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The took place at the elementary part of Mahora. Young girls were in their seats as a young Asuna in her preschool uniform but with the same pigtails and bells tied to them stood before the class. Her expression appears to be mild monotone as she doesn't seem thrilled.

"All right, girls. I'd like to introduce you to our fellow new classmate here. Her name is Asuna Kagurazaka." The teacher explained.

"Hi!" the girls cheered as a younger Ayaka gasped lightly and blinked a couple of times.

Throughout most of class Asuna still kept her bored and emotionless face until Ayaka approached her, "Listen new girl, you need to change your attitude. I mean what's your problem anyway? You're trying to be rude, bells? Or are you just so stupid that you don't know how to talk?

"You're stupid... blondie."

"What's stupid?" Ayaka frowned.

"YOU!" Asuna called and that moment started the first catfight between the two girls.

They pulled on each other's hair, calling each other names, and yelling. The entire class watched as they cheered and bet on one of the other. As moments later, the vision vanished and teen Ayaka was in bed suddenly woke up freaked out with bed hair and eyes.

"Ugh! Stupid Asuna! ...Huh?" she looked around seeing she was in her room and noticed the calendar and that it was summer, "Oh that's right... it's summer vacation... I'm home.

She got up from bed and went out to the balcony to stretch. She placed her arms on the rail to see her enormous garden with a couple of fountains. She then smiled at the sensation morning feeling, 'It's good to be back.' She thought.

Soon she was walking down the hall changed into her fancy/casual clothing and was greeted by many maids.

"Good morning, Miss Ayaka. We hope you had a good night's rest." They said in unison.

"Good morning, everyone. I slept very well, thank you." She said as she was soon in her boarding room sitting at a table drinking tea as her Butler approached.

"By the way, Miss Ayaka, The Osama Family has invited you to a dinner party tonight if you're so inclined.

"I think I'd like to rest today. Please send them my regrets. Perhaps I shall see them next week." Ayaka replied.

"Of course." He said taking his leave and Ayaka thought.

'I guess I really must need rest if I'm dreaming about HER... Ugh, what an awful way to wake up in the morning with visions of that brainless monkey. How dare she follow me home! I can't even get away from her in my sleep!'

One of her maids spoke in an Englsih accent, "Miss Ayaka. You have a visitor in the foyer."

"A visitor? Who could it be? I can't even think of anyone who knows I'm here." Ayaka pondered.

"He seems like a very odd young man, but he says his name is Professor Ryuzaki." The maid answered.

Ayaka shot up form her chair in surprise and excitement, "Ryuzaki sensei?" she asked and started spinning around in bliss, "Ryuzaki sensei here at my home? Oh what joyous mind of a disaster to become a morning of delight! Hahaha... Ah?

She then noticed she was drawing attention to the maids who were staring at her oddly, until she cleared her throat to regain composure, "It seems my sensei will be paying me a visit this morning, ladies. Please see to it that he feels quite welcomed."

"Yes Miss Ayaka!" the maids said.

"What should I wear today? Something casual yet undeniably gorgeous!" Ayaka started planning.

Meanwhile in the foyer of the mansion Ryuzaki was looking around the place, "Amazing, the class rep has such fine taste in home décor."

Ryuzaki then heard the class reps voice as e looked seeing her approach in a gorgeous frilly get up, "Why Ryuzaki sensei!" she let out a happy laugh, "What brings you to my estate this beautiful…" she suddenly slid down on the floor to Ryuzaki seeing Ryuzaki accompanied by Asuna, and almost half of the class.

"Good morning Ayaka!" the class greeted.

"Hello." Ryuzaki greeted her.

"Pretty graceful there, aren't you little miss twinkle toes? Nice landing." Asuna added.

Ayaka gets up looking irritated seeing her class here as well, but mostly seeing Asuna, "What the heck are YOU doing here?" she demanded.

Asuna folds her arms and responds in a teasing manner, "Why we're chaperones of course. What does it look like?" she leered at Ayaka to further spite her, "After all if Ryuzaki were to come here alone, you'd probably chain him up and make him your slave or something!"

