(Welcome everyone to a new type of crossover I've decided. Negima and Death Note are some of my favorite mangas and animes. And now this is what I believe would happen if you merge the two together.)

One night somewhere in England inside an old building a lone figure was sitting crouched up on the floor by a computer while off to the side was a plate of sweets. This figure was a guy with messy black hair, pale skin, bags under his glazed eyes, he wore a long white shirt, worn out jeans, and was barefoot. He was typing away on the computer using only his index fingers.

"L?" a voice asked as an old man wearing glasses, and a suit enters.

"Yes Watari?" the guy at the computer asked in almost monotone.

"Forgive the intrusion L, but I couldn't help but notice you really haven't been your usual case solving self." Watari answers.

"Forgive the worry Watari, but I feel like I've entered a rut." The one known as L explains.

"A rut?" Watari asked.

"Yes, you see that pile over there." L motions to a pile of folders and files, "That was the whole list of files I was given yesterday, I managed to solve them all in less than one hour."

"Really, you've just broken your personal record. And you're not happy about it?" Watari asked.

"Happy, depressed, I don't know what to feel." L answers, "All I know is I think I've become too good at what I do. And there haven't been any recent cases that are interesting to me." L sighs.

Watari thinks hard about his employers situation and decided something, "Well how about you take a vacation for awhile, you've earned it."

"Vacation Watari, I'm not really gung-ho for that kind of stuff." L answers.

"Then how about getting an undercover job?"

"An undercover job?" L asked.

"Yes, have you ever considered teaching?" Watari asked.

"Me a teacher Watari?" L asked.

"Yes, in fact I have an old friend from Japan who is the dean of an academy that needs a new English professor." Watari continues, "How about it?"

L ponders over this realizing he's got nothing better to do with his spare time, "Al right, I guess I'll do it."

"Good, I'll make arrangements." Watari said as he exited the room.

It was three days later on the continent of Japan L and Watari had arrived. Watari was driving a limo heading for a huge campus in the distance.

"There it is, Mahora Academy." Watari told L sitting in the back, "How do you feel?" Watari asked.

"I'm not sure; I've never really been a people person before, much less with teenage girls." L answers believing he may not have the best experience.

"I know you'll do fine L." Watari said.

L looked out his tinted window seeing three teenage girls wearing the Mahora Academy Jr High dress code. One girl had long brown hair, and a cute face, the second girl hard black hair done in a side ponytail, and the third girl was red head with long pigtails, bells in her hair, and appeared to have heterochromia with a blue left eye and a green right eye.

The two girls who were running for the academy noticed the limo, "Konoka looks like we have a celebrity here." The redhead girl said.

"Ooh I wonder who it is Asuna." The brown haired girl known as Konoka said but the black haired girl held an arm out to block her.

"Ms. Konoka it's not safe to be too close to the street."

"Oh relax Setsuna." Konoka said.

When the limo stopped at a red light, Asuna and Konoka tapped on the window. L had the window rolled down. The girls looked surprised as they saw L, who wasn't the kind of person you'd expect riding in a limo.

"Blech you're not a celebrity." Asuna gagged.

"I guess not, but then again you're nowhere like one either." L answered.

The girl known as Asuna frowned with fire in her eyes and grabbed L by the shoulders, "WHAT WAS THAT PAL?!"

"Let go please, I have to be on my way!" L scowls at the girls behavior.

"Yeah Asuna, he's obviously a busy man." Konoka said.

Asuna huffs letting go as L pulled his head back into the limo rolls up the window and drives off.

"Can you believe the nerve of that guy?" Asuna asked her two friends.

"Well you have to admit Asuna you did insult him first." Konoka reminded her.

"That's besides the point!" Asuna barks.

"Um I hate to interrupt but if we don't hurry we will be late." Setsuna said.

"Oh my gosh you're right, we can't miss Takahata-sensei's class!" Asuna called as she ran off.

"Still the same." Konoka giggles as she and Setsuna rush after him.

Half an hour later at the Mahora Academy building inside the deans office, an old man with an oddly shaped head sat at a desk with another adult man by his side. While Watari and L presented themselves before the two.

"Dean Konoe it's so good to see you again." Watari said removing his hat and bowed his head before the old man."

"Indeed it has Watari, I see you've brought the famous L as promised." Dean Konoe said motioning to L.

L cleared his throat, "While I'm glad you've heard of me I'll have to ask you and the rest of the faculty to not address me as L. Instead you will refer to me as 'Ryuzaki'."

"Understood." Dean Konoe nods, "While you're here you will have Takahata here be your mentor who will guide you through the basics of teaching your selected class."

"That's encouraging." Ryuzaki replied.

Takahata presents him with some kind of journal, "This is your class roster. The class you will be teaching is my former class 2A."

Ryuzaki holds it between both his thumbs and index fingers as he opens it and sees he has about 31 students, each of them appeared unique in their own way, from having numerous hair colors, styles, and appearances. "So these are the girls I will be teaching?"

