The Spirits Shukei

Chapter one: Initiation! Who am I?

I winced as the man standing before me smiled pleasantly. He had Chestnut brown hair that was blasted back in a casual style with a strand of hair coming down over his forehead and then ended towards the left side of his head. He also was wearing a kimono type uniform with a white coat over it. He was wearing socks with sandals like he was from some feudal era or something.

He withdrew the hand that had been clasping my forehead. I looked around the room we were in, it seemed to be a room with walls and ceilings colored various shades of gray, and I had no idea where the lighting was coming from. As I began to look past the strange man I noticed another man with a somewhat bitter look on his face looking down at the ground where I lay. He looked very familiar like I had seen him somewhere but it was like the memory was blocked by and internal


I tried to make sense of this but before I could the man in the white coat spoke.

"Please say hello to Momo for me," He said coolly even though his expression betrayed his look of victory. "That is, if you can remember." He finished. Then he broke into a laugh, but it was short lived, seconds later he started to recite an incantation of sorts:"May the storms of heaven obey my commands, may the fury of the gods be bestowed upon my enemies, and may their souls be forever cursed to wander in darkness, and may my body be a vessel for the wrath of the gods. Hado number Ninety-two, Storm Cannon! "

I gave him a funny look for a moment but was amazed to see light building up within his hands that were now thrust outward toward me. The energy began growing until the colorless light manifested into a raging lightening storm in a ball. "This is farewell! Alastor Shukei!" then he fired the blast right at me. The light was so intense it blinded me until all I could see was blackness.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally saw a small orb of white light in the distance. At first I wasn't sure what it was, then it started to get bigger and closer until I could reach out and touch it. I accepted its presence as it seemed to accept me. It then reacted by engulfing my remaining essence and teleported me into the other world.