Title: Dean's Heaven. 1/1
Author: zenamydog
Rating: Adult.
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean (Slash)
Warnings: Spoilers for season 5. Wincest.
Beta: jdsampson
Word Count: 592.
Disclaimer: Man, if I owned these boys… I'd break them and put them back together a lot more often. *winks*
Summary: Dean knows what heaven looks like.

AN: Okay, so… I am having so much trouble writing lately… well, anything good, anyhow, so… just to get me started I wrote this little ficlet. Not much plot, but I hope you enjoy?

Dean scrunched his eyes against the pain. It always hurt, that first minute or two, when Sam pushed himself all the way in.

"Okay?" Sam asked, arousal making him sound breathless.

"Yeah, Sammy. Just… just keep going… gets better."

Sam pushed in some more and Dean could feel the tremble of Sam's body as he tried not to thrust.

The burn eased a little as the lube warmed and there was less painful friction. "It's okay," Dean said, his face sideways, but hard against the pillow. "Keep going."

Sam reached around and grabbed his dick. It was only half hard as his brother started to gently squeeze and pull.

"I got ya Dean. I gonna take good care of you, baby," Sam said as he half pulled out and pushed back in.

Dean huffed as his brain was trying to work out what was going on with his body. His heart rate was starting to speed. "Oh god," he said a moment later. "You. Did. Not. Just… call me baby, did you?" He heard a small chuckle from Sam and felt the wet kiss to the back of his neck.

"Yeah, I did and I think it worked." Sam squeezed his dick a little tighter. "Knew it would distract you."

Dean smiled and let out a small gasp. "Yeah, well… I think it worked, too." His cock was now painfully hard.


Things were good, more than good. Dean hummed to himself as he made his way back to the Impala. It had been three months since they had sent Lucifer packing and back to the pit where he belonged. Demon possession was on the decrease and they were pretty much back to saving people, hunting things, the way they used to.

They were fucking like they used to, too and that, as messed up as it was, made Dean very happy.

They'd started before Stanford, but stopped when Dean went and got Sam. They'd started again after Hell, but stopped when Sam was involved with Ruby.

Then, the night they closed the cage and saved the planet, they fell into bed, like it was the most natural thing in the whole dammed world. They hadn't stopped this time and Dean was going to do his utmost to make sure that never happened. And if that meant he was going back under, then so be it. They'd made their bed and they were both happy to lie in it.

Dean was still humming as he slid into the car and Sam looked across at him and gave him a confused smile. "What's got into you lately?"

Dean grinned back. "What…" He winked at his brother. "You mean apart from you?"

Sam rolled his eyes and sat back in his seat.

Dean started the car and his grin changed to a full blown smile as he pulled out onto the highway.

Yes, his heaven was the open road, but God had only got it half right. The other half was sitting right beside him.

The End.

AN: Yeah I know… Really short and without plot, but as I said… I am fighting my way back to writing and this is at least a start. Hope you liked.
Z xx

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