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Anyways I decided to start a new story ( don't worry I'll still continue on the The Sinister Ways of Getting Grandchildren) because I actually read a fanfic called Elope! on here it was awesome and it inspired this story idea. The only really similarity my fanfic and Elope! will share is this chapter.

Oh and to warn you guys, the prologue (first 3 chapters) will seem dark but after that it will be cute and hilarious. I'm really excited for this fanfic. Hopefully I'll update both of my stories more often. I hope you guys enjoy.! it's going to be awesome! PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!

Prologue part 1- The proposal of a lifetime

Ren was laying in his bed looking at the ceiling. He couldn't sleep because the weird gut feeling he had. He wasn't sure if he should act on it or not. There isn't anything wrong with Kyoko. It's 1:00pm. Kyoko should be sleeping he thought. Ren tried to reason with himself but his gut feeling kept telling him something was wrong. Ren decided to get up and get a drink to clear his mind.

He walked through the dark hallway to the living room and kitchen. He flipped the switch cringed at how bright the light was. Once his eyes adjusted he grabbed a water bottle and went to his couch and sat down and "watched" TV. It really wasn't considered watching TV since he was just flipping through the channels like a mindless fool.

Kyoko then suddenly flashed on the TV. Ren went back to the channel. There was Kyoko playing as Natsu. He hasn't had a chance to check out how she was doing in BOX R so this was a good opportunity for him.

He watched intensely. He watched her walk so gracefully, she was so elegant even though she was wearing a school uniform. He was intrigued at how she was able to capture this role just right. There was such a bright future for her he knew it. He smiled slightly. She was become such a beautiful and talented young actress. He couldn't help but feel so proud of her and yet she couldn't help but love her even more. He was a hopeless man in love with a minor. He wasn't sure why his fate lead him to love a 17 year old. Ren sighed. He then took another gulp or 2 from his water bottle and continued to watch Kyoko act.

Ren heard a silent knock on his door. Ren looked at his door and wasn't sure who'd be here at 1 in the morning. He looked through the peep hole and coincidently it was Kyoko. Ren almost opened the door then he notice how he was dressed. He was only wearing his boxers. He ran quickly to his closet and searched quickly for pajamas. He threw them on and spirited back to his door and looked out the peep hole. Kyoko wasn't there anymore. Ren swiftly opened the door and saw Kyoko down the hall. He ran towards her.

"Mogami-san! Wait!" Kyoko stopped . She didn't look into the direction Ren was but she just stood there like a statue.

"What's wrong? " Ren's heart sank as he saw Kyoko's trembling figure. Soft sobs started to come from her. Ren stood there contemplating what to do.

"Kyoko." Ren said softly. He then noticed his mistake with calling her by name but this wasn't the time to worry to much about this.

"Tsuruga-san?" She finally turned around. He auburn eye seemed so dark and life less. It was heartbreaking Ren could barely handle it.

"What's wrong." Ren begged Kyoko

"Nothing." She gave a fake smirk but tears fell heavily down her face.

"Mogami-san there must me something wrong." He said earnestly

"I'm sorry Tsuruga-san but I really shouldn't worry you with my problems." She turned around and started to walk towards the elevator. Ren hated how she would act like he did care. He sometimes he cared way more then he should.

" Mogami-san you're worrying me when you don't tell me your problems." Kyoko turned around.

" Since you came you should at least tell me what's wrong." Ren walked to Kyoko. Kyoko thought for a moment and began to speak.

"I ….have ..to …." Kyoko slowly and quietly said.

"You have to.?" Ren looked at Kyoko almost scared of what she was going to say.

"I have to leave Tokyo." Kyoko then broke into tears. Ren didn't understand why but one thing for sure was that he couldn't live with out her. He couldn't stand the thought of her leaving him behind even if there relationship wasn't romantic. Ren stood there in silence.

"You can't leave. You're almost there. You are almost a star." Ren looked at her with great pain. He wanted to express his feeling for her but he wasn't able to bring himself to it.

"I don't want to leave." She muttered under her breath.

"Then don't"

"I have to there is no way I can go against my mother." Kyoko looked at Ren with despair.

"Your mother?"

"Yes, she came to take me away. I can't say no since I'm not 18 yet."

" She's here right now." Ren was shocked that this would happen

"Yes she's at the President's house trying to convince the President to end my contract right away." Kyoko eyes filled with more tears. Ren couldn't fight back the urge to hold her. Ren put her in to a tight embrace.

Kyoko didn't even care at the moment that she was being hugged my her sempai. She wasn't even sure why she came here to Tsuruga-san first it was like an unknown force pusher her here. She was supposed to go to the Darumaya and pack all her stuff up and meet her mother at the President's house but she was here. Kyoko hated how her mother had to barge in her life we it was the greatest. She was only 2 months away from 18. Her mother normally wouldn't care what she did. Why did she have to come now? What was she going to do to her now? She only had 2 months till she was 18. Kyoko cried even harder at the thought of this.

"Kyoko," Ren said softly. " I think I know how to keep you here in Tokyo." Kyoko stopped crying. Ren then continued " This may seem crazy to you but once your 18 we could file for a divorce" Shock went through Kyoko's system

"Divorce?" Kyoko voice cracked. Ren stood silent for a second still holding onto Kyoko.

"Kyoko, will you marry me?"