy if you already have what you need upstairs (the DVD I wanted to watch was in my room). I pressed play and resumed watching where I left off. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Lee, Tenten, Neji, Gai, Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara were at the funeral for Lady Chyo. I lay there watching, but I'm not sure for how long. I think I fell a sleep pretty quickly, but I vaguely remember the screen looking like everything just froze. However, I was too sleepy to care.

Friday morning, 6:30

Slowly I woke up to the distant sound of Taylor Swift.

"Huh, what's that?" I asked groggily. I shrugged it off and lay back down, but a second later I realized it was my alarm. "Holly crap! I'm going to be late!" I leaped off of my parents bed, vaguely aware that the T.V. screen was still frozen like last night. The only difference was that the images of Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara were missing. I raced into my room, and hastilly pulled on random clothes: jeans, a yellow tee-shirt, and a pair of flip flops with peace signs on them. Running into the bathroom, I brushed my hair, and ran downstairs. I was only halfway down when I realized that I had left my phone in my room. I turned aroudn, cursing under my breath, and ran up to retrieve it.

"Come on, come on, pick up already!" I said to the phone as I headed downstairs, calling Kelsey.

"There you are," she siad. "What happened?"

"I overslept, I'm sorry," I said. "I'll be-" but I stopped in mid sentence and mid step.

"Darcy, you still there?' Kelsey asked.

"Huh? What? Yeah, I am," I said in a daze. A group of six people were standing in my kitchen, and Kelsey wouldn't believe who, for I didn't really believe who they were.

"What's wrong? You sound like you saw a ghost," she said.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me," I said.

"Try me," she said.

"Okay," I said. "Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara are standing in my kitchen as we speak."

"Yeah, right," she said.

"Told you," I said. "Okay, I'll be over in a minute. I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye," she said, still a bit sceptical. I shut my phone and stared at the ninja in my kitchen. What to do, what to do. As I thought, my gaze drifted over to the digital clock on the microwave. It read 6:50.

"Oh my God! I"m going to be lat!" I shouted. I dashe past the ninja, and opened the fridge. I grabbed a slice of pizza left over from the five boxes my mom got for dinner last night. Why she got five boxes of pizza for a family of three, I would never know. I put it on a plate and tossed it into the microwave to heat up. As I waited, I ran into the T.V room were I had been studying for a while after school. I threw all of my books into my messenger bag and grabbed my geometry notes. I had a test today that I was so not ready for.

"Area of an equallateral triangle is a= 1/4 square root of 3 side lenght squared," I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my pizza from the microwave and shouldered my bag. I was about to leave when some one blocked my path from the kitchen. I had nearly forgotten that the characters of Naruto were in my kitchen.

"Excuse me, it's clear you're in a rush, but could you spare a minute?" Kakashi asked me.

"Huh?" I asked looking up at him. "Oh, right. um, just, uh, just stay hidden and stay inside until I get home at 2:30 this afternoon. You're ninja, so it shouldn't be too hard."

"Okay, works for me," he said with, I assumed, a smile. His eye was closed, which usually meant he was smiling. "Have a very good and safe day."

"Who are you, my father?" I asked before I could stop myself.

"No, just a normal adult," he said.

"Normal?" Naruto asked. "Normal adults don't read pervy books all day."

"He's got a point," I said. "Anyways, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, now, I really do need to go, so, if you could just move to the side?"

"Sure," he said getting out of my way.

"Thank you," I said as I rushed past him and grabbing my keys from the counter. It was hard to balance everything. I had keys in one hand, pizza in the other, and a heavy messenger bag at my side threatening to abide by gravity and pull me to the ground. I got outside to my yellow Jeep Wrangler I akwardly unlocked the door and got in. Holding my pizza in my mouth I somehow managed to get my backpack off my shoulder and in the backseat. I started the car and drove to Kelsey's house, which wasn't too far from mine. She got in and put her backpack and small suit case in the backseat with my backpack.

"Are you kidding?" She asked. I knew she meant about Naruto and the others.

"No, I'm not," I said, pausing to take the last bite of my pizza. "But if you don't believe me then you'll see them when we get home."

I pulled into the parking lot of River Rock high school and parked the care. It was 7:10, so we still had a ten minutes.

"It's a good thing we're allowed backpacks, or we would never make it to class in time," I said. Kelsey agreed and we hurried into the front door.

"Good luck on your Math test," kelsey told me as we parted ways.

"Yeah, and on your English test," I told her.

"Thanks, see you at lunch." I nodded and headed to Math. I had Math, English, Band, and Seminar today, and, for whatever reason, I had a test in both Math and English. Which hopefully meant no homework, but you know teachers. The day went by pretty quickly. I had no Math homework, and I had to start reading Persepolis. This book was going to be a breeze. Seriously, a Graphic Novel for an English book (A/N: I am currently reading this book in English, it's, um, interesting). Kelsey and I chatted at lunch time at our table. It was always just the two of us, we didn't want to get mixed up in all of the drama. We do talk to other people, but that's just during class and between class. Mostly, we just talked about school and what we were going to do this afternoon. We wanted to avoid the topic of the Naruto characters in my house.