"Yes, and among them you have my granddaughter Konoka." Konoe said as Ryuzaki saw Konoka's picture along with being labeled as 'Deans granddaughter'. He recognized her being with the girl who was giving him a hard time earlier.

"Dean Konoe?" a female voice asked as a well developed woman entered the office.

"As Shizuna welcome, Ryuzaki this is Shizuna Minamoto the school nurse and counselor." Konoe introduces, "Shizuna this is our newest member of the staff Ryuzaki."

"Very nice to meet you Ryuzaki." Shizuna smiles and winks at him.

"Nice to meet you to." Ryuzaki answered.

"Well, shall we go introduce you to your class?" Takahata asked Ryuzaki.

"Let's." Ryuzaki answered as the two walked off with Ryuzaki walking like a hunchback.

As they walked through the hall Ryuzaki decided to get some info from Takahata, "Takahata is it?"

"Yes Ryuzaki?" Takahata asked.

"You say Class 2A was once your class right?"

"That's right."

"Well I'd like to have some information on this particular girl." He shows him the picture of Asuna in his class roster, "Student number 8; Asuna Kagurazaka."

"Oh Asuna-kun's a very lively student among students." Takahata began, "She may act a bit brash, but she's a good girl. Why do you ask?"

"I just have this feeling she's going to give me trouble." Ryuzaki answered recalling how she snapped off at him.

Soon they stopped in front of a room labeled '2A'. "This is it." Takahata said.

As Ryuzaki was about to enter he stopped in place and looked at the door carefully and looked above seeing something wedged in between the doorway and the door. He opened the door to reveal an eraser fell from above only to land in Ryuzaki's hand.

"School prank." Ryuzaki said, "An overly used one." He added until he looked down seeing some tripwire so he steps over it without triggering whatever was set up. As he entered the room he saw the girls in his roster looking at him in surprise and noticed the Asuna girl from before wide eyed, obviously she didn't expect to see him so soon.

"So this is class 2A." Ryuzaki said.

"Hey how'd you avoid my trap?" asked a pink haired girl with pigtails who appeared to be the size of a grade school kid.

"So it was you who set the trap?" Ryuzaki asked and then explained, "Well to make it simple, the door was partially open, in these classrooms the door is always shut completely. When I noticed it was partly opened I knew something was set up to go off when the door was opened. But you also set up that tripwire as insurance just in case the eraser failed."

The girls gasped in amaze seeing him able to deduce all that like a detective. They gathered around him to get a better look, until Takahata entered.

"Well-well, you girls sure know how to welcome."

Asuna's eyes lit up at the sight of the man, "Oh my gosh! I knew you were going to be our teacher Takahata!" she cheered.

"On the contrary Asuna-kun, he is going to be your teacher."

The girls looked confused while Asuna's looked distraught, "He who? Him?" she looks at Ryuzaki who presented himself at his teachers' desk.

"Nice to meet you all, I'm Professor Ryuzaki, and I'm your new homeroom teacher." Ryuzaki introduced himself.

The girls of the class looked at him oddly for awhile. Not getting any reaction Ryuzaki continued, "I specialize in the field of English, let's all get along well." He adds.

The girls continued to stare at him oddly until they suddenly cheer and rush over to Ryuzaki eager to get to know him.

"Excuse me sir my name is Kazumi." A red haired student said, "Could you please tell us where you're from?" she asked holding a mike to him.

"Well in England." Ryuzaki answered.

"So you're an Englishman?" another red haired girl asked while holding cheerleader pom-poms.

"Sort of." Ryuzaki answered.

"My name's Yuna, do you place sports?" a brown haired girl named Yuna asked.

"Well I'm a skilled tennis player." Ryuzaki answered.

"My name's Ako, you should come by the Mahora sports field." A white haired girl said as the girls continued to talk with Ryuzaki.

A glasses wearing girl turned to Takahata, "Is this some kind of joke?" she asked if this kind of guy is actually going to be their teacher.

"Nope it's real." Takahata answers. "Listen up girls, be nice to Ryuzaki because he'll be teaching your class this year, try not to scare him away too quickly."

"Yes sir!" the girls answered as they continued crowding Ryuzaki until one girl broke them up.

"Ease up girls, give our professor some air." A blonde haired girl said, "Nice to meet you Ryuzaki sensei, I'm Ayaka Yukihiro; the class representative. If you ever need any help or have questions, feel free to discuss it with me."

"Thank you very much class Rep." Ryuzaki answers until Asuna pushes her way through the students to face him.

"Hold it right there, how'd you really know about that eraser?" Asuna demanded out of him.

"Didn't I already explain it, or were my words too complicated for you to understand?" Ryuzaki questioned her own intelligent.

Asuna frowns and grabbed Ryuzaki by the collar which shocked the girls, "You wanna repeat that to my face punk?!"

"Kindly take your hands off me!" Ryuzaki frowned.

"Do as he says Asuna, just because he's not Takahata-sensei doesn't mean you have to take your frustrations out on him." Ayaka orders.

"Oh cram it Goldilocks!" Asuna muttered.

"Listen up Bells, I know you've been jealous of me since day one. And newsflash you wouldn't be able to get with Takahata even if your life depended on it." Ayaka mocked.

