Legend of Zelda: Fall of Man

Chapter 2: Shooting Lesson

I got off my horse and strapped her to a tree. I went to the monster and pulled my sword out. Damn, now I'll have to clean this later. When I was walking to my horse, she started getting out of control, pulling on her restraints like she was trying to get away from something. I got out my Lens of Truth and activated it, just in time to see one of those monsters tear my poor horse to pieces with those claws. It saw me and it ran off. I got out my bow & arrows, knocked an ice arrow, aimed, and fired at the device on its back.

The creature started to freeze so I knew it hit its mark. I ran towards it, sword at the ready. I got about halfway to it when the ice started to melt at a fast pace. I got my bow out and knocked a normal arrow. I was about to shoot the thing in the head when I heard a small explosion from behind me. The next thing I knew, the creature was blown apart, blood spraying and internal organs flying by a bigger explosion in front of me. I turned around, turned my Lens of Truth off, and I saw another man.

He had a uniform on similar to the other man I meet earlier except this man had no head gear. He was about six foot in height, had a stern expression on his face, and is balding. In one hand, he had a device looking remarkably similar to the other man's "gun". I assumed that was his weapon. Another weird thing was his ears, they were round and short.

The man ran up to me and said, "Hey kid, why aren't you in a protection camp? You know we're in a world war, right?"

I said, "War? Against those monsters with the huge claws? The man commented on how he saw a horse carcass back a bit with the name Epona on a name tag around its neck. I told him that was my horse-I'll destroy them for killing my horse.

He would have said something else, but the expression on his face told me he noticed my ears. He pointed his weapon at me and yelled, "Who and what are you, and are you affiliated with the chimera?"

I was taken aback by his remarks and said, "I'll answer your questions as you asked them. My name is Link of Hyrule, I am a Hylian, and I don't know what the chimera are so I'm gonna say no."

The man put away his weapon and said, "Oh, well let's walk and talk. I'll explain the chimera and you can be in my squad as soon as you know how to use a firearm. I have to meet up with my squad on the other side of Orick anyways.

I contemplated his offer and said, "Sure, but what's a firearm?" He showed me his weapon. "Oh." I could tell he was furious but tried not to show it.

"A firearm is any weapon that uses a certain amount of explosive to make enough pressure to propel a projectile a certain distance." We started walking a bit when he said, "The chimera are a species of celestial origin. Their technology is hundreds of years ahead of ours and they reproduce using a virus to transform other living creatures into them, so there are multiple um.. strains of chimera. Variations of those monsters." I would have asked what a virus was but he "shush"ed me. I listened and I heared cooing sounds, similar to a bird. "Sounds like a pigeon." he murmured.

I said, "Yes, I hear a pigeon. I also hear growling sounds, like a predator ready to pounce." I told him I would like a shooting lesson now. He rejected the idea, saying this strain of chimera is invisible. I said, "I have an artifact that my people crafted that can see through illusions. These creatures-chimera you call them-are no different." He told me to use it and gave me his big firearm.

He said, "This is the M5A2 Folsom Carbine. It shoots projectiles called bullets at whatever you point at with a high velocity. You get 30 shots before you run out of bullets and if you spray and pray, it'll be gone before you know it. It'll also try and jerk everywhere so you want a firm hold on it." I was soaking all the information in while getting out my Lens of Truth. I activated it, got a firm hold on the carbine and asked hin what's next. He said, "Look for the chameleons- the monsters with the big claws-once you have a sight on one, hold it nice and tight to your shoulder, aim down the carbine, and when you have the shot, squeeze the little lever next to your pointer finger. Do not squeeze the lever near your middle finger, that will give away our position." So I did what he said and I took out the chameleon in three shots. I saw another one and took him out too, this time in two shots. He said, " Good, lets get going." I then deactivated and put away my Lens of Truth, and gave him back his gun. He said, "Hold on to it, your a good marksman. Just don't break it." Now I'm holding on to another's weapon.

We walked on so I inquired as to who he was. He said, "Lieutenant Nathan Hale." Well now I know my partner's name. But I inquired as to why he has three names. He said, "It's a human thing. Nathan Hale's my name, Lieutenant is my title. Our kind has had 2 names since the turn of the millenium." I was still confused but I shrugged it off. We eventually came to a clearing filled with tree stumps.

Nathan was ready to advance when I held him back and whispered, "Chameleons, get your small gun on the ready." He did and commented on the fact that for further reference, it's an HE .44 Magnum with glycerin rounds. I was lost so I said, "Whatever." I got out and activated my Lens of Truth, got my gun at the ready, and scanned the tree-stumped field for chameleons. I found five of them and said to Nathan, "We got 2 chameleons at 11o'clock, one at 12o'clock, and 2 at 1o'clock."

He said, "Good, now here's the plan. You take the carbine and take out the one at the center when I shoot my gun at the ground and the you back off, give me your lens, and when they walk over it, I'll detonate the glycerine round and send the four others flying."

I said, "The Lens of Truth only works if you pump magic power into it. I like your idea, but I'll give you the signal to detonate the bullet." So I shot the middle one, he buried the magnum round in the ground, the other 4 chameleons charged forward, I screamed, "NOW!", he detonated his magnum round, and the chameleons went flying. Two of them fell on their heads and broke their necks, the other two backed up because of the explosion, skin singed red, and I pumped them full of bullets having blood spray everywhere and said, "Din, that felt good." He inquired as to who Din was and I said, "Din is a deity from my land. Worshipped as a goddess along with her 2 other sisters, Farore and Nayru."

He said, "You'll make a good member of my squad. But there's still more, a helluvalot more, to come." I smiled.