Chapter One

"What if this was your house? Power's out and the lights are dead." The voice said."Your little ones in their bunk bed down the hall, crying out."

"Mommy! Daddy! Come quick! I'm scared!" Two children voices cried out.

"You need to get there, and fast." The narrating voice announced.

"Coming, honey! Daddy's coming" A man's voice said.

"You'll need a weapon, but first, you'll need a flashlight, but you're in the dark! What are you gonna do? How are you gonna find it? I'll tell you how, The Glow-in-the-Dark Flashlight! That's right, folks! I'm Larry Daley of Daley Devices, and we're gonna spend the next paid-programming block rocking your world. And I brought along a friend to do it. George Foreman, ladies and gentlemen!" A man came out; he had dark brown hair and was wearing a nice black suit. He sat next to George Foreman and looked out into the audience. I cheered with the rest of them; I mean it's not every day your uncle is on TV with George Foreman.

"Fantastic, Larry, fantastic! Isn't he fantastic, America? But, seriously, isn't it true that just two years ago, you were working as a night guard at some dusty museum?" George asked. I knew what went on at night there. We still go there, but Uncle Larry hasn't been there in a few months and they were starting to miss him.

"That is true, two-time world heavyweight champ George Foreman. I was just a regular Joe with a flashlight and a dream."

"You mean a regular Larry." Everybody laughed at that except for me. That joke was really lame. They started talking about the other devices that Uncle Larry had invented. The show was soon over and everybody left. I went outside and waited by his car. He soon came out and a guy said that his daughter's party was going to be canceled.

"So, Charlotte, how'd you like the show?" Uncle Larry asked when we got into the car.

"It was amazing, except for the lame joke thing."

"What lame joke?"

"'You mean a regular Larry.'" I mimicked George Foreman. He laughed at me and we were soon at my favorite place, the museum. The museum is the most amazing place to go, especially at night.

"Hello! Excuse me! Unauthorized personnel!" McPhee said. "If it isn't our very own Mr. Success Story. Come for one of your nostalgia tours? I haven't seen you for a few months. Hello Charlotte."

"Hello, Dr. McPhee." They were talking and I noticed that everything was in boxes.

"They're going to the Federal Achieves."

"You mean the Smithsonian?" I said.

"See, she's smart. You could learn something from her." McPhee said. He left and it was soon dark outside. Rexy, the T-Rex of course, was playing tug-of-war with Uncle Larry. Everybody else was getting out of the boxes and was brushing the Styrofoam peanuts off.

"Lawrence, my dear lad, it's good to see you. Hello Charlotte."

"Hey, Teddy; what's up?" I asked, looking up at the man on the horse.

"The Guardian of Brooklyn has returned!" I turned around and saw Ahkmenrah.

"So, McPhee told me what's going on around here."

"We had no idea."

"Well, look if it isn't Mr. Big-In-The-Britches himself." Jed said. Uncle Larry and he started getting in a fight. I didn't bother to try to stop it because they would stop anyway because it happened before.

"Jedediah, please! Lawrence, these are emotional times for all of us. But it is our last night as a family, and I don't want to see it squandered in self-pity. So who will join me for one final stroll through these hallowed halls?" Teddy asked and Sacajawea got up on the horse with him; they really did love each other.

Morning was coming soon and Teddy and Uncle Larry were talking. I helped some other the others into their crates and closed the lids, feeling sad that they were leaving. Only Teddy, Ahk, Rexy, and a few others of the main attractions weren't leaving.

"Come on, Charlotte, we need to leave." I walked after him and before the door closed, I got one last look. Without them, the museum would be empty. Uncle Larry got a cab and we went home. He gave me my key and I went up to the apartment. Nicky was at school and since I didn't have any classes today, I was going to hang out with my best friend, Megan.

"I just love having a girl's day together." I nodded my head in agreement. We were at the mall and were having a blast. We both had our credit and debit cards and there were sales. We both had five bags and there were plenty of stores we hadn't been in yet.

"What time is it?" I asked, not wanting to get my phone out.


"I'm going to have to leave soon."


"Uncle Larry."

"Oh," she said and my phone started ringing.

"That's probably him," and I answered it. "Hello?"

"Charlotte, where are you?"

"I'm on my way home now."

"Okay, but where are you?"

"I'm at the mall with Megan."

"Be home by six."

"I will," and I hung my phone. "Megs, I got to go."

"Okay, come on." We came in her car. The sky was beginning to set outside and it felt wonderful.

"I wish I had your hair," I sighed. She had medium auburn hair and the sun made it look so pretty.

"Why, everybody wants your color hair."

"My hair is just plain black. There's nothing special about it."

"Yeah, but your eyes stand out. How many other people with black hair have blue eyes that look almost violet? People with my hair have blue or green eyes."

"So, many other people would love to-"

"Char, let's go." I nodded my head and we went to her car. It was her brothers SUV because the shopping bags were quite large and we were hoping that we would have more bags. The car ride wasn't that long and I got back before Uncle Larry did. We said our goodbyes and I took the elevator up to the apartment.

"Hey, Nicky."

"Hey, Charlotte."

"What's up?"


"You need help?"

"Not really."

"Okay, let me if you do." I went to my room and put my bags on the floor. I changed in my red, plaid flannel pajama pants, black tank top, and brown hoodie.

"Charlotte, dad's here."

"I'm coming!" I yelled back, pulling my hair into a ponytail. I walked out of my room and into the room where the food was. "Good gracious, how much food did you buy?" The was a crap load of food."

"Ed from work is going to eat over here." Uncle Larry said. The phone started to ring and I looked over at it. "Let the machine get it."

"Gigantor, it's me, Jedediah!"

"Hello, Jed? What's going on?" I looked over Nicky and he looked back."Nicky, you're going to your mom's. Charlotte, get what need because you're coming with me." I nodded and went back to my room. I grabbed a purse that I rarely use and put my makeup, phone, and iPod in it. I was about to change when Uncle Larry called me. "Charlotte, hurry up!"
"I have to change."

"You're fine, come on."

"Fine," I sighed and walked out of my room. Uncle Larry hurried up and dropped Nicky off and rushed us to the airport. Of course, we got tickets quickly because of his new status in the business industry. We boarded soon and were in our seats. I tried to get comfortable in the seat and saw that Uncle Larry was doing the same. About ten minutes into the flight, I finally got comfortable. I looked over at Uncle Larry and saw that he was asleep. This day was getting better and better.

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