"Al right you're dead!" Asuna growled as the two engaged in a cat fight while the other girls were rooting and cheering.

"Excuse me could you please stop?" Ryuzaki asked in a not so authority tone. The girls didn't answer, "Please stop al right?" he continued in the same tone but to no avail.

Soon he noticed that Takahata broke the fight up, "We're sorry sensei." Asuna apologized to Takahata.

"Ladies, it's not me you owe the apology." Takahata reminds them that he's not the teacher here but Ryuzaki is.

"But sensei, you didn't hear what the rat said to me earlier!" Asuna growled at Ryuzaki.

Ryuzaki scowled, "If I recall Ms. Kagurazaka it was you who insulted me first." Reminding her that she insulted him by gagging and claiming he wasn't a celebrity which was a sign of rudeness.

"He's right Asuna." Setsuna added.

"Who's side are you on anyway?!" Asuna shouted.

"Everyone calm down!" Takahata finally broke it up.

Ayaka cleared her throat and bowed her head in apologetic, "My apologies Ryuzaki-sensei. I did not intend to come off like that."

"No problem." Ryuzaki said like he didn't even seem fazed by it.

Takahata and the rest of 2A turned to Asuna waiting for her to do the same. "I'm sorry to."

"Alls forgiven." Ryuzaki answered.

"Ok class back to your seats." Ayaka ordered.

So the class went to their respective seats and Takahata went to the door to leave, "I leave it all up to you sensei." He tells Ryuzaki.

"Hai." Ryuzaki nodded as Takahata left.

Ryuzaki standing by his desk looking at his students decided to start his lesson seeing how most time was wasted already. "Ok, class please turn to page sixty-five in your text books." He commanded as he took some chalk holding it in between in between him thumb and index finger like he was pinching it and started writing lessons on the chalkboard.

Asuna had kept frowning not liking this guy one bit, she decided to mess with him by flinging small pieces of eraser at the back of his head. At first Ryuzaki ignored it, but soon enough couldn't take it.

"Will whoever's flinging stuff at me kindly stop?" Ryuzaki asked.

Ayaka got up and went to the prof and whispered to him, "It's that redhead monkey girl Asuna, you have to watch yourself when around her, she's conniving and won't stop until she gets what she wants." Suddenly a book was chucked at her and she turned to Asuna in rage, "Al right red you want a war you got one!"

"Bring it on blockhead, I'm going to wipe that grin right off your face!" Asuna calls as the two engaged in another catfight.

Ryuzaki sighed, "Not again."

"Don't worry sensei." A short blue haired girl tells him, "This happens all the time between them. It's never too serious."

Ryuzaki couldn't believe he actually heard that this was a normal thing. But normal or not their catfight was becoming annoying. He marches to the girls and grabs their arms.

"Let go pal this isn't your business." Asuna shouted.

Ryuzaki gripped her arm tighter, "I'm your sensei, it is my business!" he frowns at her which sort of scared her and got the other girls cautious until the bell ring.

"Class is over!" The girls cheer.

Ryuzaki sighed not being able to do anything about it. Soon the door opened and Takahata and Watari entered, "Well girls how was class?" Takahata asked.

Before Ryuzaki could say anything Asuna stepped in, "Class was wonderful Takahata-sensei, Ryuzaki-sensei is such an effective teacher."

"Well good to see all of you getting along so well." Takahata smiled as he left while Asuna turned back to Ryuzaki giving him a dirty face. Ryuzaki scowled knowing he was right about Asuna giving him trouble.

"Well it was nice meeting you all but I have to be going now." Ryuzaki told the girls.

"See you later sensei." The girls said as he left with Watari.

As Ryuzaki and Watari walked through the hall Watari had to know how the day went, "So how was your first class Ryuzaki?"

"For my first class Watari it didn't exactly go how I wished it." Ryuzaki answered.

"Oh well tomorrow's another day." Watari comforts him.

Later on Ryuzaki was sitting outside at the School's statue eating a bar of chocolate, until he looked by the stairs seeing a purple haired girl carrying a tall stack of books and looked like she was barely able to keep them all steady. "That girl's in my class." He said looking at his roster and found her, "Number 27; Nodoka Miyazaki. Doesn't she know it's dangerous to carry that many books all at once, especially going down stairs?" he asked himself and he stood up walking over to the bottom of the stairs.

Nodoka started loosing balance until she fell from the top of the stairs screaming and was falling right for the ground until she landed in the arms of Ryuzaki. "You ok?" Ryuzaki asked.

Nodoka saw who's arms she was in a blushed deeply, but if that wasn't enough Asuna was right there obviously witnessing the whole scene. Ryuzaki noticed the position he was in with Nodoka, "This is awkward." He said.

(And there's part one folks. I know this isn't the kind of thing you'd expect but I go with what comes to me. To clear things up this takes place years before the Kira case. I know this may not have Negi, but this is L's story, he's the main protagonist. I'm not sure if I even want to pair L up with anybody in this Fic. So until next time people.)