That started their morning fight while the girls watched placing bets, "You got some nerve accusing me for seducing my teacher!"

"I never said anything about seducing him! Why what's wrong? Feeling a little bit guilty?" Asuna replied.

Ryuzaki sighed watching this, "Must all mornings start off like this with these two?" he asked himself.

After the squabble the girls were checking out Ayaka's place while Ayaka was speaking with Ryuzaki who had Asuna and Konoka beside him.

"Professor, would you like some herbal tea?" Ayaka asked.

"I'd love some actually." Ryuzaki admitted.

"Which kind would you like?" she asked as the butler and the housekeeper strolled in with a large stroller holding a large quantity of variations of herbal tea in jars, "I've gathered many variations from several different plantations so we have quite a selection even prepared for you.

"We certainly do, sir." The butler began, "As you see, we have Rose Hip Lemon, Barbena, Dandelion, German Carmomille, Straight Funnel, Elder Flower, Surge, Apples & Cinnamon, and of course Earl Grey."

"Interesting." Ryuzaki admitted.

"I had all the tea farms bought out just in case you decided to pay me a visit someday.

"Why you little show-off..." Asuna grumbled.

"Thank you class rep, but is this really necessary?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Of course nothing is ever too much for my guests, especially you sensei." She said taking his hands into hers.

Asuna quickly changed the subject, "Well anyway, since we're here and all, we might as well go swimming. That big pool looks lonely."

"Definitely." Konoka agreed.

Ryuzaki looked around, "By the way where are the other girls?"

Meanwhile Fuka was swinging onto a chandelier making Tarzan yells. Ayaka and the others found her, "Fuka, get down from there right now!"

"Yeah! Quit hogging the spinny thing." Fumika added.

"It's a chandelier!" Ayaka called.

Meanwhile Yue, Fei Ku, Chao, Satomi, Sakurako, and the twins were sliding off the long stair rails having a blast laughing.

"Don't do that!" Ayaka called.

Fuka, Fumika, and Chao began jumping on the bed in one of the guest rooms.

"Stop jumping on the bed and get out of there!" Ayaka called catching them.

Sakurako emerges from one of the closets with Kakizaki and Madoka all in maid outfits from Ayaka's housekeeping staff.

"Hey look what we found! Are we like the cutest maids ever?" Sakurako asked.

Fei Ku emerges from another closet with a tiger rug above her pouncing on Yue, Chao, and Yuna with an imitating roar. The girls laughed and ran while being chased by Fei Ku, while Ayaka chased after them to stop them.

"Knock it off! Don't go in there! Get back here! Stop right there!" Ayaka finally had enough, "JUST GET IN THE POOL YOU LITTLE ANIMALS!"

Ayaka panted in exhaustion that they finally listened and rushed off to the pool. As she sighed in relief, she then looked to her right and gasped to see a slight crack in the door. Inside the room were some children's toys. She looked away and frowned in despair and sighed again. She yanks the door shut tight so it isn't seen again.

Half the class began running bare foot and jumped into the pool yelling in excitement. Their jump made the pool splash big and already they began to have their fun. Kaede was swimming with Sakurako and Yuna. Chizuru was relaxing on the edge talking to Natsumi, Kazumi was lying on the pool bed, and Setsuna was standing leaning against a palm tree keeping watch over Konoka.

The last two to enter the pool were Asuna and Konoka, while Ayaka stood by in her black two piece bikini while Ryuzaki stood by wearing blue trunks and a short sleeved white shirt.

"They certainly made themselves at home. Quite a bunch of hoodlums, aren't they?" Ayaka asked.

"They're just teenage girls class rep, it's normal behavior for them." Ryuzaki countered.

He then heard metallic footsteps approach behind him. He turns around and sees Chachamaru, "Oh, Chachamaru." He said wondering if she needed something.

Steam gushed out of Chachamaru as an upgrade occurred where she is equipping herself an underwater mask breather and hands became narrow and fins emerge from her calves.

"Is this supposed to be happening?" Ryuzaki asked in confusion.

