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White Mask

Chapter 1: Freedom of Paranoia

I thought… I thought perhaps if I bottled it all away it would disappear. This part of myself that I work so hard to hide, to keep away… there is no magic powerful enough, no seal strong enough to keep this demon bottled up inside of me. I was supposed to be the best. I was raised to be better than everyone else. I was supposed to be the mighty weapon that would be used to slay our enemies but instead…

The burning flames of the mansion burned my skin and the black ash of the charcoal, burned from the wood, crumbled beneath my weight. I could only see darkness, and all I could hear was her crying for me to save her.

"Aniki! Aniki!"

But there was nothing I could do. When I opened my eyes the sight twisted at my insides and gripped at my stomach, forcing me from my sleep in a cold sweat.

Every night it was the same nightmare. What good was this power inside me, if I could not use it, and all it brought was misery? I had run away, run from it all back then. I no longer wished to fight. All fighting ever did was hurt others, and for me it brought tragedy. I felt as the sweat raced down my naked chest as I gripped the thin sheets to my body. I looked around the brightly lit room. Lanterns stood lighting every corner. I had since grown to fear the darkness, no longer trusting my body to the night. The tattered cot I lay on was made of leaves and bamboo, and the roof over my head was made of stone, as were the four walls that surrounded me. I sat there and listened as water trickled, echoing from the depths of the cave. My heart still pounded between my ears, and my throat was dry with thirst, and heart ached from the nightmares. I could feel as it tried to claw its way out. It took all of my power, all of my will to seal it away, but I could still feel the numbing pain at the surface. The process had left me human.

Though it is what I started my life as, it had been a long time since I could be called human. I pulled the sheets from my body and pulled my legs to the edge of the cot. With a shaky start, I got out of bed and walked to the cave entrance where a straw curtain was the only protection that stood between me, and them. It was daybreak, and I could still hear them roaming the edges of the boundary. They always followed, and I could always feel them. I turned from the entrance to dress and ready myself for the day.

A young man, looking about fifteen years of age stepped from the confines of a small cave, just off the road from the rest of humanity, down a mountain trail. He had dark black hair, short and a little messy as if it was cut by an unsteady hand. The habit of attempting to set the messy top stuck with the male over his years. Over an old black tee shirt he wore a tan and green kimono that has seen wear and repair. He wore straw sandals over his black tabi socks. Over his shin he wore black sune-ate that were scarred from obvious use in battle. His eyes were rust color and gladly welcomed the morning sun with a deep yawn. In hand he carried a water bucket which he would fill for his daily chores. Though he had no home he still cooked, cleaned and bathed. As he walked along two small ferrets sauntered out after him. One was black with a tan torso patch and tan boots. The young man called the male Kuro. Though it was rather unimaginative, he thought it suited the mischievous one of the duo. As for the second ferret that bounded along his side, she was an albino female the young man called Shiro. Shiro was the yang to Kuro's yin. She balanced his bad behavior.

The young man had since lost use for his surname, and could barely recall his given name. He made his way down to the river, the two ferrets playing along the dusty and soft ground by the bank. While the young man knelt down to fill the bucket, the pair of ferrets rolled into the bushes. He heard the distinct squeal of Kuro falling into trouble after pushing Shiro to her limit. He rolled his eyes and looked back over his shoulder. Shiro sat up sniffing at the bushes Kuro had tangled himself in. She squeaked and called to her partner, but nothing. The teen sighed and set his bucket down as he stood and walked over to the bushes. He parted the shrub and watched as Kuro frantically rolled around in what looked like a pile of garbage which had been discarded.

The boy sat on the ground and scooped the frantic Kuro from his trap and pulled a leaflet he managed to catch his little claws in.

"What have you gotten yourself in?" he chuckled as he looked to the paper. Shiro leapt into his lap as the sounds of their presence came closer. After pausing to make sure they retreated once again he eyed the leaflet.

He found the words on the paper rather, jumbled. He rolled his eyes and concentrated. It has been an honest while since he had to read anything. Not that one ever forgets to read, but just as anything you need a moment to regain your bearings.

