AN: I'm going strong with the number 100 - 100 drabbles based on 100 themes (I'm going backwards in the order, start with 100 end at 1) each 100 words long. Yerp. Just so you know, I'm a n00b to this universe, (Zachary Quinto and JJ Abrams lured me in) so if you see blatant mistakes against canon just... I don't know, take pity on my ignorance. Thanks for picking my drabble collection, hope you enjoy and feedback isn't demanded but always appreciated :)

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100: 365 days

Corresponding to a timeframe was a basic habit of Spock's; he believed that he needed to organize time and understand it (at least on a fundamental level) to correspond in his daily-life adequately. In space many lost track of time without suns or moons to hold the natural time frame; he wasn't one of them.

When Jim surprised him and the crew by solely remembering to celebrate their first human year-cycle of working together on Enterprise, Spock was repentant.

Spock made up for it when he mentioned how they'd spent 365 days as a couple when the date came around.