Satomi and Chao step in, "Behold the amazing amphibious Chachamaru!" Satomi explained.

"We wanted to test her out in the school natatorium but our request was denied. So when we heard about the pool party, it felt like the perfect opportunity." Chao added.

"What do you expect from the denial, after all she's not a toy." Ryuzaki reminded them since they built her.

Soon all the girls were having the ultimate pool party from blowing bubbles, splashing around, playing water volleyball, tanning, even taking rides on Chachamaru who was moving like a speedboat.

Ayaka meanwhile was sitting with Ryuzaki on the pool beds while the water splashes on its own against the tiles like wave currents.

"Ugh, great. I'm a babysitter." Ayaka grumbled.

"Sorry about this." Ryuzaki said, "I know you weren't expecting company especially all of us."

"Oh it's no worry sensei, as long as you're here I'm perfectly fine." She said.

"I'm glad to hear." He replied.

"Sensei, I have a favor to ask you..." she started blushing, "Umm... that is unless you'd rather not, I'd totally understand."

"Of course class rep, what is it?"

Ayaka stood facing the other way blushing and with her hands on her bikini strap, "Would you mind... putting some sun tan oil on me?" she asked un-strapping it.

Ryuzaki blushed a bit but kept his composure, 'In all my years I never thought I would be in a situation like this.' He thought.

Ayaka lies forward on the pool bed with her bare back exposed, "You don't know how much I would appreciate it... professor."

"Well Ayaka I've never dealt with backs before when it comes to massaging." Ryuzaki admitted since he was good at being a masseuse.

Ayaka leaned in close to Ryuzaki, "You've never put on sun tan oil? Well, I guess I'll just have to demonstrate, won't I?

Ayaka placed him on the bed and removed his shirt leaving his back exposed. She gets rubs her hands together with the oil and starts rubbing it on his back. Ryuzaki blushed at the sensual feeling while Ayaka enjoys demonstrating to him.

"All right, and you rub it on like this. Just like that. And it feels so good. A little more? How's that?"

Asuna intrudes so suddenly and kicked Ayaka in the face, "Get off him! Molester!"

Ayaka tumbles off and crashed into other pool beds and a table with an umbrella over it. She gets up with a big bruise on her cheek.

"Ugh! Speaking of molesters, how is it going with you and Takahata?" Ayaka said in spite.

"Shut your stupid mouth! Takahata sensei is NOT a molester!" Asuna shouted.

Once again they go at it in a fight with their fists, "Oh I'm so sorry, bells! That must be such a disappointment!"

"Hey, I wasn't the one buttering up a ten year old you idiot!" Asuna shouted.

"Can't they go through one day without things turning into a fist fight?" Ryuzaki asked no one in particular but Sakurako who was close by spoke.

"Don't worry about them sensei, they'll be ok. Everyone knows they've been like this since Elementary. Once they're at it, there's no stopping them. That's just the way they are." She began.

"You don't say?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Yeah when Asuna first transferred she was so silent like she cared about nothing. Because of Ayaka, Asuna was finally able to open up and talk to us. And as long as Ayaka's around with Asuna, the more fights, the more she talked."

Ryuzaki looked back at the two still grappling and arguing and spoke, "I've heard of friendship rivalries, but this is beyond me." He said and Sakurako giggled.

About an hour later the pool was suddenly empty and everyone was inside eating in the mess hall where there happens to be a large quantity of food and drinks.

"My-my, and I thought I had the appetite." Ryuzaki said noticing the girls eating.

Ayaka chuckled, "Well what do you expect when they've been playing like monkeys all day. Besides, our chef is well renowned. What about you sensei? Aren't you hungry?"

"Not at the moment thank you. But don't let me keep you from eating." Ryuzaki said.

"Oh don't worry about me. I hardly ever eat this early. I'll tell you what, why don't we go have some afternoon tea?" she offered.

"Sounds good." Ryuzaki admitted.

Asuna was about to take a bite of her food when she noticed Ryuzaki walking away with Ayaka. She watched them for a moment as they leave.

