The next morning, Atemu was feeling somewhat better but he did not want to be near Caoimhe. He was still worried about what he could do to her.

So he's a dhampir. Thought Caoimhe. Then that means he needs blood like other vampires. She looked at the Pharaoh who was reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. But he said it was a spell. So…that means it can be reversed, right? She heard a knock on the door and she went to answer it as Anubis bounced around happily behind her.

Outside was Gita. Her hair was very dark and her eyes were deep hazel. She was wearing black Tripp pants, a black shirt, black hoodie, and black shoes. "Yo." She said. "How are you, Kee-chan?"

"I've been better." Caoimhe answered. "What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if we could hang out at the arcade." Gita replied. Her eyes flickered over her friend's shoulder.

Caoimhe looked at her in confusion. Then she whirled around and found Atemu standing just a few feet away. She paled as her heart dropped to her stomach. Oh shit. She thought. Gita saw him.

Atemu stared silently at Gita.

The dark haired teen grabbed Caoimhe by the arm, yanked her outside, and slammed the door. "Who is that guy?" She demanded.

"Uh…" Caoimhe hesitated. I don't know what will happen if I tell Gita Atemu's name. She thought. Maybe I can make up a name… "He's a friend. His name is…uh…Y-Ya-Yami! That's right. His name is Yami."

Gita tilted her head to one side. "Yami?" She muttered. "But he doesn't look Japanese. He looks like he's from the Middle East."

"Well…actually, he grew up in Egypt." Caoimhe explained. "You see, Yami will be staying her for awhile. Unfortunately, mom and dad don't know how long 'awhile' will be exactly." She forced a smile and laughed.

Gita raised an eyebrow, not believing her rust color haired friend. "Really?"

Caoimhe stopped laughing and quickly nodded.

"Your parents know you're alone with a boy? I thought yer parents would leave your brother in charge if that happened."

"Well, yes, but Paul's at work right now."

Gita sighed, deciding not to try to get the truth out of Caoimhe. "Well. I guess Yami can come along if he wants."

"We can ask him." Caoimhe and Gita walked into the house. "You wanna come with us to the arcade, Yami?"

Atemu looked Caoimhe with a wide, wild grin. His eyes looked as though they were laughing. "I see no harm in going."

Caoimhe blushed. "Kay."

Gita smiled. "Let's go!" She cheered.

At the arcade, Gita pulled Caoimhe aside so she could talk to her in private. "I don't know why," she whispered, "but I don't trust him."

"Why not?" Caoimhe asked.

"Well…" Gita hesitated. "It looked like Yami was staring at your neck on our drive over. It's true, I think you should snag him before some other chick does, but I swear I saw his eyes turned red in the rearview mirror."

Caoimhe smiled and hugged her friend. "I will be careful. I promise."

The dark haired teen smiled. "Ok."

Caoimhe released her friend and went over to Atemu, who was staring blankly at the games. "Played anyone of these before?"

Atemu shrugged. "What's the point of that?" He asked as he pointed to a table with a scoreboard above it.

"Air hockey? It's just for fun with two people. C'mon. I'll show you." Caoimhe grabbed his arm and began to drag him over to the air hockey table.

"Hey!" A male's voice snapped. "What do you think you're doing?"

Caoimhe stopped and looked. "Andy." She grumbled.

Andy had greasy, short, dark hair and pale green eyes. He wore a filthy, white tank top with holes, filthy, blue jeans with hole in the knees, and filthy street shoes. In his left ear was a large diamond stud. He was tanned, but his skin was so filthy it was hard to tell.

Atemu was disgusted by how this young man was dressed, but said nothing. He knew full well the troubles that were ready to come forth from this meeting.

Andy sneered. "Hey, Sophie!" He called. "Look who I found!"

Sophie walked up. She had light brown hair up in a bun and amber eyes. She was wearing a short, see through, white sleeveless top, a short, blue miniskirt, pink high-heels, and a silver ring with a large diamond embedded on I. she looked at Caoimhe' and frowned. "Keev." She growled.

"Don't call me that!" Caoimhe snapped.

"What are you doing here?" Andy hissed.

Caoimhe snarled. She turned and whispered to Atemu, "C'mon. I know these two. They're not worth it." She began to leave with Atemu following.

Sophie grabbed Atemu's arm and smiled flirtatiously. "Hey." She said. "Why not ditch her and come with us? Besides, I bet she doesn't cut it in bed."

Caoimhe's heart sank and she stood motionless and stared at the floor. She had never had sex with anyone, because she wasn't like that, but Sophie's statement still hurt.

Atemu pulled his arm away. "I am truly sorry, but I am here with Kee-chan." Then he grinned. "And she is far kinder and lovelier than you, Miss."

The reddish brunet teen blushed. Kind and lovely? She thought with surprise. He seriously thinks I'm lovely?

The Pharaoh put his arm around Caoimhe and walked off with her. "Are you alright?" He whispered.

Caoimhe nodded slowly. "Did you mean what you said?" She asked.

