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Chapter 6- The after effects

Lory sat comfortably in his office as he watched his favorite drama. He loved the passion in it. It was one of the best dramas ever. The chemistry drowned the audience and threw them into the characters' little world of melodrama, passion, love, betrayal and hatred. It was so beautifully crafted that Lory pulled this drama out ever so often to watch in the morning before he started his day. He sipped on his tea as he watched the two leads yell at each other in anger. Lory's heart ached as he watched it play out.

"Takarada-san, the phone." Sebastian said handing the phone over to the musketeer president.

"You know I don't like being interrupted in the middle of my favorite drama."He then looked at Sebastian's anxious eyes. Something was up.

"Ok." He handed the phone to Lory "Hello Takarada-san? This is Doctor Inoue we have one of your employees in the ER. It looked like she has collapsed because of a mixture of a lack of sleep, eating and dehydration. The three young men that got her to the hospital left because of work reasons and since this patient is higher profile than normal at our hospital we wanted to let you know since you are her boss."

"Wait, are you talking about Mogami-san?"

"Yes sir." Lory became uneasy

"Can you please make sure people don't know that she's there? I want to keep this as private as possible. I will be coming there shortly to help handle the situation" He said and hanged up the phone. Lory looked at his phone stunned. Was Ren neglecting Kyoko? No that could never happen. He thought. How could she collapse like that? Lory was puzzled she was only filming a drama and other small projects. What in the world could be going on? He knew Ren would have some explaining to do.

Ren looked at his script as he was prepping for the next scene in his new drama. He sighed wondering what Kyoko's was doing at TBM. What job was she doing there? He knew he'd have to ask later today. Ren was pulled out of his thoughts as he noticed his phone going off. He continued to read his script. Then it rang again. He pulled out his phone and looked at it curiously. What could be going on if someone would call twice on his personal phone? Could it be Kyoko? He thought and looked at his phone. It was Lory. What could the eccentric president want?

"The president?" Yashiro asked peeking at Ren's phone.

"Yeah, I wonder what he wants." Ren said and picked up his phone.

"What's wrong with you? How could you let something like this happen? You live with her you should know what's going on with your wife. How could you not know! If I knew this was going to happen I would have used my other plan instead of your plan of marriage." Lory was angry and in panic.

"Wait what's happening?" Ren asked confused and frightened. What other plan? Ren thought but decided not to ask the question till later. In private.

"How can you not know? Is communication in your marriage that horrible? You think you would know when your wife is sent to the ER." Lory sounded frantic

"Kyoko, is in the ER?" Ren said petrified. It felt as if he was punched in the stomach. He then realized why Kyoko was so out of it this morning. Yashiro looked at Ren in horror when he heard the words Kyoko and ER in the same sentence.

"Wait, what's happening with Kyoko-chan?" Ren gave a Yashiro a look of alarm.

"Yes," Takarada-san pinched the bridge of his nose." she collapsed at work that's all I know. I'm heading to the hospital right now to get more info. I suggest you head over there too. I'll handle the director and producers for you. I'll send you the address of the hospital" Lory quickly hanged up before Ren could ask more questions. Ren couldn't believe what he just heard. Work or Kyoko? he thought for a split second but quickly choose Kyoko.

"We're heading to the hospital." Ren said to Yashiro frantically as he grabbed his jacket and left the set with many of the staff wondering what was going on.

"WAIT TSURUGA-SAN YOU CAN'T LEAVE!" and assistant director yelled but Ren was already too far away to hear his angry voice.

"Ren what's going on?" Yashiro asked worried as they entered the parking lot and raced to the car.

"Kyoko collapsed" Ren said with anxiety once they were in the car. He felt angry because he didn't do enough to help her. He should have told her this morning not to go to work but most of all he was scared because the girl he loves was in the hospital. He gripped the steering wheel till his knuckles were white.

"Where is she?" Ren ran to the front desk of the hospital ignoring the flashes of cameras and screams.

"OH my gosh it's Ren-sama!" The girl at the front desk squealed and completely disregarded his question. Ren looked at her threateningly.

"Where is Mogami Kyoko?" He said darkly. She stopped screaming and was almost frightened by her favorite actor.

"Second floor, room 18 they just moved her to short-term care. Why would-"before she could say more Ren rushed towards the stairs completely oblivious of everything around him. He had to make sure she was ok. Poor Yashrio tried to keep up with him on the stairs but was unable to because of his shorter and out of shape legs. I'm so jealous of you Yashiro thought as he tried to catch up to him.

"Wait Sir you can't run in here! Wait!" A doctor yelled as Ren zipped pass him to room 18. Ren rapidly opened the door and found a few doctors surrounding Kyoko.

"Sir you aren't authorized to be in here!" Doctors tried to push Ren out of the room but he stood his ground.

"I don't care she's my wife" Ren said forgetting the many people in the room. The room fell silent as they came to realization of the words he said. Lory was sitting on a chair near Kyoko. He smiled at Ren's slip. Oh you are going to cause a media frenzy Lory thought and looked at the few nurses in the room who started to whisper "Ren has a wife" or "he's married!". Lory then looked at Kyoko's shocked expression. Kyoko couldn't believe he just said that. She had just ruined his reputation. Fear and shame sunk in as Kyoko watched him ran over to her.

"Re-"Kyoko tried to chastise him on his mistake but she was swiftly put into an embrace. Kyoko could feel and hear his heart beat. She blushed profoundly at the intimate contact.

"Don't scare me like that." He said in a whisper."Actresses have to take care of themselves. How could you do such a stupid thing?" He squeezed her tighter which caused Kyoko to blush 200% more.