In another room Ayaka and Ryuzaki were having tea until Ayaka presented him with some cookies, "Would you like some of my cookies? I baked them myself." She offered.

"Of course." Ryuzaki said taking a bite out of one, "Delicious, these are very good."

"I'm glad to hear that, have as many as you like." Ayaka said with a smile.

"Don't mind if I do." Ryuzaki said taking more bites. "You know Ayaka I've never gotten the chance to see it but for a class rep you sure do have quite a talent, not only have you gotten me some of the best teas, but your cookies are also remarkable."

Ayaka started passively at the detective, "Well... you sure are pretty amazing yourself, sensei. You're our fearless leader, you know?"

"Well I wouldn't be so sure about fearless." Ryuzaki admitted.

"But it's true, you hardly ever get scared or worry about anything." Ayaka countered.

"Well I suppose." Ryuzaki admitted.

"Ryu… I mean sensei?" she started.

"Oh please feel free to call me Ryuzaki after all it's summer and class is out." Ryuzaki answered not needing to sound like a teacher on summer break.

"Well then Ryuzaki?"

"Yes?" Ryuzaki asked and suddenly found himself being embraced by Ayaka, "Ayaka are you ok?"

"Ryuzaki, I'm glad you could be here with me." Ayaka said smiling happily. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound that spoiled the moment, "What was that?"

"Sounded like a crash." Ryuzaki believed as the two hurried outside with Asuna and Konoka.

"What's happening?" Asuna asked.

Ayaka looked seeing something moving around in the pool like a fast shark, "What's that in my pool?"

"It's Chachamaru, she's stuck in berserk mode." Chao explained.

"Berserk mode?" Asuna asked.

"How did that happen?" Ryuzaki asked looking around seeing the Narutaki's looking nervous.

"We sort of wanted to play with Chachamaru and we broke her controls." Fuka explained sheepishly.

"Everyone out of the water!" Ryuzaki called as the girls evacuated the pool as Chachamaru continued swimming around.

Chachamaru approached a close up and everything blacks out and a loud crash is heard. As it cleared up, Satomi, Chao, and Chachamaru stood before Ayaka bowing very apologetic. And the rest of the entire class is watching.

"We're so sorry." Satomi and Chao apologized.

"I apologize as well, Ayaka." Chachamaru added while Ayaka just started at them firmly

"Good thing I remembered that voice command." Chao said looking sheepishly.

"Of course if we remembered it earlier, you'd still have a window." Satomi added feeling sheepish as well.

Ayaka could only growl having enough frustration for one day, "This is just perfect! From the moment I saw Asuna at my door, I should've known something bad was going to happen."

Asuna frowned, "What? How can you blame this one on me?"

"You've been ruining my day ever since I woke up! Since before I woke up!" Ayaka explained in a huff.

"Don't blame your depression on me! Go talk to your shrink about it!" Asuna shot back.

"There's nothing wrong with my therapist. And I never get depressed!" Ayaka continued and looked down depressed, "Except maybe today."

Asuna watched looking feeling a bit of sorrow to see her like this and sighed, "Okay, fine. Whatever, I get it. I'll leave. Come on, everyone. Let's start packing up." She told the girls

Everyone turns and leaves Ayaka alone to start getting their things to leave. Asuna stopped for a bit having one last thing to say, "I'm sorry... about today." She said and Ayaka was surprised at this.

"Asuna?" Ryuzaki asked wondering if she was al right as well.

"Ryuzaki." Asuna said, "Why don't you stay here and take care of things now, she could use someone like you." Asuna said secretly smiling as she left with the others.

Ryuzaki knowing Asuna was right went back to Ayaka, "I'm sorry, Ayaka. I feel awful. You really didn't deserve this."

Ayaka swallowed her depression for the undercover detective, "Please don't apologize. I'm the one who should be sorry for the unusual way I acted."

"It wasn't your fault." Ryuzaki said.

"By the way what made you actually decide to come and see me?" Ayaka asked curiously, "With all the excitement I hadn't had a chance to properly ask you."

"Well it was Asuna's idea." He answered.

