Chapter 18: Congruity of Quarrel

"Tsukki!" Kyouko called out after spotting her dear ototou in a tree. After running from the stampede of women Ginei had returned to the clubroom and had no idea where Tsukune went.

'The punk ditched me.' Senpai complained, but he gained no sympathy as he had been the instigator, which surprised Moka. Tsukune was usually the one to instigate trouble, but as she thought on that it was – not true. He never seemed to purposely start trouble, just simply be too ignorant to avoid it.

Kyouko offered to go find him and before Moka could protest the older woman shoved Dimitri into her arms, racing off without a second thought. Kurumu sighed and motioned.

"Tsukune is so admirable, to be able to outrun his enemies~" The succubus swooned. Moka's features fell flat as she heard the drivel that spilled from the sex-crazed girl's mouth. The vampire turned and left. She was not going to deal with this stupidity.

But in the same instance she still felt some sense of regret for being unable to properly show thanks for his help in the pool nor show her regret for ignoring his most basic needs. The vampire walked along campus, Dimitri in her arms and the ferret pair on her left and right shoulder respectively. She fought to ignore the stares and whispers as she strode through the halls. Why did it bother her so much? Even though the majority of the attention was praise, it still made her stand out. She was not an object to be praised nor a doll to be admired. She was supposed to be feared, but even that was not something she wished.

Tsukune did not praise her, nor did he admire her. Above all the boy seemed incapable of fearing her, as much as she tried to put the fear of kami into that wild child. It was sort of endearing. She felt terribly and did want to apologize. Her nature did not allow her to admit her shortcomings, but neither did it let her leave those that served under her feeling worthless. Moka made her way to the courtyard of campus. She had searched all along the pathways and would eventually make her way from the Western courtyard to where the paths led toward the graveyard. When she found the pair she heard them warmly talking. Moka shuffled back behind an old, dying tree.

"You okay Tsukki?" Kyouko worried as she folded her arms behind her back. She of course smiled and chuckled softly. "Sorry about your eye, but onee-san was worried you know!" She nodded, smiling brightly.

Tsukune laughed and jumped out of the tree. His arms shuffled into his kimono sleeves, hands grasping each other inside. Tsukune smirked, but soon that snide grin would fade into a solemn glance.

"How long has it been nee-san?" He seemed distant in thought as he stared off. He could hear the crack of thunder and rushing wind as he sought to lure his thoughts into a less depressing subject. Tsukune turned his copper eyes to his sister.

Kyouko brushed back a strand of hair from her face and brushed down the school's issued skirt. She smiled warmly and turned her matching orbs up toward her baby brother. "Does it matter?" She softly responded in kind. The older woman held out her arms to the young boy, the sleeves of her dark-green blazer just reaching to her palms.

Tsukune walked toward her and embraced his sister. He pushed his face into the crook of her neck.

"I tried, nee-san, I tried looking for him everywhere." Tsukune's voice was muffled, but the person that needed to hear it, could clearly hear his words. Kyouko brushed her face into his hair and patted his back.

"I know Tsukki..." She softly spoke. His hair was brittle and dry. He had been living a hard life. "Thank you for everything, but you can leave it to us now okay?" She paused and moved to push Tsukune's shoulders so he looked to her. "Tsukki, but I want to, I need to know..." She leaned down to force him to look into her eyes as he tried to look everywhere, but hers.

Tsukune smiled weakly before shaking his head. "Yeah..." He murmured reaching his sleeve to press it against his stomach. "It's okay though, Kyouko-nee. I promised I wouldn't change. I still have to pay him back." He held up his fist and grinned. "Sock him a good one to his head!" He laughed.

His cheerfulness caused Kyouko to respond similarly. She pulled him into a hug and ground her fist into his skull to give him a proper noogie. "You are such a stooge! Don't give that girl so much trouble!" She pulled his head between her hands and kissed his forehead. Her brother was an idiot, but he was heartfelt in everything he did. He saw something in the girl, though she as unsure what, precisely it was.

"Hai..." He dryly agreed, but not really because what fun would it be if he could not tease the vampire. Tsukune's copper eyes glanced up, passed Kyouko's shoulders. The young woman giggled and glanced back.

"Ne, Moka-chan, isn't that right? It's no fun that he teases you all the time! He did not do it to behave in a mean-spirited manner. Moka was an interesting person, mostly because she held in all of her emotions. He had learned a long time ago that holding your true feelings inside to long were detrimental in the end.

Moka stiffened. How did they know she was here? The vampire smiled nervously and stepped from around the tree, Dimitri still dangling from her arms. The fox yawned out before he frantically squirmed about. He kicked from Moka's hold and bounced off toward Kyouko. He jumped up and would scurry himself up, onto her shoulder when she crouched down enough to allow him to jump up. Kyouko patted Tsukune on his shoulder and skipped off.

"Later Tsukki, I'ma go flirt with your senpai~!" Tsukune sneered at her as she hurried off, patting Moka's shoulder as she ran by.