"I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so unprofessional as an actress. I've let you down."Kyoko said feeling guilt consume her being.

"You didn't let me down. Just please take care of yourself." Ren continued to hold her. Lory looked at the couple with teary eyes. His little couple was blossoming maybe his devious plans to get them together have worked. He looked around the room and was surprised to see how full it had become in just a few moments. Phones were pulled out even some video cameras.

"Look what you've done Ren" He spoke loud enough to interrupt the young couple.

"I wouldn't move from that position if I were you guys, especially if you want to try to keep Kyoko's identity a secret. Make sure her face doesn't show. There's a lot of cameras." Kyoko felt alarmed as she tried to take a glimpse at all the squealing nurses and patients. She could already see the media jump on these photos like ravenous beasts. To put it simply, they're were skrewed.

Yashiro looked around the hall and trying to figure out where room 18 was. He thensaw a few giggling nurses running in a direction. That's when he knew her room had to be where they were going. He followed behind them. Yashiro's jaw dropped once he saw his destination. It was packed with squealing nurses and even a few patients. How am I going to get in? Yashiro felt defeat. Wait, I can't give up I have to see what's happening between Ren and Kyoko! Cried his fan boy spirit as he dove blindly into the crowd. He viciously parted the Red Sea of fans and was able to make it through. He ended up with a few bruises and possibly a few broken toes but it was all worth it when he saw his favorite couple in an embrace. He carefully put a glove on and snapped a few pictures. He was going to have to add this to his scrap book at home. Yashrio was soon pulled out of fan boy mode when the President walked over to him.

"What in the world are you doing. I understand that you love to see them like this but honestly how many pictures did you just take" He said with a smile.

"I-"He was cut short by Lory

"It's ok I want copies of them. I should have brought a camera. Oh well, I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more on the internet."

"Yeah maybe too many" as he looked around the room. "How are we going to handle this situation?" Yashiro said as he realized the circumstances they were all thrown into.

"I'll try to kill as many rumors as possible but first we need to get these people out of the room." Lory tried to think of possible ways to get rid of the crowd. He looked at the curtain that could cover Ren and Kyoko. Ahh that would be a start. Lory instantly moved the curtain so the couple was covered. Everyone looked at the President who was dressed as musketeer and for a moment their attention was taken off of the celebs in the room.

"I'm sorry but please give them privacy. Question about this will be answered in the near future. Please call security and please get them out of here" He looked at the doctors. They looked at Lory and instantly called security and people magically disappeared till it was only a doctor and a few nurses left. Yashiro looked at Lory in amazement. He had that much power in his words it made him realize why his company became so successful. Lory sighed in relief as the situation was in some control.

"Ren." He said amused as he open the curtains again.

"Takarada-san?" He said as he broke away from Kyoko. Kyoko blushed profoundly and looked glad to be out of his embrace.

"You guys really do look great together. It's such a touching scene but I think this scene has caused a lot of commotion. Nurses squealing and taking pictures and I even heard you say 'wife' how are you going to handle the media? It's going to be a jungle. I can only do so much for you. I can help keep Kyoko's name a secret but I can't promise. I'm leaving you to what you want to say to the media" He said smiling. Ren looked at the president and finally realizing his actions.

"Oh my gosh." Ren muttered as reality sunk in.

" I can't believe I've caused all this.." Kyoko said with her head down.

"Mogami-san what exactly caused all this?" Lory looked at her suspiciously

"I-I really can't say. It would be too shameful." Kyoko let her head drop further. All three men looked at her trying to understand the meaning of her words.

"I mean I have a job" Lory looked at her hard "Ok maybe 3 more but I had too! I couldn't let Tsuruga-san do something so nice to me. I had to make money to pay him back even if I had to do it for my entire life!" Kyoko said teary eyed. All three men looked at Kyoko in shock.

"Kyoko, you didn't have to do that. I," Ren tried to find the right words to say" care about you. Enough to willingly spend that much money on you. I want you to succeed. My greatest pleasures in life are being your sempai, and friend. Don't pay me back. You've done more than what money can buy" Ren remember how Kyoko helped him in his darkness.


"Mogami-san, listen to Ren he means it. You better quit those jobs. They've already affected your health. You already jeopardized one of your acting jobs today. Actress aren't suppose be waitresses or other things. If you want to succeed you need to focus on your acting."

"I'm sorry. It's just that I wanted to help Ren." Ren looked at her softly

"I'll admit that I did spend a lot of money on you but that's because you're a dear friend" He wished he could say more but he couldn't. Lory and Yashrio looked at him knowing that they would never spend that much money on a friend. Kyoko redden at the thought of being Ren's "dear friend". She never knew he thought of her that way.

"Thank you." she said with an embarrassed smile.

"You're welcome, You've already saved my life in numerous ways." Kyoko gave him a puzzled look and was about to say something when she heard trumpets and then she realized it was only the president's phone. He quickly picked up.

"Hello?" Everyone looked at Lory curious to know who was calling.

"Hi is Kyoko ok? Sorry for calling your phone but Kyoko left her phone in the studio. So we called you." Hikaru spoke sheepishly. He could hear the other Ishibashi brothers in the background.

"Yes she's fine Hikaru. She should be getting out of the hospital in no time. How did filming for Kimagure Rock go without Kyoko as Bo?" Ren looked at Lory in surprise. Did he just say 'Kyoko as Bo'? Ren looked at Kyoko and she looked at him awkwardly back.

"Kyoko you're Bo?" Ren asked not sure what to think.

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