The events in life can be much unexpected. I never thought my parents would die, a museum would come to life, or that I would fall in love with Al Capone. Though some events are sadder than others, in the end, they all equal out somehow. Even though life has a weird way of showing this, it's what makes life worth it.

For example, when Uncle Larry got divorced and then broke up with Rebecca, he met this girl named Tess when the museum opened back up two months later and they started to date. She and I got along pretty well and she strangely looked like Amelia Earhart. She knows about the exhibits coming back to life and she surprising wasn't freaked out like most would be.

Everybody is still at the museum, but Dr. McPhee still doesn't know about them coming to life. He thinks at night Uncle Larry turns on a switch or something that makes them come life and for the larger ones, that they are some kind of holograph or robot. Maybe one day he'll know the truth.

Al and I are still going out and everybody knows how we met including Megan. Megan already knew the truth about the museum and she's happy that I finally met someone. I guess I'm happy that I was held hostage by Kahmunrah, the crazy Egyptian. Nick, Uncle Larry, and I still live in the same apartment while Al lives with Tess in her house. However, maybe one day, Uncle Larry and Tess will become more girlfriend and boyfriend; and, hopefully, the same for Al and me.

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