This is me being odd again, and adding Vanille into an FFVII short story spinoff.

The Lifestream.

That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet. That's where the souls of those lost go.

And still they wish to return. Some wish to go back, knowing they can't, or some wish to help.

She had long, slightly curly, brown hair, falling over her shoulders in several curled locks, over a red top and long pink skirt. Her face was soft, her eyes a striking emerald green. And she had died not so long ago; for why else would she be in the Lifestream?

There were many semblances of consciousness in the river of light, many people, echoes, ghosts if you will.

There was another woman, one not knowing how long she'd dwell there. She had bright red hair tied into two pigtails, with a lot of jewellery over a pink, flimsy top and a fur like skirt. She also had startlingly green eyes, darker and yet somehow brighter than the iridescent Lifestream.

"Hey there!" the latter of the two souls, the temporary resident, called.

"Hello" the former nodded respectfully.

"I'm Vanille, you?" she bobbed through the streams of light.


The two women were briefly silent. They weren't sure what called them to speak to each other; though it was as if the Lifestream had called them together. As if it sensed they needed each other.

"What was your Focus?" Vanille asked, smiling.

"My…focus?" Aeris was mystified

"You know, l'Cie, fal'Cie…you don't know do you?"

"I came from the Forgotten City"

"Haven't heard of it" Vanille paused, "is it near Oerba?"


"Is it on Cocoon?"

"I'm truly sorry but I don't understand what you're talking about"

"Gran Pulse? L'Cie? Sanctum?" Vanille sighed. "We must be from very different places"

"Very different" Aeris echoed. "I just hope Cloud can…"

"Cloud? Who's he?" Vanille stepped closer

"A friend" Aeris blushed. "I left him behind"

"I know how you feel" Vanille's bubbly personality depleted, "I left someone behind to. Haven't seen her here yet"

"Keep trying. You've just got to keep trying, and you'll find them"

"I guess you've just got to do what you can" Vanille sighed, smiling.

"Whatever you can" Aeris nodded, speaking slowly. Whatever she could. She could help Cloud and the others, maybe not much, maybe a lot. But she could do whatever she could.

"I just…she had to do all the icky stuff, and I just watched" Vanille seemed downcast

"Do whatever you can, right?" Aeris smiled. "You never know, maybe you could cheer them up again."

Vanille smiled briefly, before her form flickered. The green currents of the Lifestream took her away, took her out of the Lifestream.

That brief meeting, that exchange of words would have consequences greater than it would seem.

She couldn't remember. Vanille was glad of that; whatever she could. She wouldn't let Fang remember. She didn't deserve that.

And Aeris took those words to heart. Whatever she could. Those three words saved the world.