"So, do you want to go to the library in seminar today?" Kelsey asked, taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Nah, I want to get a head start on my homework," I replied. I took a bite of my sandwich before I continued. "Sorry. What do you want to do this weekend?"

"Hmm, that's a good question," she said. "Watch all of the Naruto movies you have? You have the first three, right?"

"Yeah, I do," I confirmed. "Sure, that sounds fun."

We finished lunch and went to our next our. Bandd for both of us. After that was seminar. I was able to finish reading Persepolis and was able to study for my bio test on Monday. I quckly went through my classes I had on Monday. Science, study for test, Civics, worksheet due, Spanish, none, well, study accutally, but it was so easy I didn't feel like I had to, next was Health, none in that class. I still had a good thirty minutes left, so I decided to take a nap. I woke up precisly a minute before the bell ran, and when it finally did, I hurried to my locker and packed my backpack. Kelsey was at my locker within minutes. We started talking animatedly about our day and telling jokes. We drove home laughing, already psyched for the the weekend. I seriously had forgoten about all the Naruto characters so it was big surprise to me when I walked right into Kakshi laughing at a joke Kelsey had told me.

"Hello, how was your day?" He asked smiling.

"Fine," I said. "Wait, you guys are still here?"

"You told us to stay here, didn't you?" He asked.

"I did, but I thought I might be hulsinating or something," I replied. "At any rate, you all are probably pretty hungry, right?' Everyone nodded. "Alright, Kels, go get a bowl." She nodded and got a large glass bowl. I grabbed a bag of salt and viniger chips. My favorite.

"That bowl is meant for salads, you know that, right?" I asked as I pourd chips into it.

"Yeah, but it was big enough for all eight of us, so I grabbed," she said. "Alright, now what do we do? Watch a movie?"

"Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow?" I suggested.

"Sure," she said.

"Ooh, a movie about me?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Maybe a different one?" Sakura said. "I mean, his head can't get any bigger or might just burst."

"Sakura, that's really mean," Naruto whined.

"And true," I said. "Alright, how about instead of that, I kick your butt in Naruto: The Broken Bond, Kels. How does that sound?"

"Fine with me," she said.

"Dibs on Gaara," I said.

"Aw, I wanted him," she complained.

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Gaara asked.

"Huh? Oh, I guess I could see how this is akward for you," I said. "Just wait and see. Who do you want to be, Kels?"

"I guess Sasuke? No, how about Sakura. But Sasuke's better," she went on like this for a good minute, switching between Sakura and Sasuke.

"Kelsey, how about you play as Sakura?" I said.

"But you'll win," she complained.

"Exactly," I said laughing.

"Pleas explain what the hell you are talking about, " Gaara insisted, following me and Kelsey downstairs.

"Like I said, wait and see." I turned on my 360 and the T.V. and grabbed two controlers, tossing one of them to Kelsey. "Do you remember all of the controls?" I asked as I placed the game in the 360.

"Yup," she said. Once the game had loaded we chose our characters and started playing.

"What the hell?" I shouted in frustration after Kelsey beat me two rounds in a row (we were playing the best two of three). "How can Sakura beet Gaara? She's the weakest character in the game! Hell, in the whole show!"

"Hey!" I heard an angry Sakura shout.

"Now, now, Sakura, calm down," Kakashi said. I turned to see Kakashi holding back an angry Sakura.

"Oh, um, no offense," I said.

"None taken," she said reluctently, not really meaning.

"I kind of meant in the first part," I said. "You know, before your two years of training with Tsunade. After that, you're pretty amazing."

"Oh, you really think so?" She asked, blushing. I nodded and turned back to the game. Kelsey and I kept at it for a good two hours (we started playing at three and ended at five).

"Um, how long are you going to keep this up?" Kakashi asked.

"Oh, um, I guess we can stop, I'm kind of hungry," I said. "Who wants pizza?"

"I want ramen," Naruto complained.

"I don't have any ramen," I said. "It's pizza or nothing at all." Everyone agreed to pizza, and after dinner, I found everyone a place to sleep. Boys had the living room and girls the basement.

"Okay, guys, we're going shopping tomorrow," I said before we all parted for bed.

"Shopping?" A confused Kankuro asked. "That's what girls do."

"Well, are you planing to leave anytimes soon?" I asked.

"Well, we really don't know how to," Kankuro admited sheepishly.

"Exactly, you're probably going to be here for a while," I said. "You'll need to blend in. I thought you would know that, you being ninja and all."

"She's right," Kakashi said.

"I'll take the girls shopping in the morning, then the guys in the afternoon," I said. "You'll have to ditch the weapons, and Gaara, you need to lose the guard, and Kankuro, ditch the pupet."

Everyone agreed and we went to bed.

"Hey, where are you parents?" Temari asked.

"On a work trip," I said. "They help new singers start out, but once they start to get really famous they find the singer a new mangager, that way they don't have to leave for too long."

"When will they be home?" Sakura asked.

"Monday morning," I said. "You guys will need to find some place to stay." After that, no one talked much, and we all drifted off to sleep."

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