"I am here with you, Kee-chan." Atemu replied.

She shook her head. "Not that." She said. Then she blushed. "When you said I was…lovely."

The Pharaoh smiled. "You are lovely. Far lovelier than Sophie."

Caoimhe's face turned crimson as she smiled shyly.

"By the way, what possessed you into telling Gita my name was Yami?"

Caoimhe shrugged. "It was the first thing that came to mind. Is there something wrong with it?"

Atemu shook his head. "No. There is nothing wrong with it. I find it rather amusing though odd."

Caoimhe looked at him. "How so?"

"I used to go by Yami." The Pharaoh looked at her and smiled. "I can you the whole story, if you would like. But first, air hockey."

Caoimhe smiled and giggled. "Kay." They played but she kept losing to Atemu.

"What's wrong, Kee-chan?" The Pharaoh asked.

She shook her head.

"Kee-chan." Atemu drawled.

Caoimhe ran her fingers through her reddish brown hair and sighed. "Gita thinks you're a vampire." She replied.

"At the moment, she's not completely accurate."

"I know, but…"

"Kee-chan, please try not to worry. I am harmless during the day. I promise that no harm will come to you or Gita."

Caoimhe smiled slightly. Her head suddenly perked when she sensed a very strong, negative emotion near by, and it sent an icy, cold sensation snaking down her spine. She then looked around anxiously and tried to pinpoint the feeling as she gripped the Pharaoh's hand tightly.

Atemu looked at her with concern. "Kee-chan?" He whispered.

Her head perked and she looked at him with a smile. "Don't worry about it. I'm fine."

Atemu blinked, but nodded. Kee-chan. He thought as Gita came over to watch.

A couple of police officers walked up to the trio. "Excuse me." One said. "But may we ask you a few questions?"

The three looked up and nodded.

"Have any of you seen this man?" The second asked and held up a photo.

Caoimhe paled.

The man in the picture had a Celtic symbol tattooed on his left arm. His hair was dark and unkept and his eyes were like two black holes peering into an unsuspecting, delicate heart. His clothes were old, worn, and torn.

Atemu saw the reddish brunet trembling, took her hand, and squeezed it to calm her.

Gita shook her head. "Never seen him." She answered.

"Neither have I." Atemu added.

Caoimhe remained silent as she stared in horror at the photograph.

"Kee-chan." Gita whispered. "Are you ok?"

Caoimhe tore her eyes away from the photo. "I've only seen his face in the news." She muttered. "I'm sorry."

The first place officer raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "Are you sure?" He pressed. "Could you give it another look?"

Caoimhe shook her head.

"Please, Miss." The second begged. "He's a wanted fugitive. If you know anything about him-."

"Only what I heard on television." Caoimhe interrupted. "That's all."

The first officer grabbed her shoulder. "We need to take you to the station."

Caoimhe's blood ran cold.

"What?" Gita shouted. "She said she doesn't know anything!"

"She was the only one who took longer to answer." The first officer explained. "It's suspicious and we need to take her in."

"We don't want to create a scene." The second officer added. "Please, Miss, come with us."

Atemu gripped Caoimhe's hand tightly.

The reddish brunet slowly nodded. "I understand." She murmured. Then she rose to her feet and freed her hand from the Pharaoh's. She looked at him with a sad, worried smile. Then she followed the two officers.

"Ra, watch over her." Atemu prayed. "Please, dear Ra, watch over her."

Caoimhe sat in the interrogation room with two officers from before. She had answered all their questions, but they still wanted something from her. "I've told you everything I know." She muttered. "What more do you want?"

"Why did, you take so long to answer?" The first officer asked.

"I didn't answer right away because his eyes terrified me." Caoimhe replied. "If you had a good look at those eyes, you'd be terrified too."

"You do know that he's killed multiple people, right?" The second officer said. "If you're holding something back, I'm afraid you'll be charged with obstruction of an investigation." The two officers glanced at each other when they saw that she was no longer talking. "Do you need a ride home?" He asked.

Caoimhe shook her head. She stood and followed the two out. She felt relief when she saw Gita and Atemu waiting for her.

"We'll need to question her again later." The officer warned. "But she can return home."

Gita and Atemu nodded.

Caoimhe rushed to them and hugged them, glad to be freed from the heaviness of interrogation for now. She followed the two out and climbed into the front passenger side of Gita's car.

Atemu put his arms around her neck from behind the seat and held her. He was relieved to know that she was alright but he didn't want to let her go just yet.

Gita stared the car and drove off to Caoimhe's house. "What did you tell them?" She asked.

"Only what I had heard on the news." Caoimhe answered. "And that his eyes terrified me."

"I can see why." Atemu announced. "He didn't seem to have a soul."

"It was more than that." Caoimhe muttered. "His eyes looked as though they could peer into your soul and tear it apart within you. As strange as it sounds, I believe he did that with all his victims before physically kill them."

The silence spoke for the rest of the time, but its words fell to deaf ears.

