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He sat on that swing like he did everyday, watching all the other kids play in the park. He would ask to play with them, but they would never let him. Every time he asked they would have some excuse why he couldn't. He never asked anymore, instead he resigned himself to that swing everyday.

As dusk feel he watched the other kids leave home with their parents. They called goodbye to each other and promised to play again the next day. He had been watching them for so long, that he knew all their names, what they liked and didn't like. That knowledge, however, did not make the children want to play with him or talk to him.

Everyday as the sun set he wished someone would come for him and hug him asking, 'did you have fun?' No matter how many days he waited his parents never showed up, not that he really expected them too. No, he was an orphan who never knew his parents, not even their names. He tried to ask about his parents but no one would listen to him. He made up stories about his parents in an attempt to satisfy his curiosity, but instead they were just hollow lies. He quit caring about them after awhile since they probable didn't love him just like the village.

The village hated him. The adults would give him mean looks and say mean things to about him. The children never played with or talked to him either. The older children picked on him and some would beat him up. He hated how he was treated, and didn't understand why no one loved him.

"Hey," a voice called, "You better head back soon."

"Okay," he called as he slowly got off the swing.

He turned to face the voice and was greeted by a man wearing a dog mask. He wasn't surprised to see the man. He always came and got him if he stayed out too late or if the villagers got especially cruel and nasty. He was the closet thing he had to a family, excepted he would only talk when necessary and use the fewest amount of words possible.

He started his trek back to the orphanage. He couldn't call it home, but at least they left him alone there instead of picking on him. The masked man followed behind keeping a watchful eye as the first stars began to peek out in the night sky.

As he walked inside the orphanage and the door shut behind him, the mask man whispered, "I'm sorry I can't do more for you, Naruto."