Moka approached the wild boy and looked up at him, before turning away. She jumped a bit when Kuro and Shiro leapt from their perch on her shoulder, to his. She felt her heart jump at the thought of being suddenly abandoned by the small animals. She was rather fond of them. They were cute and rather intelligent. They reminded her of her sister's pet bat. Tsukune laughed as the polecats scurried into his kimono and crawled up his torso until they were able to pop their heads out at his collar. Moka looked down, her hands humbly crossed in front of her.

"T..Tsukune." She called out. Why was this so hard? She was only apologizing after all. It was not as if she was confessing to a lover. "G...gomen." She softly whispered. "I picked on you... and" But before she could finish her apology Tsukune began to laugh.

The vampire's cheeks flushed as she looked at him with anger. She should have expected as much from him! She was trying to be honest with her feelings and – Her heart jumped and began to beat rapidly. Was she actually bothered by his brushing her off so easily?

"Are you worried about that kidna stuff Moka-chan? You really are a good girl." His words made her blush. She looked up at him, confused. "I don't really get bothered by that kind of stuff, you know?" He nervously rubbed at his head. "I know I say stuff sometimes that isn't really agreeable." he held out his hand. "I'm sorry too, you know? It's been a long time since I really had so much fun though..." He smiled.

Moka was taken aback. She had forgotten. He had mentioned he had not been around others in the longest of time, which made her feel sort of guilty. She smiled and reached out to touch his hand. It was rougher than she would have guessed. The way he seemed to protect his hands all the time. He always kept them covered or away from reach. She felt as if she had come far just to be able to shake his hand like an equal.

Equal? There is no one equal to vampires. No one can stand on ground with us, not even Death himself!

The words from her father penetrated her thoughts. Before Tsukune could ask if she was alright, easily having felt her body stiffen from the passing memories, someone screamed.

"No!" It sounded like a young woman.

Tsukune and Moka looked to each other before they turned to face the direction of the scream. Moka rolled her eyes. It seemed this school was just filled with all sorts of troublesome people. She scoffed and turned to face Tsukune. Perhaps he wanted to go get something to eat.

Tsukune had taken off running in the direction of the scream.

Idiot! She harshly thought. He could not just go running into the problem of others all the time!

Off in the distance the source of the scream now backed away from her assailants. Three large lizardmen stalked toward the small, helpless girl. By her uniform she seemed to be a member of the student body, but she looked far too young, no older than ten or eleven. The lizardmen also wore uniforms belonging to the school, first years and by the band around their arms, members of the Student Council.

"You know that cosplaying is against school rules, Sendou!" The larger of the three hissed. It was obvious he was the leader.

His deep, green scaly face was contrasted by the red mohawk of his true form. The little girl shivered as she pulled back. Over her uniform she wore a witch's cap and cape, sticking out even more so than three, giant lizard boys in a school for demons.

His two lackeys snapped their jaws toward the girl. She was terrified. She had been playing pranks again and perhaps, this time, she had let it go a bit too far, but everyone was always looking down on her. Just because she was skipped a few grades did not mean they had a right to treat her this way!

"S-so what!" She tried to defy, even though she was scared. She knew her class president, who currently stared her down in his true form, was increasingly driven by his inferiority complex, but her own pride did not let her get pushed without a fight. Her mama and papa had always told her she was meant for great things and that she should be proud of who she was.

"So," Buchou laughed as he reached out his arm to grab at the girl's neck. The beastly youkai raised her off the ground. Though transforming was against school rules, they were far enough from campus that it did not matter. "Buchou is going to teach his classmate on how to keep her mouth shut and accept that she is the bottom rung of the hierarchy.

The lizardmen began to laugh, but seemed to still when the bushes behind them rustled against the wind. The young girl punched at the class president's arm, trying to force herself from his grasp. His grip was too powerful though.

"You know, I don't think that is how you are supposed to make sure someone learns their lesson." A voice called out to the three students.

Buchou and his boys looked back at the strange looking kid.

"Is that a samurai?" One of the lizardmen wondered.

"Maybe it's a ronin*?" The other blinked curiously.

The class president hissed and gripped his clawed hand tighter around. "Don't screw with me punk, what do you know samurai?!" Buchou shouted.

Tsukune blinked. On his shoulder sat Kuro and Shiro. He stared off thought. He blinked and smirked at the trio. "Absolutely nothing!" He proudly declared. Which caused the three to falter.

"Idiot, don't say that so proudly!" Buchou hissed out as Tsukune continued to laugh.

"I have been telling him that for days now," a deep, feminine voice rolled from the darkness. The three jumped and turned to face Moka who was leaning against a tree. She sighed and shrugged slightly. "He always says such unnecessary things." The silver-haired temptress let out a defeated sigh.

So he came running because of these? He is always so eager to play hero...? It made her a little jealous.

Tsukune frowned. "Aww, that's mean Moka-chan!" he flexed his arm, rotating it in a circular motion. "Plus it looks like they're fighting. Way more fun than studying those books don't you think?"

Moka pushed off the tree and stepped forward as she stretched her arms over her head languidly. "For once cat-boy, we agree on something wholeheartedly..." She darkly smirked as she turned those burning ruby eyes to the lizardmen.

How dare they pick on the weak, in front of her no less.


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