"Youkai Gakuen…a privately owned private school for those wishing a fresh start in life." He read aloud as he lowered the paper.

The words had hit him rather hard. If only it was that easy. Life did not have a reset button. Who were they fooling? The ferrets looked up to the boy. Kuro was still curled in his arm and Shiro in his lap. They tilted their heads at the dejected male. He scoffed and crumbled the paper. He pushed to his feet, Shiro gripping to his sash and slinging herself between the fabric roll. He yelled and threw the balled up paper into the river with all his might. He panted from his exertion and looked up, watching the piece of trash float down the river. Kuro perked his ears and hissed and jumped against the boy's kimono and slid down the loose robes, followed by Shiro.

Behind him a massive, grey skinned beast with a white face, and a mane of blood red fur stomped from the forest. Across the beast's white face were red stripes like that of a kitsune. The beast stood on all fours and its long, whipping tail was covered in the same red colored fur. It had fingered claws and an eerily human expression, though blank of any emotion. It roared, shaking the forest to its roots.

"I guess they finally caught on, my own fault…" The young man sighed as he stood in a ready stance.

He stared the beast down and slid his legs apart. He held out his arms and twitched his finger's joints. The beast took deep, shaking breathes as he stepped toward the young man whose eyes narrowed in anticipation. The boy lowered his torso slightly, ready to charge. The beast roared again and the young man was forced to move back from the sheer force. The raven haired youth inhaled and stood tall… then took off running in the opposite direction of the monster, screaming. If not for the expressionless guise of constant horror on the beast's face, it would stand dumbfounded by the boy's reaction, only to regain its senses and chase after him.

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!" He pushed to sprint faster as he made it onto the highway. Car horns blared as they whizzed by and almost flattened the crazy young man who raced down toward coming traffic.

Shiro and Kuro popped their heads out of the boy's kimono and peeked out from the back of his collar.

"Is it still there?!" He shouted as he kept running, not as fool as to look behind him. The ferrets nodded with soft squeaks.

Though the cars could clearly see the boy, it was as if the giant beast was of no consequence as it continued to barrel down the highway after him, several cars crashing into its forearms as it raced on all fours after the youth. A deafening horn blared down the highway as a truck sped toward the young man and the male toward the truck. He looked behind him, than to the truck.

"Crap!" With that he jumped.

To the truck driver's horror, and relief, the young man landed on the truck's hood and kept running at top speed. He leapt across the cab, onto the truck's bed. Suddenly the truck slammed into the beast chasing the boy, which caused the end of the eighteen-wheeler to instantly pick up off the ground.

"Oh sh—" Was all the boy could get out before he slipped and rolled forward down the back of the truck's bed. The ferrets took refuge in their clumsy partner's robes.

The young man rolled straight off the back of the truck, but managed to grasp to the metal bar-locks of the door.

"I…hate my life." He whined as he dangled off the truck bed with one arm.

The truck was still rolling off to the side, clear off the side of the mountain highway. The young man's eyes widened, but the ferrets squeaked out. The boy looked around and saw a black limo speeding up the highway.

"Hold on you two!" he called, the ferrets instantly taking shelter in his kimono. The young man jumped, kicking off the side of the truck and toward the car.

Inside the limo, a young, silver-haired girl sat, listlessly staring out of the tinted window. There was a loud thump that startled her from her thoughts and she looked up, seeing as the truck rolled off the cliff. She blinked in shock.

"Things like that are common in the human world miss." The driver looked back from his rear view mirror at her.

She sighed and narrowed her ruby eyes in boredom as she leaned back in her seat and returned to her day dreaming.

"And hopefully a thing of the past. How long until we arrive at the Gakuen?" She questioned in her growing annoyance for the car ride.

"Just through that tunnel mistress." The driver responded.

Atop the limo the young man had just narrowly made it. He lay on his back, panting heavily. Kuro and Shiro perked their heads out of his kimono and tilted their heads curiously. He sat up and crossed his legs under him, folding his arms over his chest.

"J…just gimme a bit." He panted. The ferrets titled their heads and burrowed back into his kimono. The young man looked up as the limo pulled into the tunnel.