"Huh?" she asked confused as to why Asuna would suggest that.

"I heard from her you were suppose to have a brother, so she asked me to come by to cheer you up." Ryuzaki explained.

Ayaka was silent for a moment and looked up to see Asuna still walking away until she was out of sight. This caused Ayaka to have a flashback to when she and Asuna were little. Younger Asuna was in her house one day looking around the big hall until she spotted an opened room. She went inside and looked around the play room filled with toys and a rocking horse. Ayaka strolled in noticing her.

"What are you doing?" Young Ayaka asked but Asuna didn't respond except her curiosity shows enough giving Ayaka the hint she wanted to know, "Fine. I'm going to fill you in on a little secret, but only because I'm bored. And you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Okay..." Asuna promised.

"Pretty soon, I'm going to have a little baby brother." Young Ayaka said feeling happy, "This is his room and I got to pick out his wallpaper. Only one more month until he arrives and I'll be his sister. We'll play piano together, and I'll let him ride my pony, and it'll be perfect." She laughed happily.

A month later at the hospital, Young Ayaka was crying in front of her father, "What do you mean I can't see him?" Tears were rolling down her cheeks, "Why can't I?"

"I'm so sorry, Ayaka." Her father apologized feeling what she's feeling.

She was sobbing as the father embraced her with a hug feeling sad too. Young Asuna was popping her head out to see young Ayaka sad and crying. She remained silent for the unfortunate news. And at the mansion while the sun is going down, Ayaka refused to eat her supper due to her depression."

"Miss Ayaka, you really must try to eat something. This isn't healthy." The butler said as he and her maids were worried about her.

"I'm not hungry." Young Ayaka answered to depressed to care about her own health.

Young Ayaka then wanders down the hall and looks at her brothers room totally empty. Tears continue rolling down her cheek as she rests her head against the door still mourning her loss. Just then, young Asuna teased her by sticking her tongue at her.

"Crybaby!" young Asuna called.

It suddenly brought Ayaka out of her depression and she looked back at her. Young Asuna ran off and provoked young Ayaka to chase after her.

"You look ugly when you cry, you know that?" Young Asuna teased.

"Everyone cries! Shut up you jerk! Besides, what do you know? You look ugly all the time!" Young Ayaka called, "Hey you get back here!"

The maids watched and started looking relieved, "Awe look at Miss Ayaka." One said.

"She looks alive again, I was so worried." Another added.

Young Asuna laughed with Young Ayaka as they appeared to hit it off fine. The flashback ended with Ayaka smiling with a small tear coming out of her eye.

"I see..." she replied, "That's right, today would've been my little brother's birthday." She then felt Ryuzaki pat her head, "I'm sure you would've made a great sister Ayaka."

"Ryuzaki?" Ayaka gasped.

"Tell you what, how about I be your brother?" he offered, "I may not be younger, but I wouldn't mind having a sister figure."

Ayaka looked lost for words at this proposal, but smiled happily, "Nii-san!" she hugged him and Ryuzaki hugged her back, "Come on let's go inside, you didn't give me that tour you promised."

Ayaka broke the hug and smiled, "Of course, come on let's go." She took him by the arm and dragged him along.

When evening came Ryuzaki returned to his living quarters where Watari was preparing dinner, "Ah Ryuzaki welcome back your dinner is about ready."

"That won't be necessary Watari, Ayaka was kind enough to have dinner with me." Ryuzaki said going to his arm chair and plopped into it."

"I see, and how was it today with the class representative?" Watari asked.

"Very well actually, she's a good person. And I'm proud to know such a kind girl." Ryuzaki smiled looking at his class roster having written under Ayaka's name 'Asuna's friend and Sister' He then sent a text to Asuna.

Meanwhile at the dorms Asuna was smiling over a photo of how she and Ayaka were young and posed like they glared at each other very mean like. She heard here phone beep and looked at it, "A message from Ryuzaki?" she asked opening it up reading the text.

'Asuna, Ayaka said she's sorry and was happy for what you did'

Asuna looked surprised but smiled and texted back, 'No problem'.

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