This is a sequel to Living With Never Was and it is recommended that you read that story first.

The universe had been watching for six months for an opportune moment to fix the mistake it had made with Timothy McGee. Six long months where it had watched as he and Anthony DiNozzo had grown closer than ever as friends - and further away from Ziva David and Abigail Sciuto, who were rightfully confused and hurt by their actions. And one Leroy Jethro Gibbs had to stand by and watch it happen because his agents would not talk to him, no matter how many glares and headslaps he mete out. Even one, desperate, heartfelt please got him nowhere.

All-in-all, it was a very uncomfortable six months.

But six months - and two days, to be exact - after Tim and Tony found out that Tim's coma-dream had been a reality, the universe saw the perfect moment coming in both dimensions.

In two separate - but similar - NCIS labs, a test exploded, simultaneously knocking the scientists over, causing them to hit their heads on the floor. The universe - in a figurative sense - snapped its fingers. Which is why when Abby Sciuto and Abby Sciuto-McGee came to a short while later, they were utterly confused as to why their lab and lab companions were different.

And the universe went back to watching, waiting for the moment it could switch them back. The moment when either Abby Sciuto learned to love Tim McGee as he loved her, or the moment when Tim McGee finally learned how to let go of his love for Abby Sciuto.

Well, obviously Abby is going to be the new focus. Since I don't normally write for her, this should be interesting!

As I mentinoed at the end of LWNW - I'm not really going to be working on LNW for a while. I have a story I need to write for someone on NFA, and a couple other stories that really want to be written. But this story won't be abandoned, so no worries there!

But a hint for what's to come: Abby is finally going to find out how the choices she makes can impact those around her. And both Abby and Tim are going to find out that their alternate selves - and the others - went through their own trials and tribulations in the alt!world.

I hope you bear with me over the long delays between chapters!