A Humble Smile

Chapter 1:

The Crimson

After the Great War, a samurai who been surender her sword and leading during the great war. She have a brother which he was under to her service as a commander, her brother told her, she have to live and she understand. Time had past the young girl been told in this story was the younger sister of Kambie her name is Shimada Akatsuki. She been a samurai the only female samurai. Like her brother she felt also a losing battle when her comrades dye. She give up her swordmanship and her sword, and became a orninary girl like every girls in the world.

She's now working as an assistant of a city doctor, at Orakai City and a hiring bodyguard for the minister. One day while walking from a near by river, she saw a man. He was wounded and she look closer. And the saw Akatsuki, he pointed her a sword which their is a blood on it. Akatsuki live quickly the man thought she was scared that's why she run away. A moment past, she came back. She bring a medicine kit and she help him.

" Why are you helping me? ", he said. " Stop talking your wound is deeper, I have to take you to a doctor ", she said. The man weakening and he fall to sleep. When he wake up. He was in a house and heard children playing outside. The three children saw the man is awake, they call Akatsuki quickly.

" Big sister, big sister. "

" what is it ? "

" the samurai is a wake."

She go to the room and the man have difficulties to stand up, " don't force yourself.", she said. The blonde hair look at her, " why? ", she was wondering about the way he speak " your asking, why I save you? "the man look at her. " It's because there's no need a reason for helping, you have also to live, got it " the man still looking at her. But still he don't understand what she's talking.

He fell a sleep and the girl live her for a while. He heard some voices outside, it's a old man and the children run to him." So, how's the samurai.", the old said "He's fine ", she replied. When he heard her, he started to now to force himself to get out " I have to live, quickly." The samurai was trying to stand up. But Akatsuki cought him forcing himself," you don't have to force yourself." She said. " I have to live quickly." He answear while trying to get up.

" Please, you have to rest." THen he sop forcing himself wwhen she's begging. " Your wound is not perfectly healed, you have to rest." He accepted the girl words. "Alright, I have to rest." Then he never complaigne that time.

It's was night ime she bring food to the injured and she said " you have to eat that's why your streanght will come back." Then the man replied," Thank you."

He had to leave. But the girl won't let him. He have to rest then he live tommorow morning after breakfast. Everything in silent. The girl thinking, if he's getting better. The mysterious blonde man was resting and she don't know what happen to him.

He never intoduce himself to that girl. He go back to sleep and rest. He also reminded something that this people are in trouble, if he's around in the house. And afraid if he is been followed by the persons he been fought before. " Iwill this by tommorow morning."

The following day he woke up and he notice that his clothes is behind with him and his breakfast. The girl ask him, " hey, I forgot to ask." He look at her slowly." What's your name? " She ask.

" Kyozu ", he replied. " Kyozu - san, how did you end up in here?" She ask agian to him, but he never replied. She live the samurai that's why he can get a full rest. He was plan to live the house. While prapering their is a group saurai come along. And they ask something related.

" Hey! you, we have to ask something."

"What is it?"

"Did you hide a samurai?"

She stared in an brave mode. She is also thinking that eman about the a swordman, she been help at the near by river." What do ou want from him?" she said. " So, you really hide him." a amn spoken.

Then a samurai get a sword and intend to slash her but she dodge it so fast. The samurai have save by Akatsuki was now palnning to leave. While living their is children running at him they everything what happen. He run off and he see the girl who help is now int he hand of the enemy, he been fought before. But he see some men had been knock down by the girl who save him.

" So, you show up." a smurai who had her. He stare at him and he see the girl wo help him.

" What do you want? "

" A payback for what you did? "

He draw his two sword from his back. " If you intend to fight, she's going to die." It's difficult to move for this time. He could not slash because of the woman the enemy had got. " Do it...." the girl said in a monotone. He saw the feet of the girl is moving, he think that she was planning something.

And it does. She step the man feet and escape from his armed. Then Kyuzo attack from the man while the girl is escape. He cut down the samurai. The three who told him about what happen are scared. The blonde mysterious samurai was down after he attack. He's wound is open and the girl help, " girls!!! " She sream. "Get the medicine kit right now". the samurai talk to her, " thank you, you still help me even I'm the cause of all this trouble." She look at the samurai and she speak, "like I said before,there's no reason a reason for helping." The samurai blink and said, " thank you. " the girl let the samrai rest for while and get a rest. So that he can go on to his journey.