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Two Years Later


"Michael Stephen Cullen-Whitlock, really?" Edward said as he looked at the tiny bundle I held in my arms. "That's an awful big name for such a little boy," he laughed and said, "How about we call him, Mick?"

I looked down at the crystal blue eyes that looked so much like my own and dads. A tear slowly slid down my cheek that Edward quickly wiped away.

"Love, what's wrong?" he asked while he motioned that it was his turn to hold our son. I gladly handed Mick to his father and moved so he could sit in the rocker by the crib.

We'd been home from the hospital for about half a day and we had spent the time holding him, each other and just becoming a family. It wouldn't be long until the house would be full of our friends and family wanting to meet the newest Cullen-Whitlock. Everyone was coming by around six. They insisted on bringing food as if they hadn't already dropped off a kitchen full in the last twenty four hours while Mick was okayed to come home from the hospital.

I looked up to see the pictures of dad and Doc we had hung over Mick's crib. Each of them was taken while they stood on the beach at Paradise Island. I wanted Mick to know early who these two men were and why they were important.

"Jasper, he's asleep again. Should I put him down? We probably shouldn't hold him all the time, should we?" he asked, thinking I knew more than he did about babies. Where he got that idea, I'll never know.

"What? Do you still think I'm still the girl in this relationship?" I asked laughing quietly.

"Shush! You'll wake him," he whispered as be carefully laid our precious son in his crib.

Hand in hand, we stood looking down at his peacefully sleeping form. Edward turned me to face him and kissed me passionately.

"I know you aren't the girl," he said smirking, squeezing my cock through my jeans. "But I'm scared shitless about all this. About him, he needs us so much. And you look so fucking beautiful when you hold him, like you have everything under control."

I brought his lips to mine and sucked in his bottom lip before I drove my tongue in to find his and swirl them together. The kiss lasted long enough to leave us both breathless.

"If you think I have everything under control Mr. Cullen-Whitlock you are sadly mistaken," I answered. "I'm scared shitless, too. But I know we can do this. The two of us can do anything as long as we are together." Kissing him I again, I took his hand and said, "Thank you, Edward. Thank you for giving him that name. It's the perfect way to honor the memory of two amazing men."

"So does this mean that those all night lovemaking sessions we have are over now?" he teased trying to lighten the mood again.

"Hell, no! You can wake me up right after you finish with the two o'clock feeding any time," I quipped as I rushed out of the nursery door.

He caught me at our bedroom door. Pushing me backwards until my legs stopped at the bed, then he slowly began to unbutton my shirt.

"I figure we have about two hours until he wakes up and wants to be fed again," he said as he slipped my shirt off my shoulders. "And about four hours before the family shows up."

"And your point is," I asked as I pulled his polo shirt over his head and licked a nipple with the flat of my tongue. Hearing his moan of delight urged me to bite down on the hard bud lightly.

"If the all nighters are gone, I'll take a little nap fuck once in a while," he purred against my neck, licking the tendon that was stretched tight.

"Edward," it came out a low moan, "Edward, wait." He pulled away long enough for me to reach over and turn the baby monitor on. "Just so we hear him when he wakes up." Kissing him, I could see the smirk on his face so I added, "I am not the girl and just for that mister I get to fuck you." I flipped our positions and he was on his back on the bed before he could utter a word.

Our lovemaking was full. Full of laughter, full of joy and full of our life, it would only get better.

Four Years Later

"Settle down. You're moving so much I can't tie your tie," I laughed as the young man shifted from foot to foot in front of me.

"I can't help it, I'm nervous. Weren't you nervous?" he asked solemnly.

"Not like you," I answered. "Seth, you and Parker have waited a long time for this. You love him right?" He shook his head yes. "Then why be nervous? You two are meant to be, just like Edward and me. It's going to be fine."

Seth settled down and a huge goofy smile spread across his face. He finished his tie himself, looked out the window at where I knew a billowing tent was set up. Just like eight years ago when Edward and I started our life together.

After high school, Seth and Parker and went their separate ways. Stayed friends but dated freely while they attended college. Something just always drew them back together. Last summer they both showed up for the party we had for our daughter Sarah's homecoming and Mick's third birthday. Sparks flew again between the two of them. It took them no time to realize what they had and here we are today. This time I was Seth's best man and Carlisle was standing up for Parker. I looked at my watch.

"Seth, it's time. Let's go get you married," I smiled at him.

Seth and Parker wanted a ceremony just like mine and Edward's. So this was like reliving one of the happiest days of my life. As Carlisle and I walked the center aisle this time, I glanced over at the faces that were all so familiar to me now.

Bella and Jacob were there with their family; two boys and little Chloe who wasn't even two yet. She was wrapped about Jacob's neck, diligently examining his left ear with her tiny little finger. I couldn't help but laugh.

Rosie and Emmett couldn't make it this time. She was due any day now with their number two. We didn't need another baby being born at a wedding so we were all happy that they decided to stay back in Texas; but they sent their love.

Esme was surrounded by the newest additions who have lived and been loved in this home in Forks. At last count Carlisle and Esme had fostered sixteen young men and women. Some of whom were here today to help Seth and Parker celebrate.

Sam sat by himself on the right side of the tent. He had been made chief about a year ago and he was constantly on call these days. It was good to see him away from the job for a little bit. His seriousness about his job had cost him his relationship with Emily for a time but they were trying to work it out now.

Riley was there too. Alice had wanted to go home to Texas and she wanted Riley to go with her but he didn't want to leave Seattle. They parted ways but were still good friends. He was dating one of Sam's new detectives, a fiery red head named Tanya Denali. When they got together sparks flew just like their tempers but they seemed to enjoy the steamy side of it.

These were all faces that I had come to love and respect but the one person who drew my attention more than any other sat on the back row of the tent towards the left. He was trying desperately to get a very determined little curly headed blond to sit in his seat while he held a squirming little dark auburn haired beauty in his lap. Mick was your typical three-year-old and a wedding was not his idea of the place to be and Sarah was not much better. She would be one in two weeks and even though she looked just like her daddy, patience was not one of her character traits right at the moment. His eyes drifted up to mine and he smiled that crooked smile I loved.

I had known him in every way a partner could know his partner. I had loved him in the good times and the bad. I had held him when he hurt as he held me when I was hurt. But right now, looking at the exasperated expression on the face of the man who was trying to control our son and appease our daughter, I had never wanted him more. I had never loved him more. He was my friend, my lover, my husband, the father of my children and my life.

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