The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Man

Chapter 10 Zelda and the Leviathan

I look at her in disbelief. "Please remove your helmet, Zelda." She did and it wasn't what I expected.

She had shoulder length, wavy, red hair. She also had a lot of freckles, but not too many. Astonishingly pretty eyes, with a light turquoise color. I looked at her face and thought So it isn't the Zelda of Hyrule. Good, I thought Ganondorf may've kidnapped her. She must have thought I was lost in my thoughts because she said, "Let's get some cover before we get shot." She put on her helmet, grabbed my hand, and dragged me to cover.

Over the radio, I heard "Sabers moving in." The Hellfire turrets then blew up and people started hobbling over the blockade. Zelda and I started to head over. I almost went over when Zelda held me back.

"Stalkers, we need a LAARK." She noticed my confused look and went to grab one. It looked exactly like the one I used against the drones earlier. She started firing explosions at the 4-legged hunks of metal, the stalkers I think. After 4 explosions, one of them made a high-pitched sound and exploded. Zelda and I advanced over the blockade and got ambushed by Hybrids behind some cars and some rubble. I didn't think as I lobbed a grenade over to the cars and annihilated half the Hybrids. Zelda took care of the others with a Carbine. We advanced over the rubble and took out more hybrids and drones, when I saw something.

It had no weapons and had no armor that I could see. It looked like a small, hunched version of the hybrids. It was also running right at Zelda and me. I got my sword ready to lop its head off when Zelda shot it. The thing then blew up, leaving a black scorch mark where it blew up and knocked everything back. I was glad Zelda took it out as I tried to think what would have happened if it was near me. There were more to come so I readied my Piercer and took down exploder after exploder after hybrid. There was eventually one hybrid left and I used my hook to snag it. It went flying towards me with the hook in its gut. It then got its head cut off by my sword, showering Zelda and I in its blood.

After killing many Hybrids, redeads, and exploders, we only had the stalkers left to deal with. I refilled my LAARK, as Zelda called it, and shot explosions at the stalkers. After many of those, they were all dead.

Another man in black came up to me and said "Sir, are you Link?" After I nodded my head, he said "I am commanded by Lieutenant Hale to guide you to the tower. So follow me." Zelda and I followed him to the tower. We were just about to enter a building when we felt thunderous footsteps. He said, "What the hell is that?" I turned around and I saw the leviathan turn the corner and punch the building.

The other two were yelling about something but I wasn't paying attention. I took off my backpack and started rummaging through my stuff, looking for one particular mask. She asked, "What are you looking for?"

I said "My giant's mask." I paused a moment and said, "Zelda, do me a favor," I found my mask and handed her my other stuff, "hold on to this for me." I then told the other one, "Lead her to the tower. I'll buy you some time." I then ran forward, where the stalkers were, and looked up at the leviathan. It then stared at me, all 6 of its eyes. It had a look of confusion on its face, probably because it has never seen something that didn't run from it. All I had was my Piercer, sword, and the Giant's mask. The thing then roared at me, covering me in spittle. I was just about ready to put my mask on when the leviathan grabbed me.

It raised me high over its head, making a look of victory. The thing then opened its mouth insanely wide and I did the only thing I could think of: I whipped my Piercer out, aimed for its arm, and shot the hook. It imbedded itself in the flesh just as the leviathan let go of me. I fell for 30 feet and then dangled there in the air. The leviathan looked surprised and swung its arm around into the building, making lose my grip on my Piercer. I went flying through the air and went through the window 10 feet from where the creature slammed its arm into the building. I looked around the room for stairs and found some when the thing pulled its arm out. There was burning wreckage and a gaping hole between me and the stairs. I knew I couldn't make that jump. So when I saw the thing get ready to punch the building again, I jumped out to the sky, donning the Giant's mask.