Atemu, still holding Caoimhe, stared at her with amazement. She is more attuned to the world around her than I had realized. He thought. Perhaps it is a trait past down through the generations of her family.

Her subtle fragrance entered his nostrils and made him tense. It was pleasant and not purfumey. Her pulse was steady and calm. Her neck was so close that he could almost taste her blood.

The Pharaoh snapped back to reality and released Caoimhe. Then he looked out the window and saw the sun was going down. It was only a matter of time until the monster inside him would want out and completely take over.

Caoimhe was greeted by Anubis and Bast. "C'mon you two, let's get your food." She said and headed to the kitchen.

Atemu sat down on the sofa and curled into a ball. He could feel the monster inside stirring, and prayed to Ra that it didn't come out. Then he closed his eyes to ignore the pain.

An image of Caoimhe dead in his arms with two holes in her neck and crimson liquid running down her body and his lips.

The Pharaoh's eyes shot open, and he sank deeply into the sofa. "Ra, please no." He whimpered. "Please, dear Ra, don't let me become that monster. Don't let me become that monster."

"You look pathetic." Awen's voice echoed in his mind.

Atemu clasped his hands over his ears.

"You can feel the vampire inside you." Awen's voice continued, still echoing. "You cannot ignore it for long. At some point, you will feed and kill that pathetic, naive girl you are living with."

"No." The Pharaoh muttered weakly. "I will not harm Kee-chan. I won't. I won't. I won't. I-" HIs voice broke as he sobbed softly. He couldn't bare the thought of harming someone so innocent and so pure as Caoimhe. He knew that if he had blood and probably even kill her, that the monster would be released and he would fall into the darkness that he had just barely managed to escape in the Yami no Game and the Sennen Puzzle that his spirit had been in for three thousand years. He feared that if he fell back into that horrible darkness, then there would be no leaving it.

Caoimhe woke up to the sound of glass shattering. She crawled out of bed and went downstairs to investigate. Her eyes grew wide when she saw Atemu fighting with an intruder. She hid behind a wall and peered out, watching the scene.

The intruder was the man she had seen the photo of by the police. His emotions were so dark and negative tat it made the reddish brunet tremble in fear. He swung at the Pharaoh.

Atemu dodged effortlessly and kicked the man in the side.

The man fell to the floor. Wincing, e held his side and slowly rose and lunged for him.

The Pharaoh jumped back and slugged them an in the face.

The punch was so inhumanly powerful that even Caoimhe heard the shattering of the man's jaw.

The man fell and the floor ran up to meet him.

Atemu stayed in an offensive stance incase the man decided to get back up and keep going.

The man struggled to sit up and he spat out blood. He glared at the Pharaoh, his black holes peering into the Ancient Egyptian's soul. His eyes grew wide as if he had seen how old this seventeen-year-old really was. Once he rose to his feet again, he swung at him.

Atemu simply blocked and countered, his speed beyond human. He felt drops of blood hit his face as the man dropped. His eyes grew wide and he stared in horror of the dead man.

Blood slowly pooled and glinted in the moonlight.

Caoimhe covered her mouth and let out a muffled scream.

Atemu looked at his hands and his whole body shook. He had murdered a man with his bare hands. His head perked and looked at the reddish brunet girl. "K-Kee-chan." He breathed.

There was terror in her eyes as she stared at him. It ws the kind of fear the Pharaoh had dreaded. It was the kind of fear that acknowledged the monster within him.

Atemu wiped away the blood on his face and looked away with great sadness. "I'm sorry." He whimpered as tears filled his eyes.

"Atemu." Caoimhe muttered.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. "This is what I am now." He said. "I'm sorry. But..." His voice trailed off and he bolted out the front door.

Caoimhe began to chase him, but lost him in the darkness of the city. "Atemu!" She called, but was answered by the sound of dogs barking in the distance. She fell to her knees as tears streamed down her face. "Atemu..." She covered her face with her hands and sobbed. The only guy she liked and wanted to help was gone. She felt as though part of her was torn out and it was that part where Atemu resided in her heart.

dragonchild247: Caoimhe and Atemu spent time together outside her house. But now Atemu has killed a man, and Caoimhe has just lost him. What will happen next? Will she be able to find Atemu before he feeds on a human? Stay tuned for the next chapter. OK. Yes, I used Yami no Game and Sennen Puzzle. I wanted to stick with the Japanese names of them because they have a nice ring and they roll off the tongue so easily. ^^'' Anyways. Please review.

More Dhampir facts:

Among all Balkan peoples it is believed that the child of a vampire can see and destroy vampires. Among some groups; the ability to see vampires is considered exclusive to dhampires. The powers of a dhampir may be inherited by the dhampir's offspring and cannot be taught. Such a living male offspring would sometimes become a professional vampire hunter and destroyer. In some lore, dhampires (plural) pass their skills to their own sons; their apility is inherited. A dhampir can enable others to see vampires by taking off his shirt and letting them see through the sleeves. (Whether or not this is ture, I haven't the faintest idea.) A dhampir is believed to have great strength, many abilities, and the blood lust of his vampire father.