Dare or Nothing Chapter 3

Ginny walked up to Hermione.

"um hi Hermione."

"hi Ginny."

"Hermione I need to talk to you in private."

"Ok Ginny."

"um Ginny did you see what happened?


"well i un kinda um liked her kissing me, in fact i got realy turned on by it."

"oh my god, are you serious?."


they were silent the rest of the way up to Ginnys dormitorie.

once they were in Ginnys dormitory they sat down.

"um hermione i kinda got a huge crush on you."

"wow. i dont know what to say. well i have alawys felt differently towards you but i havnt had realy any other girl friends,"

Ginny just leaned forward and pulled hermione intro a kiss. Once again kissing a girl just felt right.

Ginny pulled away.

"I'm sorry Hermione. i shouldn't pull you into this."

'Its ok Ginny. But I already have a date. So i cant do anything with you."

Ginny looked heart broken. God I hope i didn't hurt her to much. Ginny walked out of the dormitory and out the portrait hole. Hermione didn't see Ginny for another few hours. Ginn still looked sad but not as sad as before.