I felt myself growing to epic proportions and the fall felt like 20 feet instead of 300. I was now eye to eyes with the leviathan. The leviathan had surprise and a little fear written all over its face. I then punched it in the face, making it stumble back. It then grabbed my arm with both of its hands and threw me right behind it. It tried to kick me again but I rolled out of the way into the river. Almost immediately I felt little pincer-like pains all over the part of my body that was submerged and remembered the furies in the water. I then got up and searched for the leviathan. I didn't see it anywhere. Then I felt myself being lifted by crushing hands. I was then thrown into the building I was in earlier, pain racking up all over me. I recalled the fight between Twinmold and I for a split second and I realized something: when I fought Twinmold, my sword grew with me. I felt around for my sword and grabbed it. I drew it and immediately tried to decapitate it. The thing then ducked, charged at me, and grabbed me, lifting me again. It threw me in the river again, this time taking out the bridge. I got up again and saw the leviathan with a stone tower in its hand. It started swinging the tower at me, hitting me in my sword hand, making me drop my sword. It then grabbed my sword and kicked me right in the chest. I staggered back until I hit a building. The thing then pinned my sword hand to the building using my sword. It used the tower to pin my other hand to the building. With me stuck to the structure, it started punching me.

I thought I was screwed because it could easily gut me, when a big, black locus started flying by. I scanned the locus and saw Hale wielding a LAARK. He fired an explosion at the leviathan's head, distracting it. I took this opportunity to kick the thing in the leg. I then pried my hand off the tower and used that hand to pull my sword out of my other hand. I got ready to strike the leviathan when it grabbed my leg and started crushing it. The snapping of my leg bones were clear as a bell, when another explosion rocked the thing's head. It then rolled away, got up, and ran away. The locus then set down nearby where the stone tower once stood. I limped over, stumbling near the locus, and took off my Giant's Mask. I felt myself shrinking.

I approached the locus, muttering a healing spell, and I heard Hale say, "Whoa, Link. Why didn't you use that in Twin Falls or Orick?"

I replied, "The Giant's mask only works when I have absolute need of it and only in certain areas. This situation fit both criteria." I got in the locus, sat down, and said, "The leviathan is still in the area somewhere. Let's just head to the tower."

We were just about to the tower when the leviathan just came out of nowhere. Warner was saying something about breaking off course. I grabbed my sword and mask and jumped out of the locus. I felt that same growing sensation again. It then saw me and roared again. It charged at me and uppercut my gut, making me hurl all over the inside of my mask, making it dissolve. I felt the mask dissolving and thought Oh Shit! I drew my sword and started hacking at the thing. I then stabbed it in the head, by now I'm 50 feet tall instead of 300. I then started climbing on the dead leviathan. I saw my Piercer stuck in the thing's arm and I ran over to get it. By the time I got to it, I was my normal height. The locus came over and landed on the chest of the leviathan.

Capelli opened the side of the locus and said, "Get in; we're heading for the tower." I got in, checking ammo for my gun. The locus took off and started for the tower. We got to the base of the tower when I saw Zelda and the other one entering the tower. We landed and I immediately started toward Zelda.

I finally got over to Zelda and said, "Thank you for holding on to my stuff." I grabbed my stuff and all of us entered the tower. We all followed Dr. Malikov to the control hub. Warner, Capelli, Hale, and I watched the entrances in case we were ambushed, while Malikov deactivated the tower.

I heard the tower power down and Malikov say, "We have done it."

The tower came back to life and I asked him what was happening. He replied, "I do not know. Something overrode the controls. One of the other towers has reactivated it."

This took me by surprise as I said, "Other towers? So there is more than one?" The next answer from Hale shocked me more.

"Dozens. Possibly hundreds."

Warner then said, "So which tower activated it?" Turning to face Malikov demanding, "WHICH TOWER, DAMMIT!"

Malikov then said with horror in his voice, "Iceland." He turned to Hale and said, "It is him, Nathan. It is Daedalus."

To my beta: (his leg was snapped not a minute before, how is he walking? Is he infected?)Yes, but not to the degree that Hale is.