Walking down the steps to the roof of the City Hall, the Mayor was irritably muttering to himself, slipping in among the words of 'gosh!' and 'dear me!', an actual 'blankety-blank!' or two. He'd just had to pour an immense amount of mystical power into the Sunnydale Syndrome spell covering the entire town to make sure that nobody would remember being affected by the blast of pure Chaos magic that had earlier passed unseen through everything that existed in his city.

Heading down the building corridor towards his office, the demon that had discreetly ruled the California municipality for more than a century brooded over what it would do to whomever had performed such a disruptive casting. A nice evisceration for starters, accompanied by the flaying of whatever sexual organs that being or individual possessed, all while delivering a firm reproof over the utter discourtesy of disrupting the commercial operations of the fair town of Sunnydale, should do the trick. Hopefully, he wouldn't actually have to raise his voice during the entire process.

The Mayor opened his office door and stepped inside, only then realizing his most powerful protective wards had been shattered and an intruder was currently inside his sanctuary.

The point of the sword now pressing upon his Adam's apple was a pretty good clue, too.

"Complaints regarding barking dogs and late trash pick-ups should be delivered to the Residential Services office on the first floor, during the weekday hours of nine a.m. to five p.m.--"

The swordtip pressed a little bit deeper, cutting off the Mayor's hasty attempt to distract his adversary while desperately thinking of some way out of this.

"Richard Wilkins. Richard Wilkins the Second. Richard Wilkins the Third." A very cold female voice now fully identified the demon being held at bay by an unknown woman.

"You have the advantage of me, madam--" Another push of the sword made the Mayor shut up again.

"Perhaps this will jog your memory." After that calm statement, the woman holding the sword lifted her other hand to head level, showing the ruler of Sunnydale exactly what she had there.

The Mayor's eyes bulged, as he promptly identified the object of immense power being wielded by the woman, and the demon knew at once its doom was at hand. Especially when that object stirred and moved, performing its intended purpose and showing its decision to the world.

The adjudicator matter-of-factly said, "The verdict has been made. The sentence will now be carried out."


A flash of the sword as it swung through the air ended that last desperate, unfinished plea.

Several minutes later, a woman carrying a bloody sword walked out of the City Hall, and paused at the top of the front steps, looking out over the chaos that had overtaken Sunnydale tonight on this Halloween. Creatures, beings, monsters, beasts, characters, and others from all of humanity's stories and tales roamed the streets and sidewalks around the building. The normal humans among them were running away in terror, being attacked, and defending themselves, all to the accompaniment of screams, howls, snarls, and insane laughter.

The woman descended the steps, and calmly strode through the anarchy in the thoroughfares, supremely confident of where to go next.

Everybody and everything left HER alone.